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Douglas Langley Posted on Feb 26, 2007

Water spillage - display not working

A few weeks ago i spilled some water on top of the unit. I switched it off right away, soaked up what water i could, then left it to dry for a few hours. When i switched it back on again it made some nasty, bacon-frying type sounds and the display didn't light up. I switched it off and left it a little while longer. The next time i switched it on there were no crackling sounds so i played a cd and it worked. However the display didn't light up, and to this day is completely blank.

  • Lady Linda Jan 30, 2008

    Denon D-M31S CD Shelf System

    Display LED visibal but with no back light. what needs replaceing and can I buy part on line.    Can you help ?


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  • Posted on Apr 02, 2007
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You have fried some of the circuitry take it to a service dealer and have what ever is fried up replaced...

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My unit heats up, has plenty of water, but will not spray, pressure is at 4

Sounds like a blocked nozzle. I would soak it in line Away or used a safety pin to clear it

Water and ice dispenser does not work---the switch clicks when you press it but there is not response, also the ice maker just quit working

Three things could be wrong:
Solenoid switch where the water comes into the unit has gone, this control the flow of water into both the ice maker and the water dispenser.
If the switch is good and then you need to check your filters, sometimes inside the door top right. or on one of the corners on the bottom front.. You should be able to unscrew them with you hands.. make sure water is off behind unit or where ever your shut off is at.
One last thing.. check for kinks in the water line behind the unit if it was pulled out lately.

Took in bathroom and got moisture in it while taking shower

I am in a similar "jam" right now!
I lost my iPod in a huge Snow Bank on my Driveway.
I finally located it once the Mountain melted away, just last Eve.
I have it placed on a Furnace Register (a hot Air vent in the floor).
Put it somewhere warm & dry, that DRY Air can freely pass around it.
A Sunny open Window will and has also worked for me also!

I have had 100% success with this method as far as Radios etc. -soaked- in a Rainstorm.
I don't know at this point if my iPod will survive the soaking as some Dirt got in the connection port.
The big secret to having any real success regarding soaked micro-electronics is;
Do NOT attempt to power it up OR re-charge it, until about 1 WEEK of Time "off" & "drying out" has passed, even though it will likely be dry in 2-3 Days. Why I say this?
I spilled Water once into a(Florescent) Digital display Stereo, (which was running). I switched it off, & did my "Drying technique" but was impatient, & turned it back on after only 1 1/2 Days.
The Digital display was permanently damaged, as some Moisture remained trapped in the Dig display. (the 5's now show 6's). It works again otherwise. (the Display was not "wet" at the moment I switched it off. The Moisture got in hours later while "off").
Another alternative method if you have no hot Air vents available is to drop it in a Zip lock Baggie & approx. 3 Hand full of (dry uncooked) white Rice, or 1 lump of Charcoal.
I prefer SILICA GEL BEADS, just 1-2 Handfuls will do for Cell Phone size devices.
Leave sealed in the Bag a few Days.
Happy future use to your gadgets!

Can I use the wood chip pan directly (not the side chute)?

It is a big process it has 7 steps they are as follows
  • 1

    Soak hardwood chips in water for at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours for larger chunks. Drain them completely before adding to the smoker unit. Use 1 1/2 cups of wood chips when smoking for less than 3 hours. For longer cooking times use 3 cups of wood.

  • 2

    Place the bottom unit that contains the heating element on a sturdy surface, away from flammable materials. Make a foil pouch containing the wood chips and punch a few holes in the top. Place this pouch onto the pan containing the heating element. The chips can be added directly to the pan, but the foil pouch makes cleanup easier.

  • Place the large water pan onto the unit and fill it 2/3 full of water or apple juice. The water or juice will moderate the temperature and provide moisture for the cooking food.

  • 4

    Add the cooking grates to the top of the unit and close the lid to allow the unit to preheat.

  • 5

    Place the food on the preheated grates and cook until done. Keep the lid closed as much as possible to maintain the heat. Open the vent on the top of the lid to allow the smoke to escape.

  • 6

    Check the water level occasionally by opening the door on the side of the Charbroil Electric Smoker unit. Add more water as needed.

  • 7

    Add more soaked wood chips after a few hours if the smoke begins to die away. This is optional; the chips provide flavor but are not necessary for cooking the meat.

  • Performance Chip

    Just sent email not sparking up!! On/off switch not lit up and what position is in the on position??

    Open following link for Bosch troubleshooting resources:

    The manual mentions 'switch' several times, but does not say on-off switch
    linear spill switch reset button
    linear spillage sensing switch
    linear spillage switch
    gas pressure switch
    safety switches

    Some water spilled on my hp laptop

    If you didn't tip it on a side and wait a week I'd say there was still water in it. So yes you shorted something.

    I need a new mother board my mother board was

    The first thing when spilling drink on your electronics is to remove ALL power.

    Then wash the circuits with DISTILLED, de-ioniozed water till all traces of the spillage is gone. Next driop dry with one corner down and finally let dry a few days.

    The only damage the spillage usually can do is electrolysis from the power source. Circuit boards are washed with water during manufacturing. Use DE_IONIZED !!!

    Standing water, won't spend...code F

    F/H No water detected entering machine or Pressure switch trip not detected.

    If after 30 seconds the control does not detect water entering machine and then valves will be turned off and the error code will be displayed.
    If the control has turned the water valves on and after 8 minutes the flow meter has detected 10.5 gallons of water passing through it, but has not detected the pressure switch trip, the valves will be turned off and the error code will flash.

    Press PAUSE/CANCEL twice to clear the display.
    • If there is no water in the unit:
      1. Make sure that both valves at the water source(s) are turned on all the way.
      2. Check for plugged or kinked inlet hoses or plugged screens in the inlet valves
      3. Verify inlet valve operation
    • If there is water in the unit:
      1. Verify Drain pump operation
      2. Pressure Switch Hose is in good condition and properly connected to Tub and Pressure switch
    • Verify there is not a siphon problem
    • Verify wire harness connections to:Inlet Valves, Pressure Switch, Drain Pump, Flow Meter, and Central Control Unit (CCU)
    • Check all hoses for possible leaks
    • Verify pressure switch operation
    • Verify flow meter operation

    How do I clean the water lines on a refrigerator?

    The ice dispenser spill shelf should be wiped dry immediately to prevent spotting if excessive spills occur. Water left on the shelf may leave deposits. Placing a paper towel under the grill will help absorb the water that would normally stand on the shelf.
    To remove deposits, soak the area with one of the following solutions:
    • Undiluted vinegar
    • 1 teaspoon of non-precipitating water softener
    • Mixture of 1 teaspoon of citric acid powder (NOT to be used in stainless steel dispensers) per 1 pint of hot tap water.

    Soak until the deposit disappears or becomes loose enough to wipe away. Usually 30 minutes of soaking time is adequate.

    Water dripping (almost running) out of the left corner of air handling unit. Help???

    You're correct in checking the drain pipe, because it's become blocked. The only trouble is, you're trying to clear the wrong end. The condensate water is spilling out of the air handler because that's where the pipe has a clog. These pipes usually have un-glued joints next to the air handler, for times such as this. If you can't pull them apart, you may have to cut the pipes and reconnect tham with fittings from the hardware store. (which is a normal procedure.) I usually use a wet/dry shop vac when repairing this problem, sucking out the clog & the water, then blowing out the line to where it drains outside. I've also used the clothes hanger technique to drag crud out of the air handler fitting. Hope this is helpful. ;)
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