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L1 Extension in use always on

I brought this phone system home after having it in my office for a year and a half. I set it up according to the specifications. The first night L2 extension in use was on all night. I deregistered everything and took it to various outlets in the house. I finally got it working. It is now in my basement office and was working well and then I noticed the L1 extension in use was on all afternoon. At one point it went off. I have checked all the handsets and other phones in the house and can not get this to reset itsself. I have it by my computer which is wireless. As you know I can not call out nor can I receive any calls. Help Denise

  • Anonymous Dec 30, 2007

    Have the same issue :((


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  • Posted on Jul 19, 2007

SOURCE: phone loses connection after few minutes

I looked up the battery specs for your phone. They are 3 X 200mah= 600mah battery packs. They should last 8 hrs talk time with the headsets. This style of battery pack in my experience only last about 1 1/2years and sometimes longer and "sometimes" shorter...much shorter. I bet you never had problems when you first got them. Basicly this "battery design arrangment" goes back many years before newer battery technlogy was developed. But designers still insist on using them even today. They are cheap to make. ****Time to replace them with new ones.**** Make sure you follow the mfgs charging instructions: "After battery installation, place the handsets in their base unit or charger and allow to charge for 16 hours before use. You can keep the battery charged by returning the handsets to their base unit or charger after each use. When the battery is fully depleted, a recharge takes about 12 hours. Average talk time on a fully charged battery is about eight hours depending on environmental conditions, standby time is approximately four days." Good luck



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  • Posted on Dec 10, 2008

SOURCE: Second line not working

The phone will show that "line in use" message when it's not connected correctly.

If your two phone lines come in to one jack, make sure you are using a 4-wire line cord connected to the "line 1 and line 2" jack on the phone. You may be using a 2-wire cord so the second line isn't reaching the phone.

If the two lines are on separate jacks you need to connect line 2 to the separate "line 2" jack.

If you know for a fact that both lines are properly connected to the phone and it still doesn't see the second line, then it's time for a new phone.


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  • Posted on May 05, 2010

SOURCE: Intercom / page problem with AT&T phones model 944 and 955

I have the same setup in a small office I consult for and I found the intercom problem to be caused by the DSL filters. It seems the DSL filters also filter out the frequency that the phones use to communicate with each other. If any of the phones had a DSL filter on them the intercom and hold button would not work properly with the other phones in the system without filters. Once I took the filters off the intercom and Hold function worked fine.


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  • Posted on Jun 16, 2010

SOURCE: I have 3 of the 954 model. If im using the phone

Do you have DSL on the first line? I would say that you have split the line to the phones so that they are not able to recognize the off hook from your office phone because each phone has a DSL filter. So take your phone line from the back of the DSL modem (line 1) and split it to all of the phones. Put the filter in the line, if you need one before the splitter.


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  • Posted on Feb 11, 2011

SOURCE: AT&T EP5632 phone won't register or find base.

I had the same problem happen to me as well and I took the batteries out of all handsets, and unplugged the base for a few minutes. Then plugged in the base, reinstalled the batteries and it registered all handsets lickety-split. Hope this helps you.


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We have one main printer in our office connected to our network which everyone in the office can use. It is also what we use as our fax machine. It is plugged in to the wall jack, using a data and phone...

Adding another PC with a wired Ethernet connection would be easiest by adding an Ethernet switch, assuming you have another outlet. Depending on the network speed, this can be really cheap. I've seen Gigabit 8 port switches for $20 retail. 10/100 Mbit switches are cheaper. Higher speed network switches are more expensive.

Adding a phone line could be more of a problem. There are basic telephone jack splitters if you want the new desk to share a phone number with the fax. See . This would act the same as using a Telephone handset jack that is on some printer/fax machines. However, if the person at the desk picks up the extension before the machine does, that individual would have to manually start the Receive Fax process on hearing the tones. Similarly, the person using the phone would have to wait for the Fax to end its call to use the phone line for anything else. You could also use a junction box to split the line outside the wall jack.

Using a junction box might also let you create a L1 and L2 wire from your phone service to that jack. Then you could use a specific L1+L2, L1, L2 splitter at the jack, C2G 41062 Two Line Telephone Splitter L1 + L2: Electronics . Then each phone would get its own number. This depends on how your office adds phone lines.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

At my office when we have more then 2 calls come through on an extension line, the 3rd caller gets auto directed to general mailbox...can i change this? would like private calls to stay at correct number...

Check Forward Busy under Capabilities in programming, any phone that has lines ringing this setting should be set to NONE.
Also make sure line 3 is assigned to ring at those phones.

If unsure of programming the phone system or password call your local tech to come in.

We need to set up a voice mail for an extension that has not been used in years. When I press intercom 777 and enter extension it tells me to enter password which no one in the office knows anymore. When...

The default password on partner voicemails is 1234. The reason for the call returning to the extension that transferred the call to the new extension is probably because the cover vms isn't set up for the new extension.
To check the vms cover for that extension, at either extension 10 or 11 press feature 00 and press the left hand intercom button twice. The display will say system programming.
Enter #310, the display will sayAutomatic VMS Cover Extension:
enter in the extension number of the new extension.
The screen will say either "1 assigned" or "2 not assigned"
enter in 1 (assigned)
press feature 00 when finished.

I need to set the ringers to only ring at the two receptionist desks and not everyone else's offices. Please help! We have Avaya Partner 18D phones.

Partner ACS systems come with Centralized programming instructions. Most of them starting with Feature 00 Left Intercom twice and Right Intercom. When you dial an extension, the lights will be solid or blink according to how it's programmed and you press each button to turn on or off or delay ringing.

Your system administrator should have a book.


How to move extension numbers from office to office using nortel t7316e

There is a feature built-in to the norstar system called "Set Relocation". When this feature is turned on, you can move a working extension to an unused/activated jack and the extension, features and mailbox will stay with the phone.
Have your system administrator turn the feature on, then move up to 2 phones at a time. The phone will go through 2 bootup sessions - be patient and don't unplug the phone.
Good Luck!

Incoming calls to office cause all phones to ring in classrooms

Changing ringing on a Partner system is done on either ext 10 or 11.
At one of those ext's press the feature key and "00"
Next press the left hand intercom twice
The display should say system programming

Press the right hand intercom once. The display should say Centralized Programming.

Enter in the extension number that you want to program.

Press the line that you want to ring.
A solid light on the line means immediate ringing
A slow flashing light means delayed ringing (meaning the phone will wait 3 rings before starting to ring.)
A fast flashing light means no ringing.

When finished with that station press the right hand intercom and enter in the next extension to program and set ringing accordingly.

Press feature "00" to logout
Hope that helps


I bet the problem is that you used to have two phone lines and now you only have one line. You cannot program an extension into one of these phones unless both Line1 and Line2 coming into the phone are working- it will act as if the extension you picked is in use, but the actual thing it is complaining about is that Line2 isn't working. The phones might have been working for years on a single phone line as long as they didn't lose power. But you don't have to throw the phones away just because you gave up your second phone line, you can still make them work. (I did it for a 12 phone system.) The way to to it: make a special cable that connects your single incoming phone line to both L1 and L2 on the phone, tricking the phone into thinking both L1 and L2 are working. Then program the extensions into the phones, and go back to using a normal cable so that only Line1 is hooked up. To make this cable: take a normal male to male cable and cut off one end. Then connect both the black and the green wires of the cable to the green post in a standard phone jack (the kind you would surface mount on the wall will work best), and connect both the yellow and red wires to the rec post inside the phone jack. Now plug your incoming phone wire into the phone jack, and plug the wire you connected into the jack into the back of your phone. The phone is probably already blinking red on the intercom, just push the extension number you want it to have, making sure there are no conflicting extensions already in use.
I would reconnect the phone using a normal line so that only Line 1 is "hot", don't leave it on this double-connected cable any longer than you need to in order to program the extension.
Good luck!

Polycom 2201-03309-001

The older Polycom SoundStations have power supplies that allow either anaog or digital signals. The phones themselves will work on either.

If your office phone systems are different, or if the extension it was originally plugged into was configured for analog and you are now plugging into digital would explain the problem.

Edge Telecom
[email protected]
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