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Jim Banks Posted on May 27, 2017

Front panel button illumination

I cannot get the lights to display on the removable front panel. I am refering to the buttons which used to illuminate on the panel. The only one that works is the REAR ON button which illuminates red and blue correctly. Cannot find anything in the Operation Manual. I recently had the unit repaired by Pioneer for a faulty ribbon cable on the fold down screen and cannot recall the buttons illuminating since - but note one button does work. Any asistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Posted on Nov 05, 2006

SOURCE: Screen behind faceplate stopped illuminating/working

The ribbon cable has gone bad. A new one can be ordered direct from pioneer at Good luck!



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  • Posted on Jan 03, 2009

SOURCE: Pioneer DJM-400 mixer turns on, but channels aren't working

could be a few things , what have you tried to trouble shoot the problem ?
My steps would be ;
check all leads (even if you KNOW u pluged them in)
check the gain is set corectly .
check the line phono slectors are set to what ever you have you leads pluged into on the back of the mixer ( there is 4 red and white RCA plugs , 2 for phono,2 for line CDJs shold be using line )
if you are using digital cables to conect your CDJs , on the back on the mixer there is a small switch marked "CD or digital" make sure that is sleceted "digital " . if ur not using digital cables make sure it is on "CD" .
the info iv put here is based on the DJM-800 so your mixer my not have some of these featers as iv never used a 400 . hope this helps dued . check out for more tricks and tips . Pratices'N'enjoy !


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  • Posted on Feb 25, 2009

SOURCE: I have a Pioneer Premier deh-p330 player,illumination color

CLICK HERE for your manual.

Unfortunately for you, this Head Unit does not have the function you want.
The display is green by the factory, and the type of display installed cannot be changed or customized.

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  • Posted on Jun 02, 2009

SOURCE: how to change color display

to change these types of setting you must turn off the stereo (hold off) then PRESS & HOLD the menu button (mines a different model but the menu button is pressing the volume knob )


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  • Posted on Jul 13, 2009

SOURCE: some functions not working

I think you to ground the parking brake wire in order for all of you setting to illuminate. I'm not sure but I'm thinking that I had the same issue when I was installing mine.


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When I plug in my Equator EZ4000, all lights on the display panel illuminate and stay illuminated. They don't change to reflect the functions being performed.

If all lights on the display panel of your Equator EZ4000 washer dryer illuminate and remain illuminated without changing to reflect the functions being performed, it could indicate a malfunction with the control board or a possible software issue. Here are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot the problem:
1. Power cycle the unit: Unplug the Equator EZ4000 from the power source and wait for a few minutes. Then, plug it back in and see if the display panel resets and functions properly. Sometimes, a power cycle can help reset the control board and resolve minor software glitches.
2. Perform a factory reset: Refer to the user manual or contact Equator Appliances to find out how to perform a factory reset on your specific model. This process typically involves pressing certain buttons or a combination of buttons on the control panel to initiate the reset. A factory reset can often resolve software issues and restore the display panel's functionality.
3. Contact customer support: If power cycling and performing a factory reset do not resolve the issue, it is recommended to reach out to Equator Appliances' customer support directly. They can provide you with specific troubleshooting steps based on your model and guide you through the process of resolving the display panel problem. They may also be able to assist you in scheduling a service visit if necessary.
It's worth noting that working with electrical components can be hazardous, so if you're uncomfortable or unsure about performing any troubleshooting steps yourself, it's best to seek professional assistance from Equator Appliances or a qualified technician.

Were is the fuse for the interior lights of an 2001 Lincoln continental?

All interior light's not working ? Instrument cluster , dome light's , switch light , instrument panel , map ,reading lamps etc...... Probably not a fuse problem , more then likely the LCM - lighting control module . Do you know anything about automotive electronics ? Control modules ? DTC'S - diagnostic trouble code's ?
Illuminated Entry The illuminated entry system:
  • is controlled by the lighting control module.
  • provides courtesy lighting upon entry to and exit from the vehicle.
The keyless entry keypad illuminates when any keyless entry keypad button is pressed, regardless of the ignition switch position. The keyless entry keypad remains illuminated for five seconds after a handle is raised or for five seconds following the last keypad button pressed. Courtesy lamps will be illuminated for 25 (±1) seconds which includes a theater lighting ramp-up time (two seconds). This time interval does not include the theater lighting ramp-down time. Courtesy lamps will be turned off before the 25 (±1)-second timeout if the ignition switch is turned to the RUN or ACC position. NOTE: When the illuminated entry feature is activated by using the keyless entry remote transmitter, the keyless entry keypad does NOT illuminate. The illuminated entry system has the following additions to accommodate the keyless entry system:
  • Pressing any button on the keyless entry keypad or pressing the UNLOCK button on the keyless entry remote transmitter will activate the illuminated entry system (with theater ramp-up). When the driver door module detects a button press, it sends a signal on the J1850 communication network activating the courtesy lamps. The keypad will remain illuminated for five seconds following the illuminated entry ON signal transition or for five seconds following the last keypad button press.
  • If the keyless entry keypad 7/8 and 9/0 buttons are pressed concurrently (to lock the doors) or the LOCK button on the keyless entry remote transmitter is pressed:
    • the lighting control module will turn off the lamps by sensing the all doors lock signal.
    • the driver door module will also turn OFF the keyless entry keypad illumination when the last two keyless entry keypad buttons are pressed concurrently.
    • Lamps, Courtesy Courtesy lamps can be turned on by using the panel dim switch located on the headlamp switch assembly or by opening any door. A theater lighting feature gradually increases or decreases the light intensity when switched by opening or closing a door. Courtesy lamps (controlled by the lighting control module) are activated by using the dome lamp switch (instant ON/OFF response) or when a door is ajar. The following lamps illuminate for courtesy lighting:
      • instrument panel courtesy lamps
      • front map lamps
      • rear reading lamps
      • Inspection and Verification
        1. Verify the customer's concern by operating the courtesy and demand lamps to duplicate the condition.
        1. Inspect to determine if one of the following electrical concerns apply:

          VISUAL INSPECTION CHART Electrical
          • Damaged lamps
          • Damaged switches
          • Stuck switches
          • Open fuse junction panel Fuses:
            • 1 (10A)
            • 4 (10 A)
            • 5 (10 A)
            • 7 (15A)
            • 13 (15A)
            • 19 (10A)
            • 25 (10A)
            • 31 (15A)
            • 39 (10A)
          • Open power distribution box Fuse 9 (40A)
          • Open bulbs
          • Loose connectors
          • Corroded connectors
        1. If inspection reveals an obvious concern that is readily serviced, correct the concern before continuing with Inspection and Verification.
        1. If the concern remains after the inspection, connect the Rotunda New Generation Star (NGS) Tester 007-00500 or equivalent to the data link connector (DLC) located beneath the instrument panel to perform Data Link Diagnostics Test. If the NGS responds with NO RESPONSE/NOT EQUIPPED for the lighting control module, go to Pinpoint Test AA . If the NGS responds with NO RESPONSE/NOT EQUIPPED for the driver door module, go to Pinpoint Test AB . If the Data Link Diagnostic test is passed for the lighting control module and driver door module, retrieve continuous DTCs and execute self test diagnostics for the suspect module(s).
        1. If self test is passed and no DTCs are retrieved, GO to the Symptom Chart to continue diagnostics.
        1. If DTCs are retrieved for the lighting control module, go to the Lighting Control Module (LCM) Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Index to continue diagnosis. If DTCs are retrieved for the driver door module, go to the Driver Door Module (DDM) Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Index to continue diagnostics.
        1. If the lighting control module cannot be accessed by the NGS tester, go to Pinpoint Test AA . If the driver door module cannot be accessed by the NGS tester, go to Pinpoint Test AB .
        Rotunda Service Bay Diagnostic System (SBDS®) 001-00001 may also be used to diagnose this system.

Onkyo HT-R520 no front panel display at all, I have audio but just no lights on panel please help !

If you have the original remote
check the display button or dimmer button.
If you don't get any illumination from the display screen, that means that display florescent is at the end of life needs to be serviced.

I replaced the toner and drum and I still have the error mesage

You may not have reset the drum counter. If multi-function machine open front hatch , press clear or options button. Display should read "change drum?" then press number 1 on keypanel. Display should read "accepted" then close hatch. If the machine is printer only locate the "go" button on the front left on top of the printer. Open the front hatch and locate the stud under where the "go" button was. Press and hold the stud until all the lights are illuminated. Relase the stud and close the hatch.

Samsung front loading dryer the display shows rotating circle rather than time remaining

Rotating blinking lights in the display is probably an indication that the Wrinkle Prevent option has been selected. Wrinkle Prevent will continue to tumble the dryer without heat after the cycle has ended to help prevent wrinkles from setting in. When this option is selected by pressing the Wrinkle Prevent button on the control panel, the display will count down the estimated cycle time; when the cycle ends, the display will show lights blinking in a circular (or actually rectangular) motion.

To deactivate, simply press the Wrinkle Prevent button again so the light is not illuminated.


Most of the wires on the front panel are just for LED Lights other than the Power Button. Look on the motherboard for the abbreviated spellings of PWR for the Power Button, RST for Reset, HDD for Hard Drive, etc. Only the PWR will keep your system from booting up. If you place the others on the wrong set of pins the Led light will not illuminate.

We have just bought an LG 23 inch monitor. Everything okay on it except for the proper resolution. The monitor no. is W2343T. I have put the resolution of 1920 x 1080 and frequency of 60 hertz on it as...

I think the problem is going to be in the Windows software, and not the settings on the monitor. Not sure which type of computer or which Windows you're running, but get into control panel, monitor settings and see what you can do. Windows help and support might be able to assist you.
Here's an excerpt from
Cons Clumsy front panel controls
Vertically, picture is no larger than my old 17"
May require video card upgrade for higher resolutions
Front panel illuminated power button is distracting
Summary Overall, I really like this monitor. But don't expect a size increase vertically over a 17" display. I actually lost half an inch. I prefer a 16:10 aspect ratio so I'm not actually using the full wide available. If you're like me you can save some change and go for the 2243.
Cons Clumsy front panel controls
Vertically, picture is no larger than my old 17"
May require video card upgrade for higher resolutions
Front panel illuminated power button is distracting

Cons Clumsy front panel controls
Vertically, picture is no larger than my old 17"
May require video card upgrade for higher resolutions
Front panel illuminated power button is distracting
Summary Overall, I really like this monitor. But don't expect a size increase vertically over a 17" display. I actually lost half an inch. I prefer a 16:10 aspect ratio so I'm not actually using the full wide available. If you're like me you can save some change and go for the 2243.

Not sure if that will help, but there it is.
Here is the whole blog:
Not sure if this will help, but you might check it out:
Good luck, and hope this helps.

Hi my tail lights will not come on when my front

Hi,You have a tail light/insterment panel light fuse.the fuse is blown.hope this helps.Thank You for using fixya.... iluv2fish.....Ray......

How to reset lexmark e260dn on factory defaults

1.Turn the printer off.2.Open Front cover.3.Press and hold X button.4.Relese X when the ! LED is illuminated. Note:Be patient as the LEDs will light up in multiple patterns before finaly stopping at !.5.Close front cover. Note:Observe that green button and 3 other LED will be illuminated at the same time.This is Home position.6.Slowly press X button until the 3 first LED are illuminated (paper,toner,light)Note:normaly this will require you to press the X button 11 to 13 times depending on the options and features installed.7. Press and hold green button until all LED flasch or strobe from left to right then relese the button.wait until this process stops with the same pattern as step 6.8.Press and hold X until the light pappern return to the pattern of four LED in the Home position.9.Turn the printer OFF.10.Turn the printer On.Note:if on a DHCP network, wait 30 seconds to see if the DHCP server/router sends out an IP adress to the device.11.Press green button to print a setting pages and observe that all the TCP/IP settings have been reset.12.Reconfigure the device using DHCP.Auto IP(zero configuration) or the IP Setup Utility.
This is my solution to the problem.//Oaklunde
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