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scotti knitter Posted on Dec 09, 2006

Water leaking from wash machine

My wash machine appears to be leaking water. The floor underneath it is wet. Our machine is on carpeting so I did't notice it till it started getting the floor wet in front of the machine. After moving it, the floor underneath is completely soaked however, there is a dry area near the wet area followed by another wet spot. Almost like the washer is "spitting" the water out of the side or something. The dry area in between feels a little damp but is not soaked the other areas. I'm not sure if this could just be how the water came through the carpeting or if the water is actually coming out that way. I have watched the machine throughout the complete cycle and have not seen where it is coming from. I have checked all the water connections and where the hose where the water drains out which is a hose that goes into a plastic pipe that stands along the wall and goes into the floor. I'm sure you can tell by now that I am a female who knows only how to run the machine and not how to fix it when something is wrong. It had been off balance but I fixed that problem although the machine has been going off balance so bad that it stops the tub from spinning and it bangs the washer all over the place. Makes a horrible noise!! I catch it right away and fix it by just rearranging the clothes. This started happening alot since I noticed the water leak. I'm not sure if the two problems are related but I sure hope so!! Thank you for any advice you can give me!!

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  • Anonymous Nov 14, 2007

    My washer is in an outside shed. Today I did a load and noticed that the wooden floor underneath the washer was wet. I checked the hose and connections. The drain hose was a little loose so I tighened it but I don't think that is the problem--I tried filling and draining the tub several times and still see more wetness even though it is not leaking out of the drain hose. Help! Single with a back problem. If it is a seal on the bottom of the tub, what then?

  • dpmworking Mar 02, 2009

    exactly same problem. Washing machine man came out (washer is rental) and said 'nothing wrong with washer, its condensation.'
    I don't agree with him, as our last washer never did this, and with the new washing liquids I use a cold wash, so how is it condensation?
    any ideas?

  • Anonymous Mar 31, 2014

    when washing machine is washing water drips out of left side from underneath soaks the floor within a few minutes when it spins it growls and squeals and water leaks from it I think it is coming over the tub top


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It is probably a seal that is on or near the bottom of the tub. Dirt and grim wears at this seal over time. The leak is slow so it is hard to visually see.

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The passenger floor carpet of my 2000 passport is wet but I don't know where the leak could be. nothing else in the cabin is wet, particularly the areas directly above the floor carpet

You did not indicate what sort of climate you live in or exactly where the carpet in the cabin was most wet...

However, the most common source of water inside a car is a clogged HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) drain tube. This tube provides drainage for water condensing on the AC evaporator and any water that enters the HVAC system during rain storms. If the tube is clogged with dirt and debris the water drips from underneath the dash where the heat vents are ... onto the floor instead of dripping onto the road. So usually the wettest place on the carpet is the front passenger foot well.

The drain tube is generally located on the firewall, low on the passenger side. You would probably have to raise the car to see/reach it. I am not sure exactly where the Passport one is ... they can be hard to find at times.

Other possible sources of water are a clogged sunroof drain tube, leaking window seals, torn or missing door seals, and clogged door drain holes.

Also ... buildup of debris (pine needles/leaves) where the windshield wipers retract in to can also block those drains which can sometimes cause overflow into the passenger compartment.

After you find and eliminate the source of the water you will have to lift the carpet and remove the padding underneath in order to dry it. The padding holds water like a sponge and will not dry unless it is removed from the vehicle. Shop vacs won't get the water out of the padding. Even if the carpet feels dry the padding underneath may still be wet, and that is where mold and mildew grows.


Good luck on your troubleshooting

Why is th carpet wet behind the driver seat in my '02 thunderbird

This can be from one of couple sources. One would be a broken or missing rubber seal in the firewall. Water can and will enter the passenger compartment if the seal is not good or missing. The firewall is the metal between the engine compartment and passenger compartment. There are many penetrations in the firewall for throttle linkage, steering column, electrical harness, etc. All of these penetrations have seals to prevent water from entering. Check to make sure all penetrations have seals. Inspect from under hood and from under the car, too.

Another source is damage to the floor pan. If you went over a rock or jagged object without having enough clearance, it may have punctured or even sliced through the floor - under the carpeting and sound deadening material under it. If you live in a cold area, and the roads are treated with salt or chemicals to melt ice, it may have caused rusting holes to appear in the floor pan. Water spraying up from tires would enter through the puncture or slice and the carpet would wick the water in. It would take a long time to dry and give a musty smell after just a short time. You should inspect the floor pan from underneath the car. Look for punctures, slices and rust / rot. Clean and seal any openings found in the floor pan and firewall.

Fixed windows and glass in the car body are also sources for leaks. The is especially true if glass has recently been replaced. Many times, the back window leaks into the trunk or metal under the rear seat - and flows to the carpeted floor. Look in the trunk at the bottom of the rear window. Side windows can leak, too - so don't forget to look behind trim interior panels on the sides of the back seat. Your leak could be coming from the windshield, too - this will be harder to locate through the dashboard - but you may find water dripping from wires, etc. Look for evidence of water / rust. Clean and reseal body / glass joints when found.

Good luck!


Could be the drain for the ac is plugged up. Usually when this happens the passenger side floor gets wet, but it could be coming out on the driver's side when you take a right turn.
The drain should be on the bottom of the firewall near the floor, you should see water dripping onto the ground when the ac is on.

Water was leaking down from underneath passenger dash and standing in floor bord in front & back underneath the mats causing mold and badly staining the carpet before being discovered. Dealer cleared...

thay didnt replace the heater core??? this should have been done as thats where the water came from. when the carpet gets wet the seal on heater core goes bad causeing this. if you check it in about a week it will prob. be wet agine

Leaking on front driver carpet but no visual sign of leaking around door or windows. Carpet is drenched and so is cushion underneath carpet.

1. Have you been using your heater and is the smell sticky sweet? If so you're heater core might be leaking.

2. Have you been using you're A/C? If so you may have a clogged or disconnected condensation drain.

What would cause wet carpet and water on the passenger side floor

there is a leak because the foam has disintegrated, or the seal has broken open down by where the feet of the passenger is. Rust stains tell me that the leak may be caused by a break in the body somewhere.

Try spraying expanding foam in the area between the plastic and the metal parts to try to seal out moisture from coming into the passenger compartment.


Water lesking from vax rapide carpet washer

i have been using a vax v26 carpet cleaner and the washing water is leaking from the bottom then the solution will not come out has the pump given up?

Water Leaks from beneath my washing machine

Our WM2077CW just started the water leaking from underneath. We unplugged the electrical cord and disconnected the hoses (water, drain). We then removed the inspection plate from the back and checked for wet hoses. The big black hose on the bottom was a little wet. On careful examination we found a small hole that looked like a material fatigue failure at the point where the accordion part of the hose met with the solid part of the hose near the main drum connection. I suspect this is may occur in other LG washers of the same design. Unless your floor is perfectly level it's hard to tell whether coming from the left or right side really indicates where underneath the water is coming from.
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