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Philippe Aerts Posted on Mar 23, 2017

Partially solved :-))

Hey, thanks for the solution so far. I've cleaned the print head latch (with a bit of alcohol), so the contacts to detect the print head are clean again. Then I've reinstalled the drivers, but printing the testpage doesn't work yet. The Maintenance-tab now says: "The printer is out of paper or there is a misfeed. Press and release the RESUME key to restart job." (nothing about print latch anymore ;-) Pressed Resume-key and the tray is not blocked and filled with enough paper, the Resume-led always falls back to red. In my opinion, the wheels can't really catch the paper provided. It's strange cause the tray is lifted up as it should to allow the wheels to "take" the paper... Anything else I could try? Thanks for any help! Philippe

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Vijay Damaraju

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  • Posted on Sep 26, 2006

SOURCE: Check printer head latch - no printing!

Hi, Just open the door where you can see the latch just clean it and reload the drivers on the pc zooooooooooom, your print starts priting and the drivers you can get at



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  • Posted on Jan 13, 2009

SOURCE: Phaser 8400 w/ Maintenance Kit problem

Sorry for the delay in responding. I am sure you have a bad registration clutch. Let me know and I will forward you part numbers , phone numbers and directions. Easy to replace.

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Cleaning my calculator print head

try using clear alcohol and a small toothbrush or crc contact cleaner

Pixma mx452 error 5100

In my case the printer head was going all the way to the left and ending up "stuck" there. The print head could still be moved easily from left to right manually but when you turned the printer on it ended on the left side and I got the 5100 error.

I turned off the printer and disconnected the power. I took a flash light and carefully inspected the clear ribbon. In the middle there was a bit of goop on the clear "timing tape", about 1cm long. I used a clean paper towel with a bit of alcohol on it along with a rubber coated pen to keep everything away from the grease on the track and gently hold the ribbon in place while I cleaned the goop off of the tape. After that the 5100 cleared and the printer is working again.

It looks to me like the clear tape is just an indexed strip that's used to tell the print head how far it has moved. With some of the index obscured by the goop the print head thought it hadn't traveled as far as it had because it was reading fewer lines in the index. The goop was probably some grease from the track the print heads go back and forth on. Not sure how it got on the tape, but cleaning it off solved the problem for me.

I have no idea what the long term effect of ink on the plastic tape will be, but it got the printer working when I needed it and saved me from having to have it professionally repaired.

Can I remove & clean the print head on an Epson printer?

i've tried to remove it from the sliders and to have it soaked in alcohol for about 10 hours without any luck. It is too much work without any guarantee. I suggest to junk it and get a new one (if possible with heads on the cartridges so they are replaced with each refill)

Print head is stuck to the far right of the printer I have had problems in the past with the head cleaner popping up and stopping the print head from going home but now it has I think come loose and...

Hello and Welcome to FixYa!
Sir, In Epson Printers if print head is struck and it don't move then it may be because of several reasons.Mostly problem of print head struck is because of Paper Jam, actually their may be small bit paper jam in side the printer head,There are some "micro-sensors" that detect a paper jam. There will be tiny piece of paper, or a lump of dust, inside those sensors, thus "tripping" the sensor and it struck the Print Head.Open printer cover and check to make sure no paper or foreign objects obstructing the printer feederIf you become sure that now really there is no paper, dust or foreign objects then
Turn the printer off, and disconnect the AC power-cable. Open the printer cover & now give the printer a "blow-job" by compressed air.It will clear the printer jam and it may allow you to move print head.
If problem still exist then it may be due to dirty or clogged print head which hinder a regular flow of ink from the ink cartridge to paper. The first step is actually knowing where the print head is and what it does. As you print a document, ink droplets leave the ink cartridge through the cartridge nozzle and go to the print head. The print head then lays the ink on a precise point on the paper. As you print, tiny droplets of ink can get stuck around the print head opening. If these drops get time to dry, they can form a crust around the print head and print head struck because of it. This problem can be solved if you clean the print head with software, There are a few ways to go about cleaning the print head. Potentially, the easiest way is to let your printer clean itself. Many inkjet printers will have maintenance options in the printers software that will actually clean your printer for you. You can use them to clean it, After cleaning it may allow you to move the print head.If the built-in cleaning functions don't seem to do the job then There are a few ways to clean your print head manually. Its technical because you need to open the Printer, First remove the ink cartridge from the print head and take the print head out of your printer and then dip a cotton swab in hot water or isopropyl alcohol and rub it against the print head. This should loosen any crusted ink. Put some isopropyl alcohol or hot water into a saucer and set the printer head in the saucer. Let it soak for at least an hour. If it's really dirty, it might be a good idea to let it soak overnight. Let it air dry, reinstall it in your computer, and run a cleaning cycle,This should get rid of any dried ink that was loosened during the soaking. Be careful, especially if you use isopropyl alcohol to clean your print heads, Some printers use rubber gaskets; if you get isopropyl alcohol on the gaskets, it could dry them out.This process surely helps you but its highly technical so i recommend if your product is in warranty or out of warranty.If your product is in warranty, Simply contact to Epson Service Center or from where you purchased it and claim the warranty. Your problem will be solvedI hope this solution helps you and you have clear picture in your mind
Let me know if you have any confusion in your mind.

Sir/Ma'am, Your Rating as Five Stars for this solution and Words of appreciation as Feedback for me will be really esteemed
Thank You for taking my service

Concerned: Muhammad Uzair Team : FixYa

It wont print anything until i cleaned the nozzles, then i got one line then nothing

Have you tried cleaning the ink cartridges manually? Take a cotton swab and some isoprophyl alcohol and clean the base of the cartridge (Usually a metal strip) It will be a bit messy, so anticipate this, also clean the strip that the ink cartridge contacts within the printer. If that doesn't solve the problem your ink may be partially dried or just about empty.

Goodmorning, my hp t610 have message print head replacement not complete. I tried several times but the message is always the same. the print head are new!!! I look forward to a response. best...

This error occurs when a print head can not be detected. Sometimes the very fine contacts that detect the printhead can become dirty with ink. Power the printer down, remove the heads and try cleaning the circuit contacts on both the printer and the print heads with alcohol wipes. Switch the printer on and replace the heads.
I hope this helps Regards GM

My printer won't print anything - only blank pages. However, both ink cartridges have ink. Please help!

If the self-cleaning cycle does not solve the problem, try turning the printer off overnight to allow the ink to soften. Turn the printer on the next day and try printing a test pattern to see whether the problem has either disappeared or become less noticeable. This ink-saving procedure can work effectively because sometimes the dried ink on the print head needs time to soften before the printer head can be cleaned completely. Try running the self-cleaning utility again one or more times.
Steps for Manually Cleaning the Printer Head

If the overnight cleaning still does not work, there may be a layer of thick ink that is blocking the holes of the printer's head. The next option is to manually clean the printer head. Follow these steps:

* Determine from the owner's manual where the print head is located.
* Remove the ink cartridge from your printer and then dip a cotton swab in hot water or isopropyl alcohol and rub it against the print head. This should loosen any crusted ink. NOTE: Be careful, especially if you use isopropyl alcohol to clean your print heads: Some printers use rubber gaskets, and if you get isopropyl alcohol on the gaskets it could dry them out.
* For models where the print head is in the printer, drop 7 to 10 drops of isopropyl alcohol (91% denatured isopropyl alcohol - not 'rubbing' alcohol) down the ink receptacle area where the ink actually flows from the cartridge into the head. Run a few self-cleaning utilities. If possible, allow the printer to sit a few hours or overnight and repeat the self-cleaning utility.
* If the print head is in the cartridge, soak the cartridge print head in hot water. Allow it to soak overnight. Dry the print head area with a paper towel. Repeat the self-cleaning utility.
* If the hot water soak did not unclog the print head, place the cartridge printer head in isopropyl alcohol and allow it to soak overnight. Use a damp paper towel to wipe off the print head area and dry carefully. Try the self-cleaning utility again.
* If the alcohol soak did not unclog the print head in the cartridge you may need to purchase a new cartridge. This will provide new print heads that won't be clogged. Contact a service technician for repair of print heads in the printer if the alcohol did not unclog the printer head.

After being abroad for 3 months i can home to find printer not printing correctly i replaced the 5 ink cartridges but only 2 working Black and cyan

The ink has dried in the print head. If the print head comes out, remove it and apply rubbing alcohol or water with a paper towel to the nozels to disolve the ink. Once the ink seems to be fluid, replace the print head and ink cartridges, do a head cleaning and try printing again.

If the print head cannot be removed, get a childs medicine syringe, draw in some rubbing alcohol. Remove the non printing carts and apply a couple of small drops of alcohol to each ink port on the print head. apply some more drops to the ink port of the carts and replace and try a head cleaning and print.

If this does not work, continue to ask for help. The aim is to save the print head, not buy a new printer.

Print head remains clogged canon pixma iP 4000

I have successfully managed to clean the print head with isopropyl alcohol by placing a flexible plastic tube over the cartridge seat, filling the tube partially with the alcohol, then blowing very hard through the tube. The alcohol does not appear to harm anything.

Print head error

Did you try cleaning the contacts where the print head fits? You might try a qtip moistened with rubbing alcohol or electronic contact cleaner. Sometimes ink will find it's way onto the contact area. Also, make sure you removed the contact protect tape from the new cartrige assembly. Sounds obvious, but I've forgotten this a time or two.
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