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Receiver Keeps Shutting Off When You Turn Volume Up

I just recently purchased a big screen tv and reconnected my receiver to it and my dvd player. Now that I have done so it seems as though I can't get sound to stay on with the receiver anymore. It seems as though there is a short somewhere because as you turn the volume up the entire system just shuts down. We have check the wires and they all seem to be connected properly and none of them are touching, but we were wondering if there is something else that we can do. Thanks for your help, Sterling/Katrina

  • terk67 Jan 11, 2008

    I bought this receiver used and I found out this problem after bringing it home. I cannot get a refund. I am having the same problem with the unit shutting off when the volume is turned up. I thought at firs that it was due to my home-made speakers might have too low of a resistance but a multimeter reads that measurement @ 7.2 ohms so it is well withing the capabilities of the amp. I am bummed out about this problem and please if anyone can help I would appreciate it. I could really use the schematics if someone would be kind enough to post them. thanks a bunch!


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  • Posted on Sep 11, 2008

SOURCE: Volume goes down to nothing

hi, the problem of your receiver is in the amplifier section the idle current is not working that is why the volume fades and the protection relay click to avoid further trouble of your receiver,you need repair technician to solve your problem.



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  • Posted on Feb 04, 2009

SOURCE: Humming sound on cable setting

have you tried to input another audio source into the audio inputs on the reciever that the cable box outputs are going into on the reciever ?
you may also need to ground the recievers frame and cable box frame to earth ground.
you also may have a bad connection in the wires or jacks for the audio connections
or the cable box audio out circuit needs repair

Jerry Parmanand

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  • Posted on Oct 20, 2009

SOURCE: receiver turns off when volume is high

The regulator is bad.

Omk ebk

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  • Posted on Jun 09, 2010

SOURCE: my receiver keeps shutting off

most of the time this is an over heating problem with the unit. Make sure that it has proper ventalation around it. It could also mean that the fan is shot on the unit . You could try using a can of compressed air in it to free up some of the dust that has accumalated inside of the unit. Hope this helps


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  • Posted on Jul 11, 2010

SOURCE: Locked up Onkyo TR-505

FIXED!!! YES, i kept researching and came across a guy that said a button my be pressed, so press all the button on the front display and make sure they all click. I had punched mine a few months ago when it locked up so i had to take it apart and fix da broken buttons, but i clicked each one on the circuit board manually and VOILA it works again, just wish i hadn't got mad and punch it. Man i hookin it up right now and watching a high definition movie in DOLBY SURROUND SOUND....here is post that i found

spldart E-tech

Join Date: May 2010 Location: Can't say Posts: 22 icon1.gif To me it sounds like you have a faulting tact switch holding one of your 'key' lines down either partially or fully. This is a very common problem on Onkyo's DVCP704 and DVCP706 dvd players but sometimes happens on their receivers too. What happens is it hangs the cpu and it sits there waiting for that one of 3 or 4 'key' lines to go back high before it will accept any other input signals. If this is the problem and whatever shop you take it too finds it readily it shouldn't be to pricey but that is alot of 'if's' n'stuff. wink.gif

Keep in mind this is a long distance diagnosis and there are a number of things that could bring on this symptom.. That's just the most likely imo.

Try pressing and releasing all of your front panel buttons once one after another. Once in a long while I see a receiver that got bumped and the plastic button the user actually touches gets caught in the down position holding the tact switch depressed. This will cause the same symptom.
Each should have roughtly the same feeling as you press them.


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Onyko tx nr616 receiver keeps shutting off. Only stays on for approximately 3 seconds. Can you help?

The amp protection circuit has been activated. Remove the power cord from the wall outlet immediately. Disconnect all speaker cables and input sources, and leave the AV receiver with its power cord disconnected for 1 hour. After that, reconnect the power cord and reconnect an input and a pair of speaker wires onto the unit. If the receiver still does not turn on than you will have to bring it in for service. Turn up the volume and if the receiver doesn't shut down, power off the receiver and add another pair of speakers. Power up the unit again and turn up the volume. If it doesn't shut down, power off the unit again. Now connect all your input sources and turn on your receiver. If the unit shuts down again, your unit will need to be further serviced at an authorized Onkyo service center.

How to hook up receiver to tv and dvd player

There are Blu ray DVD player that have audio out.

• Connect these audio out ( red and white ) to receiver aux audio in.

Sounds will be heard on your receiver.

When playing DVD, it's sometimes display 'PROTECT' and stop playing.

Check if you receive the error when playing any DVD in particular.

What happens when you take out the DVD and try playing it again? Does it play

This protector error denotes several possible problems. Heat, volume level and incorrect DVD settings may be the cause of the problem. The following steps will help you correct your problem and rid your amp of its "Protector" error.

  • Examine your volume setting to be certain that your volume knob is not at maximum. Having your volume cranked too high can cause the capacitors to overheat, shutting down the receiver.
  • Unplug your receiver and disconnect your speakers from the terminals on the back. This will allow you to determine if the error is internal. Plug your receiver back in and look for the same error message. If you continue to get the protector error without having your speakers connected, you may have an internal electrical problem. In this case, contact Sony about finding a repair center.
  • Reconnect your speakers one at a time. The order of connection doesn't matter. When reconnecting, be sure that you do not have your positive and negative speaker wires crossed in any way. After each connection, test your amp by running it with a source. Give each speaker a few minutes of power before connecting the next one. This will help you isolate which speaker terminal is causing the error. When the protector error returns, take note of which speaker connection caused it. Check this speaker wire for shorts or torn shielding.
  • Examine your ohm rating of your speakers if you have no shorts or wiring issues. Sony receivers are not compatible with speakers lower than 4 ohms. Connecting a lower ohm-rated speaker will cause an error.
  • Turn off the surround sound option if you have both your A and B position speakers in use.
  • Keep your receiver well ventilated. Overheating due to poor ventilation can also cause Protector errors.
  • Examine the sampling frequency of your connected DVD player. If the error only occurs when you watch a DVD, the sampling frequency of the DVD player may be set too high. Check the sampling rating in your receiver's manual and in the DVD player

When playing dvd or or on video 3 playing a directv movie. Receiver keeps shutting off and the screen says protect. Seems to do it when the movie scene gets loud.

check your wires if there not touching behind the speakers and receiver. when it says protect this means something is shorting out or crossing over. one other thing it may be is if a speaker is starting to go bad. (please rate)

Have to turn the volume near max on my Onkyo receiver to hear TV

it sounds like a source level adjustment refer to your users manual and see if there is a way to turn the SLA up and if not then a small amp can be bought or purchased to boost the sound from the tv. check out the Fiio E5 for examples it might just do the trick

I am trying to hook up my tv to my receiver, I have a dvd vcr combo,and cable box

Audio: There should be a set of audio outputs on your TV. Connect those to the AUX inputs of your receiver. When you turn on your receiver, set it to AUX. Set your TV volume to approx 1/3 and adjust the volume on your receiver. There's probably a menu section on the TV to turn off your TV speakers so the sound will only come from your receiver.

DVD/VCR (I'll call it DVD from this point forward): Connect the video (yellow) output from the DVD to the "video input" on the back of the TV. Connect the audio out on the DVD player (red) to the red audio input on the back of the TV, then do the same with the other audio (white). When you want to use your DVD player, you'll select "input 1" as the input on the TV.

Cable: Your cable box probably has numerous output types. I have the cable box hooked up to both the DVD player AND to the TV; one output type going to the DVD player and another output type going to the TV. I like to use the HDMI output from the cable box to the TV, and the composite video from the cable box to the DVD.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info.

Proper input for TV audio signal

Do you have your DVD player running through your receiver? You want the red and white (audio) cables to go from your DVD player to your receiver and the yellow (video) cable to go from your DVD player to your TV. Separate the red, white, and yellow cable into separate strands if you need to, but be careful not to tear the insulation. They should pull apart fairly easily. If I'm totally off or you're using a coaxial or component video/audio cables or a fiber optic cable, let me know. Hope this helps

I can not get surround mode on my Marantz 5200 receiver

Check surround mode on the on-screen menu of the amp

Little or no sound JVC RX6010V

i had the same problem but i went to adjust settings and it says right speaker left speaker and you have to set them on ten
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