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Valli Johnson Posted on Jan 25, 2007
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Front Panel Switch wires

Yesterday my computer was off again and so I decided to check the wires... Bad Ideal or should I say wrong!!! Any way I pulled out the power switch cords thinking it was all one unit (very wrong) now I have no Ideal how to put them in the corect order I need a spec sheet these wires are the speaker,power sw,power led, reset sw, and the HDD led. Please some one look in your GigaByte GA7ZXE Motherboard, and tell me how to set this back up. I promise to put the case back on so kitty wont play in there any more! Thanks Val1

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  • Posted on Jan 25, 2007
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If you can see, this is the setup

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Rough ideal after warm up have new map, maf coolant sensor wires, plugs and coil packs. no coolant leaks, no vacuum leaks. fuel pressure OK. runs great except for ideal cam sensor OK compression OK. Even...

Try the tps, throttle position sensor, and the idacv, idle air control valve. Even sometimes the temp sensor could be bad, telling the motor its cold when its really hot..


The front of your computer is the Front Panel

The area of contact pins on the motherboard, that the Main wires from the Front Panel go to; is the Front Panel header.

What you are asking for is a Front Panel header pinout.

I do not have the exact Front Panel header pinout, for your motherboard.
Tell you what I do have though..........

Looking at the Front Panel header on the Ebay link, for the Winfast 760m02-GX-6LRS; the Front Panel header looks to be below the CMOS battery, and close to the Bottom edge of the motherboard.

(Motherboard installed in computer case)

Black rectangular strip of plastic, with contact pins sticking up.
Also looks to be a GENERAL set-up for all Winfast motherboards.
(COULD be wrong here)

This is what I am referencing off of,

Go to the third photo down. Here you see the Front Panel wires, connected to the Front Panel header; on the motherboard.
(Below round CMOS battery)

Note that the contact pin on the Bottom row, and all the way to the Right; is NOT being used.
(I'm using a 26 inch HDTV as my primary monitor, so it may be easier for me to see)

Now look at this Front Panel header pinout, for another Winfast motherboard,

(Scroll down a little)

PWRLED is for the Power On LED (Light)
PWRSW stands for Power On switch
HD-LED stands for the HarDDrive activity LED (Light)
RESET stands for a Reset switch, IF USED.

Note where it has a Positive ( + ) sign, next to the pin for the PWRLED.
This is the pin the + wire from the Power On LED connects to.
It is the SAME for every LED that connects to the Front Panel header.

Let's number the contact pins, to make the explanation easier;
Starting at the Left side, Top row; going towards the Right;
Pins 2, 4, 6 and 8. There is NO Pin 10.

Starting on the Left side, Bottom row; going towards the Right;
Pins 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Pin 2 is for the Positive wire.
Pin 1 is for the Positive wire
If the LED's are dim, (PWRLED, and HDD LED), OR; the LED's do not light up, switch the wires around.

(Pin 9 is N/C.........Not Connected. This is probably a 5 Volt test point, that was used by the factory)

There is a method you can use though, and find out what the individual contact pins are, in the Front Panel header;

Use an LED with two wires

Computer (Power Supply) plugged into power, go along the top row, and touch two pins at a time, with the two wires of the LED.

Example; Pins 2 and 4, as shown in the pinout.
Did the Power Supply come on?

Go to the next two pins. Try again.
When the Power Supply comes on, you naturally know that is the two contact pins; for the Power On switch.
DO NOT touch them again. In fact connect the Power On switch wires.

Power Supply on, computer running;
Now go back along again;
1) LED light blinks?
You have the HarDDrive activity LED, contact pins.
2) LED light stays on?
You have the Power On LED, contact pins.
3) Computer restarts?
Those are the Reset switch, contact pins.

4) Nothing happens?
May be contact pins for a speaker, or contact pins that are not used.
(Speaker is for hearing BIOS Beep Codes.
You have a Piezo buzzer, to the Left of the CMOS battery; for that)

Post back in a Comment, as to the results.

If possible, I would like to ask upon you; to post the Front Panel header pinout; when you find what it is.

That way when a person in the future also has this same problem; the solution will be posted on the internet, for them to find.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.

Gateway DX4822-01 power switch problems

The front of your computer is the Front Panel.

The area of contact pins on the motherboard, that the Main wires from the Front Panel go to, is the Front Panel header.

Main wires such as Power On LED, Power On switch, HarDDrive activity LED, and Reset switch; IF used.

Suggest KEEP track of where those wires go!

Make a drawing, and notes. I even use a magic marker, (Sharpee?), and make a notation of the Front Panel header pinout, on the floor of the computer case.

In this particular case it isn't known if the Power On switch is the problem, or the Power Supply.

Power On switch;
Power UNPLUGGED to computer, Anti-Static Precautions FOLLOWED; (Don't know? Post back in a Comment),

Remove the twisted pair of W/B and W/G wires, to the Power On switch pins, in the Front Panel header.

Plug power back into computer.
Use a small flat tipped screwdriver, and touch the two Power On switch pins. (Jewelers screwdriver works well for this application)

Power Supply comes on? Bad Power On switch.
Allow Windows to fully load, run for a few minutes; then turn the computer off normally.

Jump the two Power On switch pins again.
Power Supply comes on? You DEFINITELY have a bad Power On switch.

Power Supply does NOT come on?
We will go to a further diagnostic test then.
Awaiting results for first test, then we will go on.

Post back in a Comment.


[Also; is the computer dirty inside? ]

Front windscreen wipers not working has been to the local garage and they cant find whats wrong with it they have tried the usual fuse motor and switch but no joy so any ideas please

Any good garage would check your fuse panel for a bad fuse. You might find a wiring diagram at for FREE. Just register your car and scroll down to the wiring diagrams.

Check either wiper motor by providing a ground wire and then put bypass power to the correct terminals. The new motor should be forced to work this way if it is any good. Then that would mean if it works, that the switch is not getting power or the switch is bad. Check for a bad wire from the switch to the harness. Do a power OFF continuity check on the wires running between the wiper motor and the switch to eliminate a broken wire.

My nokia x3 buttons have stopped working apart from the power button can you help

It is possible that the phone has problems in front panel. So to reset remove the battery and the memory card from the phone.Check the voltage of the battery , check if the contacts are clean. Also it is possible that the front panel has moisture build into thus making the controls redundant. Remove clean the panels and reset.Use a hairdryer to heat the panel to ward off moisture.

Also using your PC , scan the memory card for any corrupt files or media files with virus- it is possible when they are downloaded from unsafe sites. If so remove or format the card. Copy only valid files to the card and do a scan before it is replaced. Now replace the card and battery and switch on the phone. If the phone panel does not work , then it is confirmed that there is fault in the hardware.

Seeking help from the authorized service /support centre is most ideal. Take estimate and decide.

Thank You for using Fixya


I just built a new computer and when i tried to boot it up nothing happened. The Corsair ax850 PSU isn't even "humming" or giving any indication that it has power. The 110v wall plug has power....

You won't get any 'fireworks' or 'smoke', widsss.

A) Make sure the Power On switch is connected to the correct pins, in the Front Panel header on the motherboard.

(The Front Panel is the plastic front of your computer where the Power On button, HarDDrive activity LED, Power On LED, etc., is located.
The pin area on the motherboard that the Front Panel cables (Wires) plug into, is the Front Panel header)

Either you do not have
1) The correct cables (Wires) plugged into the motherboard from the Front Panel,
2) A bad Power On switch,
3) A bad Power Supply
Even if the Power Supply is brand new, it can still be a dud.

There is a simple test to see if the problem may be the Power On switch, or the Power Supply.
After you have made sure the problem is not incorrectly attaching the wrong wires, from the Front Panel to the motherboard, reply back in a Comment, and I'll detail out the simple test for you if you wish.

B) Make sure the 4-pin ATX +12 volt power cable is plugged in, if your motherboard uses it.
It's power for the Processor.

C) Your motherboard may not use a 4-pin +12 volt power cable. It may require more power.
In this case an 8-pin EPS +12 volt power cable is used. The equivalent of two 4-pin +12 volt power cables.

1) Red wires are 5 volt
2) Yellow wires are 12 volt
3) ANY Black wire you see is a Ground wire )

I await your findings.

Dryer will not start. Used it yesterday, no

Hi welcome to Fixya

You must pop off the top of the dryer then remove the front after the front is off you can remove drum .
The belt goes around the drum and the motor pully and under the tentioner wheel after you get belt on replace front and top.


Thank You For Useing Fixya

My computer light turns on then off, no fan no screen

Changed the power supply and Power On switch?
New parts? Okay. We'll come back to them. For now, lets look over some simple things.

I can tell you that even after 20+ years as a tech, I still get a little zealous, when it comes to building computers. Sometimes we get into a rush, and overlook the simple things.
1.Are you sure the 20/24-pin motherboard power cable, is in tight, and down in there?

2.Are you sure the Front Panel connector, is connected right on the motherboard? Some Front Panel's have individual wires with terminal ends, that go on separate pins on the motherboard Front Panel header.
I'm asking are you sure the Power On switch is connected to the right pins, on the motherboard Front Panel header.

Everything good so far? Okay, lets look at the motherboard.
Look at the Electrolytic Capacitors on the motherboard. Specifically the ones that surround the processor. See if they show obvious signs of being bad.
Here is a link that will show you what Electrolytic Capacitors look like, and the visual signs of failure of them,

Good so far? Okay, lets check out that power supply, and at the same time, check out the Power On switch. Even if these items are brand new, they can still be bad.

I need you to make a jumper wire. This is to jump the Soft Power On, part of the power supply.
Wire needs to be like the power supply connector wires. That thick. It needs to have insulation on it. Should be 3 inches long, and have about 3/4th's of an inch of insulation, removed from each end.
Twist the ends tight, and into a pointed shape. Bend the wire into a U shape.

The 20/24-pin motherboard power cable, needs to be plugged into the motherboard. Where the wires go into the connector, there are socket holes. For every wire going down in there, there is a metal terminal end, on the end of each wire. The metal terminal end is pretty far down in there. Your jumper wire must go down in the socket hole, with the wire that is in the socket hole now.

You will see a Green wire, and a bunch of Black wires. The Green wire is the Soft Power On wire.
ANY Black wire is a Ground wire.
You want to jump across the Green wire, to ANY Black wire. (You can use the Black wire that is next to the Green wire. Just wanted you to know that you could use ANY Black wire you see)

Computer plugged into power. You may want to wear a glove on the hand that plugs the jumper wire in. The reason is that there will be a spark.
Not a big one, but I want you to feel safe.
Just stick one end of the jumper wire, down in the Green wire socket hole. Make sure it's deep enough to touch that metal terminal end. Now since the jumper wire is a U shape, just stick the other end in the Black wire socket hole.

You only want to touch it momentarily. Around 1 to 2 seconds. Then remove it.

If the power supply comes on, you have a bad Power On switch, or bad Front Panel header on the motherboard. If the power supply doesn't come on, you have a bad power supply.

With the power supply running, you can see if your motherboard is bad or not. I have seen VERY FEW motherboards, that have a bad Front Panel header. (Header is a -> Connector <- when referring to the motherboard)

2005 Chevy Aveo - engine light and hold lights flash

I also had the same problem, But the problem lies in the switch the actual hold switch on my aveo there is a side entry way you can pop off the one on the left will give you access to the switch. what could of happen is theres is condensation in inside the switch. then when it gets cold it freezes causing the switch to malfunction. This could happen either by spilling something on the switch or using a cleaning solvent like armorall, YOU MUST BE CAREFULL WITH ANYTHING LIQUID NEAR THE HOLD SWITCH. Also the car going from warm when you drive then cold when you park it at night. My car was in warranty and remind you I came up with is the dealership had no idea what was wrong. they reseted the computer it worked for a week then was happening again. I have knoweldge in switches/wiring so i decided to check pot the switch and open it up and sure enough there was condensation took it to dealer told them to try a new switch works perfect and going on 5 months with out problems. Replacing the switch can solve pretty much every problem that is stated here i think. Also take a look at the wiring and connections for older aveos

Buttons not working

Have you checked whether the front panel of your reciever hinges down or up if it does there may be a cut off button under there which when operated will let the front panel buttons work again
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