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Julie Gale Posted on Oct 31, 2006

Steam knob is stuck in "open" position

The Steam knob is stuck in the open position. I can remove the knob and see inside the shaft that it attaches to. But can't turn it with pliers. What to do? Where do I send it for repair? Machine is 2 years old.

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  • Posted on Feb 18, 2008
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I have the same problem. I also can't turn the shaft with pliers. If anybody has any advice I'd appreciate it.




I used brute force. Remember to turn it clockwise to close.


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I'm reassembing a Kenwood Chef A901 Food Mixer. I'm defeated by how to reattach the red squarish knob that serves mincer attachments.

Reassembling complex kitchen appliances like the Kenwood Chef A901 can be challenging, especially when dealing with small parts and intricate mechanisms. Here's a general guideline on how to reattach the red squarish knob and spring for the mincer attachment on your Kenwood Chef A901 food mixer:
  1. Positioning the Spring:
    • Insert one end of the spring through the small hole in the middle of the lever shaft.
    • The other end of the spring should be positioned to rest against the inside of the plastic housing where it creates tension. This tension is what allows the lever to snap into different positions.
  2. Reattaching the Red Squarish Knob:
    • Position the red squarish knob over the lever shaft, aligning it with the spring.
    • Gently press down on the knob while simultaneously aligning the pin at the top of the lever shaft with the grooves on the gearbox housing.
    • Apply gentle downward pressure while rotating the knob slightly to align the pin with the grooves. The goal is to guide the pin into the grooves and allow it to slide into place.
  3. Testing the Reattachment:
    • Once the knob is in place, test the lever's movement. It should have a spring-loaded action, allowing it to snap into different positions as you rotate it.

Rancilio steam wand loose not working

Rig wand! you mean steam wand?
Take lid off and see if the knob clib connection to the steam valve is come out. Otherwise, possibly the steam valve's portioning washer is hardened and stuck. BUt sound slike shaft is broken or lost connection to the valve

Gaggia baby twin (less than 1 yr old): the top black knob that controls the steam when frothing the milk is ?stripped? It just keeps turning all the way around. If it does "catch" to initiate...

I had the same thing happen. Your guess is close - stripping. What's going on is that there is a magnetic switch (which also serves as a stop - terrrible design, I think) that is attached to the steam valve. It has a set screw that holds it (the stop) in place on the valve shaft. If you open the valve too much it causes the stop to strip until it just spins. If you're a bit mechanical, you should be able to fix this pretty easily and the solution will seem fairly obvious. Just make sure that your machine is cool and unplugged before you open it up and remember this may void any warrenty on the machine. Here's the step by step:

Take the top off the machine (someplace like whole latte love can give you the details for this part, but it's basically 5 screws: 1 under the steam knob, 2 under the water reservior, and 2 on the underside of the top (where the brewhead goes). One screw in each corner toward the front of the manchine (look around you'll see them). Carefully lift the top off because there are two wires that have to be removed that go from the keypad (on the top) to the motherboard inside the machine (at least my baby twin has these two). When you've got it off, you'll see the steam value assembly as I described. You may have to reove on more little sensor (a small screw) the see the whole valve an how it should work. You'll need a very small allen wrench to losen the set screw. With the valve closed snugly - shaft turned all the way to counterclockwise (it has reverse threads), rotate the stop till it just touches the left side of the housing. Retighten the set crew and try to make it tight. You'll probably be able to see wehre it was stripping; there will be scoring on the brass shaft. Turn the value clockwise to open it. If you have it positioned correctly, the tiny magnet will line up with the "pickup" (sensor that tell the machine that the valve is open and to turn on the pump) BEFORE the stop hits the far side of the housing. In the future make sure to be very gently when opening (and closing) this valve (the steam knob) because if you open it too far it will strip again. Like I said, poor design. Good Luck.


Gaggia titanium. The water and steam are all going through the brew head instead of coming out the wand when I need it to. I have cleaned everything, used a pin to clean the wand (it didn't need it) ONE...

This is hard to picture. The only way water can come out the brew spout is if the brewing mechanism inside in the position to make coffee. The only way to get that mechanism into that position is to either select one of the three coffee buttons (you'd hear the grinder run, then you'd hear the motor putting the brew mechanism into place and then the pump start and water would then come out the brew spout. OR to select preground coffee and then select one of the three coffee sizes - in that case you wouldn't hear the grinder but you'd still hear the motor turn the brew mechanism into brewing position and then start the pump.
When you simply select hot water and then open the steam valve - I can't imagine any possible way for water to come out the brew spout.
Now if you mean that you don't see any water come out but water is leaking inside the cabinet and ending up in the drip tray - then that would mean a leak inside the machine. It could be the valve that the brew group locks into when it goes into brew position (you see this valve in a little recess behind the brew mechanism when you take the brew group out to clean it). Or it could be a leaking steam valve or hose inside.
You might try getting a flashlight and a cleaning brush - take out the brew mechanism and then clean around that little nozzle/valve that is in the recess just the left of center behind where the brew mechanism was. That valve should shut when you are not in brew position and not allow any water out - but it may be gummed up with coffee grounds.
If you are feeling brave - you would need a deep socket and a lot of patience with a small breaker bar (a ratchet head is too big to fit in there) and you can remove that nozzle/valve and then clean it or replace it. But it is very slow going to remove it (there must be some special tool they use at the factory). I had just the right size deep socket (like what you'd use for a spark plug in a car) but there wasn't room for a ratchet so I had to use a small breaker bar and I could only turn the valve about 1/4 turn at a time then I'd have to reposition the socket to do another 1/4 turn. It took 5-10 minutes to remove it - then it was easy to clean. I think you could clean it in place with a stiff bristle brush and some q-tips.
I don't know if that valve is the problem - but that's the only thing I can think of that would have your hot water and steam running into your drip tray instead of out the steam wand.

Morphy richards comfigrip 40715 how to disassemble?

Phil - I have the same problem. Can't see how to dismantle it at all. Did you ever get a solution?


Water leaking from steam wand when brewing shots

Try this from another post. It should help.

The steam wand began to seriously leak but a call to Starbucks Customer Service line and I was talked through how to adjust it so that the leaking stopped. It requires taking off the top/back panel of the machine (6 philips screws) then using a small allen key (1.5 mm I believe) to loosen and adjust a plastic oblong donut-shaped thing (a "cam" actually) on the shaft of the steam knob... no more drips.
The key to prevent dripping is to open the steam knob without putting pressure on it when it gets to the full-open stop position. Cranking it too hard when it comes to a stop in the full-open position will slowly move the cam out of position. Then the shaft doesn't fully seat inside the machine anymore and won't fully shut off the water to the steam wand. Then, no matter how hard you crank the knob in the shut-off position it will still drip. The purpose of the cam is to stop the knob from complete unscrewing and it also turns the pump on and off for the steam wand. The cam adjustment is very small but completely solves the dripping problem. Seeing inside the machine made me realize how easy it would be to repair problems as long as I can get the parts from Starbucks or perhaps Saeco.

Pavoni, no steam from steam wand

i havent heard of this issue , it could posibly be the bent steam wand , but the nozle is made to be that way, because the pavoni eurpicola doesnt produce enough steam pressure , it enables you to create better froth
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