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Shawna Quevedo Posted on Feb 12, 2007

Continuously detects a paper jam

Machine continues to detect a paper jam. I can get it to shred by pushing the red roller button everytime it stops. I have cleared rollers of all paper that may have been stuck. I have turned it off and unplugged it in an attempt to reset.

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  • Posted on May 12, 2011

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Common Paper Shredder Problems and How to Fix Them
Paper shredders are great to use when you're concerned about privacy and preventing identity theft. However, the more you use your machine, the more likely you are to run into problems. Here are some problems you might experience with your machine, as well as a few quick fixes so you can get right back to shredding.

It won't work at all. If your machine isn't working, the first thing to do is to check and see if your shredder is plugged in. Obviously, if the device isn't plugged in, it won't be able to work at all.

You can't feed it paper even though the machine seems fine. First, check to see if there's a paper jam. If there is one, clear it up and you should be good to go. If there is no jam and the cutting mechanism is still operational, you probably need the help of a professional because there could be a problem with the motor or gears.

Your shredder is making a horrible squeaking noise. If your machine is noisy, chances are you just need to oil it, which you should do every time you empty the waste bin. To oil your device, simply apply some shredder oil to the machine's blades, run it in reverse, and shred some paper. The paper will soak up any excess lubricant and your device sun be much quieter when it's running.

The machine stopped all of a sudden. Some shredders require a cooling off time between uses. If you have such a device and it stops in the middle of shredding, it probably just needs a break. Turn it off and let it sit for about 30 minutes before you shred anything else.

It won't shred as much as it used to, In this case, you probably just need to oil your machine. Regular maintenance such as this will allow you to shred what you need to when necessary.

Your shredder is stuck in reverse mode. If this happens, try putting the device in the forward mode by pressing the corresponding button for several seconds. This should help clear up any paper that's stuck in the cutting head.

Help! A paper jam! Jams are annoying but they're easy to fix. Use the "reverse" feature to get the machine to spit out any jammed pages. You can also try to remove the pages on your own by gently pulling on them. If you regularly experience jams, your shredder might need to be oiled. You should also make sure to not shred more sheets per pass than the machine can handle.

Your shredder won't shut off. This is a relatively common problem with an easy fix: unplug the machine. If you experience this problem multiple times, there may be a paper blockage. To fix that, make sure the device is unplugged and then clear any bits away from the sensor. Turn the device back on and put it into forward mode for several seconds. That should solve the problem.

Also this might appear to be a problem with the drawer switch....

Check for paper built up that would prevent the drawer from going in fully...

Also check to see if the drawer switch is loose or not positioned properly...

it seems as though the switch is held in but the vibration of the shredder causes it to open and stop the shredder...

You can try cleaning the "bin- full" sensors. they are located on the inside of cabinet, on the bottom of the shredder "head". one will be to the left side of basket and one to the right. they kind of look like little glass eyes mounted inside of black rubber casings. paper dust on these will do this sometimes. if that doesn't do it then it sounds like your "bin-full" sensors are bad. a known problem with these has come out with modified sensors. if it was purchased within 2 years, it should still be under warranty.

Finally, if you have a problem that's not listed here or you're still having trouble even after trying to fix things yourself, call a professional. Doing so will not only save your sanity, it will ensure your machine doesn't get damaged. (It will also protect your warranty.)

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Hope it helped.


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My dcp 150c printer has been jammed for weeks, i have done everything it said in the manual but it won't unjam

This Brother printer could have a piece of paper stuck in it. When a paper jams, assemble the jammed page pieces to make sure all the pieces came out.
A jammed paper can also knock loose the paper detect arm that senses a paper in the machine. This detect arm is usually near the platen (The roller the print head prints against) to detect paper in the machine. If this arm is stuck, it could be sensing paper when there is none.
Rubber paper rollers should all be cleaned with rubbing alcohol or a mild soap solution (I use Windex) to prevent feed jamming.

Canon ImageClass MF3240 paper jam fix

The Canon ImageClass MF3240 continues to show "paper jam" error even if someone followed all the possible fix to remove the jam. After clearing the paper in all access doors (both front and back), the printer still gives the paper jam error. Also, if you have tried restarting the printer several times to no avail and the red light keeps blinking, here is the fix to what is most probably been causing the paper jam problem of Canon ImageClass MF3240.

1. Turn off the printer and pull out all plugs and power cord that is attached to your printer.

2. Remove the paper tray at the bottom and let the printer lie at its back so that you can see underneath.

3. Get a flashlight and look closely for the sensor located underneath the printer. The sensor is located in a small square hole, just above the small black plastic "lever" (looks like a small hockey paddle) on the left side of the gray rubber roller. Move the lever so that you can freely look closer on the hole.

4. Notice because there could be a tiny paper shred stuck inside and this causes the sensor to detect a paper jam.

5. Get a small tweezer to remove that paper out.

6. Next, let the printer stand normally and return the tray back.

7. Re-plug all cables and start your printer. That's it!


I continue to get error message 3 from my pixma

E3 is paper jam.First, make sure there is no paper jam anywhere in the machine.. look inside, rear, where the paper tray (output)
is, etc to see if you find any shreds or torn paper that may have gotten stuck and you didn't see.Look carefully in the zone of Purge unit, using flashlight in the right side on printer.If this not help your printer need service, because in most case when have a paper jam it's under withe rollers and printer must be disassembled.

Continues to report paper jam even though no paper; reset does nothing.


Try to look for the sensor as some tiny paper shreds might be blocking it which causes the system to detect a paper jam.

Also look for tiny pieces of shredded papers that might got stuck between the rollers.

Shredder continues to run after page is shredded, must be manually switched off.

there is a sensor that detects paper in front of it to turn on the shredder mech. it is probably covered with paper dust so the machine constantly thinks there is paper being shredded. give it a clean with a qtip moistened with isopropyl alcohol - make sure the shredder is unplugged first.

Techsolutions TS-8000 runs continually when switch is on. Normally you need to feed it to start is in the on position

I have a TS2500 and it behaves in a similar fashion. It sounds like you may have a paper jam keeping the paper sensor switch turned on. The first thing to do is make sure that the container that collects the shredded paper isn't full. Everytime I fill mine up I have this problem. Emptying the bin and pulling the shredded paper from the bottom of the unit usually allows it to automatically shut off. If that isn't enough, make sure that you don't have a paper jam in the cutter rollers. The most important thing you can do is make sure the unit is unplugged before doing anything with the shredding mechanism.

Hope this helps.

PowerShred C-220 will not shred automatically

OK lets try.
You likely have a photo sensor that detects the paper and it is dirty.
It is likely covered with paper dust (hopefully only on the outside)
Locate the sensor and wipe it off or just wipe the entire throat area.
Hope this helps

Paper jam

there is a sensor which detects if there is a paper jam in the printer.that sensor is bit moved from its orignal position so it is continuously detecting the paper jam in your case.

My techko SH 3112Fa won't turn off

I had the same problem with my Shredded. In the centre of the paper feed slot is a little sensor that detects when you put paper in, it breaks some sort of light beam that is connected to the motor circuit.

Over time paper dust gathers on this sensor, covering it completely and fooling the machine to think that there is ALWAYS a piece of paper being fed into the shredder, the result being that the motor just runs continuously.

Clear the dust from this sensor and you'll fix this particular problem - a toothbrush worked great for me - don't use it to clean your teeth afterwards :-)


Printer jam

There is an easy fix for Lexmark E232 paper jams at the beginning of the paper path. This fix only works when the problem is that the paper starts to feed, but does not quite make it out of the paper tray.

The problem is the pickup paper rollers. If you remove the paper tray and press down on the paper indicator (the red lever to the left of the paper tray) you can see the twin rollers attached to a spring loaded armature.

Chances are these rollers are worn and are very smooth to the touch. This slick smooth surface does not have enough friction to push the paper up to the next roller.

To fix this, remove both rollers, they slide off easily. Then simply turn both rollers inside out and replace them on the armature. Notice how much "stickier" they feel now? Chances are your paper jam problems are over, until the rollers wear out again.

At that point you will have to replace them.
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