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Question about Compaq MV 9500 (Carbon, Silver) 19 in.CRT Conventional Monitor

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Compaq 9500 color monitor 19"

The left horizontal border is black and continues to creep to the right (also has screechy black lines on the border). I've tried adjustments using the controls on the front of the monitor and this helped a little but continues to get worse. The monitor is about 3 years old. Is it time for a new monitor? Rickjeffer

Posted by Rick Jefferson on

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  • Anonymous Apr 06, 2008

    The left horizontal border is black and continues to creep to the right (also has screechy black lines on the border). I've tried adjustments using the controls on the front of the monitor and this helped a little but continues to get worse. The monitor is about 5 years old. Is it time for a new monitor?

  • Anonymous Jan 28, 2009

    Exactly the same problem here. You can try to download the reparation manual and look inside the monitor for some small wheels to adjust with a little screwdriver some parameters. Don't make great modifications and bevare you are with your hands close to a high voltage machine.
    Good luck

  • mrspeed55 Mar 22, 2009

    Yes,but my S9500(not sure if it is the same as the MV9500)has the problem horisontal and vertical.I can set it back from the frount controls but soon after both horisontol and vert.borders will shrink in about an inch.I have reset from frount several times with the same result.any help aprechiated,thanks. (mrspeed55)


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First off, its is NOT 3 years, old, new to you but not new
not in the slightest is it NEW> in fact 2002 monitor !!!! oops get ripped off by fibbing sellers, that it?
and it is bad.
NO PC stated.
NO OS stated
and no photos of bad, screen.
strike 3 you are out, like the 100000 post here like this,
no inputs, and expects magic answer from the blind, SSDD.
the name COMPAQ ended in 2013, 4 year ago.
most CRTS ended in 2013, started in 1981 with IBM MDA.
Monochrome monitors. eeks.
so why not buy a real LCD LED monitor 2010 and newer.
and join the 21st Century VACUUM FREE, and dangerous
19,000 volts free too (1kv per inch) it can kill you,
don't spill drinks in the top ok and live another day.
(PS; worked this from 1965 to 2010,) even NAVY PPI monitors huge. so know monitors well I do.

100% free and Zero steal email from you .

RTM all there is is this RTM and play with knobs.

What is so wrong here, is no PC stated.
monitors this old do not work on modern PC, unless you learn how to do that. (skill sets that)
step one set PC to 800x600, (screen reso)
then plug it and and pray the CRT brain works. still

that is all there is to it.
power on PC set to 800x600 reso
power on CRT.
push left select button (spoon fed)
see no signal on screen, means PC is dead. signals on vGA jack.
see out of frequency, message , see 800 above.
that book stinks btw.
lets find others.

MV9500 right, MV missing on your first post why?
the 9500 , no mV is here.
it does have OSD screen , push select button

degause it,
move screen L/R& UP/DN
and shapes, I call it trapezoid changes.
bright and contrast , no magic here all SOP,

max RESO on this old pig is.15yo
is 1024,x 768 60HZ
over that as most PC do now, this PIG GOES NUTS> fails.

Posted on Dec 06, 2017

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Kevin Shafer

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SOURCE: Vertical lines in my laptop screen

Although it could be a screen problem, it is more likely either a loose connection on the inside of the LCD or the video inverter itself which is a board that the LCD attaches to before going to the motherboard. Try hooking it up to an external monitor and if it doesn't do it on that, then we know its not the video card / video output. After that it would be what I spoke of above.

Posted on Jun 10, 2007


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SOURCE: dim compaq s510 crt colored monitor

Hi, If you are comfortable working with tools, down to component level and know how to work around EHV areas, then it is possible to increase the brightness of any monitor including the Compaq S510. Make sure that the unit is unplug, Open the back cover and locate the FBT. You have to run/power on/attach a running PC to the unit with the cover off. Extreme care must be exercised. If you are not sure, you're better off asking a qualified service professional to do the adjustment. There two plastic slotted adjustables, focus & screen. Adjusting the screen changes the screen voltage going to the CRT. This will make the display go very dark or overly too bright. Adjust to your preference (not necessarily technically correct) The focus may also be adjusted this way. You have to run the unit with the back cover open for a couple of minutes to stabilize the voltages and the heater/CRT/ Adjust after a couple of minutes if necessary. In other monitors, there is a trimpot (small variable resistor) the adjusts the sub-bright. Further improvement maybe achieved by adding a 100uF/250V capacitor across the supply of the 70+VDC of the 3 gun transistors. If you are sure how to go about this, it is best to consult or seek the services of a qualified TV technician who can either show where and how or do the job himself. Hope this be of some help to you. Pls post again how things turn up. Good luck and kind regards.

Posted on Jul 31, 2007


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SOURCE: Monitor: Compaq TFT5015 Displays vertical lines

Check that the signal cable from the computer is firmly connected and that there are no bent pins in either end. If the trouble continues, the problem is in the monitor itself. Given the low replacement cost, it's uneconomical to try repairing these.

Posted on Apr 17, 2009


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SOURCE: compaq mv540 monitor suddenly can't adjust screen features

Please somebody give a solution as same is experienced by me tooo.

Posted on Nov 15, 2010

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My new LG Flatron E2350 does not fill the 23 inch screen only 22 inches with a black border, have updated graphics and monitor card to the latest. What do I need to do for the graphics to fill the 23 inch...

Similar to TV - you need to adjust the "H" - Horizontal and "V" - Vertical. Horizontal will move picture up or down and Vertical will adjust left to right.

Use the menu button on your monitor.

Sometimes when I change the settings profile from "User" to "Graphics," a black border appears on the screen and some of the viewing window is off the screen. Usually when I click the "Graphics" profile...

All LCD displays have an "Auto" button press it and see if that fixs it. should be aparent what it does if it does it. but basicly it alines the picture with the screen. when you change back to user profile you may need to press it again.

Monitor 19" A90F Image is larger in horizontal a the ajust is in lowest limit

Your monitors Horizontal section has gone faulty... some components have gone out of tolerence.. and this is what is making the picture streach out. I think it's gonna be a job for the "Shop" Ensure that you get a firm "Quote" B4 you proceede.
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