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Albert Fussi Posted on Nov 29, 2006

NS25 Screen gone

On my NS25 is suddenly an about 5 cm long and 4 cm high white stain, i.e. in this area is nothing readable any more. Does anybody know where to buy the Sharp LM32K072 screen to replace the spoilt item? I'm concerned to change the system as I am quite happy with the C-Map for the Singapore water area and would not like to redo the complete installation + map purchase because of this. Thanks in advance Al

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    Gps ns25

    The wiring within the Screen unit seems to be very poorly done, there are 4 cables to the GPS side of things and these can contact each other as there is a portion of the wire where it enters the connector that is bare, and if these touch one another then you will get nothing.
    Dismantle the head unit and check the cables, i would be inclined to shrink wrap the bare portion of each cable.
    Hope that this helps, it might not be the answer, but it is worth checking.
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