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rick schmidt Posted on Feb 23, 2007

Tracking problems please help

When I record, the picture looks fine. When I playback, the picture has lines as if there is a tracking problem. I tried adjusting the tracking, but it does nothing. What can I do?

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  • Posted on Dec 13, 2007

SOURCE: Problems from the lens

Defective ccd imager!! the
company will replace this
ccd imager free of charge.
Year 2002 up to 2005 released
unit has a factory defect ccd
imager. the company recalled
those units and replaced with
a stronger version of ccd
imager ( they are still doing it).
check it out.



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  • Posted on Dec 21, 2007

SOURCE: GR-D72 Mini DV Digital Camcorder makes clicking sound when tape running

the clicking is from the capstain turning the tape -- and perhaps the metal cage holding the tape.. if it is bent then the movement of the capstain may be pushing it in an eccentric fashion.

send it in for repair.


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  • Posted on Feb 23, 2008

SOURCE: mini dv recorder



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  • Posted on Apr 24, 2008

SOURCE: JVC GR-DX76 - No Picture

which view finder? contrast or brightness?


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  • Posted on Jul 07, 2009

SOURCE: tracking appears to be out - can it be adjusted?

Giving in and taking the camera back to the shop for repair!


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I have a Yashica,Samurai Video 8 KX-77 Video Camera Recorder when I playback the picture rolls what can I do ?

If you are experiencing issues with the playback on your Yashica Samurai Video 8 KX-77 Video Camera Recorder, here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:
  1. Clean the playback heads: Use a head-cleaning cassette or a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol to gently clean the playback heads. Dirty heads can cause playback issues and poor picture quality.
  2. Check the tapes: Ensure that the video tapes you are trying to play are in good condition and not damaged. Inspect the tape for any signs of damage or deformation that could affect playback. If the tapes are damaged, you may need to try a different tape or have the damaged tapes repaired.
  3. Adjust the tracking: Use the tracking control on the camera recorder to adjust the playback tracking. The tracking control helps align the playback heads with the tape tracks for optimal playback quality. Experiment with adjusting the tracking to see if it improves the picture quality.
  4. Test with different tapes: If possible, try playing different video tapes to see if the issue persists. This will help determine if the problem is specific to certain tapes or if it is a broader issue with the camera recorder itself.
  5. Seek professional service: If the above steps do not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to seek professional repair or servicing for the camera recorder. Contact a reputable camera repair shop or the manufacturer's customer support for assistance.

Picture rolls on playback

Try cleaning the heads, but it seems like the heads may be faulty, you might need to replace the vcr, they don't cost much these days, the repair might cost more than a new vcr these days.

heres a cheap headcleaner, look for one at local shops, wallmart bestbuy and so on


Playback problem EP

Do you have a tracking control on the
vcr if you do it should be centered during
record It can be adjusted during playback
to clear up the picture adjust it for the best

If you dont have a tracking control on the
vcr then it may require a mechanical adjustment
of the backtension or guidepost which requires
special tools to perform

Play back on jvc video movie GR-A1E distorted

It is possible that the heads in your JVC video camera need cleaning, especially if the playback picture looks distorted and similar to a VHS tape played on a player with dirty heads. Dirty or worn-out heads can cause playback issues, including poor picture quality, distorted images, and tracking problems.
To clean the heads in your JVC video camera, you can try the following steps:
  1. Purchase a head cleaning cassette: You can find head cleaning cassettes online or in electronics stores. Make sure to get one that is compatible with your JVC video camera.
  2. Insert the cleaning cassette: Open the tape compartment on your JVC video camera and insert the head cleaning cassette. Close the tape compartment.
  3. Run the cleaning tape: Press the play button on your JVC video camera to run the cleaning tape. The cleaning tape will clean the video heads as it plays.
  4. Eject the cleaning tape: Once the cleaning tape has finished playing, eject it from your JVC video camera.
  5. Test your tapes: Try playing your tapes again to see if the picture quality has improved.
If cleaning the heads does not solve the problem, it is possible that there is a more serious issue with your JVC video camera.

Tape playback on Magnavox MWR20V6

When was the last time you ran the "head cleaning" tape in the machine? As tape collects dust and dirt - it gets deposited on the recording and playback heads. This ruins playback and recording quality. Also, since tape is magnetic - they tend to magnetize the heads, too (just like reel to reel, 8 track & cassette player / recorders). Demagnetizing them will help too. Here are links to both products:

head cleaner

head demagetizer

Record, playback problem

Hi Nick,

The fuzz/white noise is a little confusing and it seems to be saying that you are recording something vs trying to record incorrectly and getting nothing at all. Anyway, despite that, I would try going over your recording steps first.

First off make sure your Hi-Z input is not set to the Hi-Z or guitar setting. It is possible your that MicroKorg is overloading the input and distorting. You should however have heard that in the headphones too, so I'm not so sure that's the problem. The next thing to check is to make sure your input is assigned to the track you expect to be recording on. (Press the input's button to check this. The select/record button over the track should flash).

Next make sure your track is armed for recording before you press 'play+record' (Record button above the track should light steady when recording).

Hope this helps.


Solid blue lines through Picture on playback mini DV PV-gs19

One possible cause is that normal recording
could not be performed because the heads were
dirty at the time of recording. Clean the heads,
and perform recording and playback again. If
normal playback can be performed, the heads are
clean. Before an important recording, be sure to
conduct a test recording to make sure that normal
recording can be performed.

≥If the heads become dirty soon after cleaning,
the problem may be the tape. If so, try another

≥During playback, the picture or sound may be
interrupted momentarily, but this is not a
malfunction of the Camcorder. (One possible
cause is that the playback is interrupted by dirt
or dust that momentarily adheres to the heads.)

My camcorder not playing back

First, try head cleaning by trained technician. Tech will clean manually with cleaning chemical each head to make sure video heads are performing 100%. Otherwise, they will probably quotes you for tracking adjustment. Head cleaning is typically around $25-50. Tracking adjustment might cost you around $100-200 in US depending on service time.

My panasonic palmcorder is having video problems

First of all, try using a head cleaning cassette. Secondly, it is now 24 years old - I am surprised it is still working at all (or maybe you are having it serviced annually ?)

Vcr record problems

It sounds like the back tension is off on the unit. the back tension is controled by a small band attached to a copper or metal strip and that ia wraped around the supply reel and is adjust by an arm that swings out and contacts the tape during record or playback and keeps a steady tension on the tape. If the back tension band breaks or wears out you will get a picture that looks like the tracking is off or bad or dirty video heads. Most likly you do not have a backtension gauge and it certainly would not be fesable for you to purchace one as a good one cost about 100 bucks or so. A repair shop may beable to adjust it for you, But even their fee may be cost prohibitive. Good Luck PS please do not forget to rate this.
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