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richard veenyo Posted on Mar 17, 2017
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Monitor goes dead AL1914

I have an Acer LCD AL1914. It is 14 years old and has CCFL back lamps and fails on 2 PCs, and the cable is not bad. I am told another CCFL 2003 monitor bites the dust, is it?

  • Anonymous Mar 31, 2008

    Exact same problem on my AL1914.

  • Anne McClusky May 29, 2008

    I have the same problem. Turning the monitor off and on over and over it will finally stay on. worked a few times after rebooting now won;t come back on at all. Just will flash for a second showing the desktop. I was told it could be the video card. I will try changing the card this weekend. I have a viewsonic monitor though.


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samuel caleb

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  • Posted on Mar 17, 2017
samuel caleb
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Joined: Mar 17, 2017

Try connecting the wires properly. try changing the VGA cable. i had the same problem my screen goes black some times and pink i changed the VGA cable it was absolutely fine!!!
What is VGA cable
VGA Cables Adapters Converters and Devices C2G

visit a computer mechanic for further trobleshooting

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  • Anonymous Feb 20, 2019

    actually this is more easy.
    that old monitor has bad CCLF back lamps.
    all do this old. (age matters here)

    if the monitor fails on 2 PCs the monitor and sure the cable are bad.
    1 test and no more silly guessing .

    no manual at now.
    but shows 2003 year stamps. oops PRE LED era.
    but the main PSU board for it clearly shows CCLF power jacks
    the older monitors have (pre 2010) had a monitor sleep timer inside, we turn that off first, setting monitor to defaults in the oSD also turns this silly old sleep timer back on, yah silly.
    I found a manual in the dark web
    shows no sleep timer INSIDE it. GOOODDDDDDD

    The trick is use a flashlight.
    buy one use one.
    point it at the black screen in a dim room
    see data how, bingo, CCLF ***** has arrived
    as all are now every one, no parked in attic for 5-10 years.

  • Anonymous Feb 20, 2019

    the magic of a $2 flashlight test is here

  • Anonymous Feb 20, 2019

    it's now 16 years old. (a good run be happy)
    2003 to 2019
    so buy one 2010 or newer and CCLF are gone and LED runs forever mostly.
    back lamps topic.

  • Anonymous Feb 20, 2019

    ALL CCFL 2009 and older monitors are dead now. if used 8 yours a day for 5 year the CCFL tubes (trash lamps) die.
    they go dim
    or dead.
    go yellow
    or work one day not next or 1 hour and not next. all do that now.
    we put them out to the trash,
    or spend 2 times cost of this.
    $46 gets you one that is good.

    Buy only LED monitors, OK>?


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  • 34 Answers
  • Posted on Feb 08, 2010

SOURCE: ACER AL1914 LCD Monitor goes black but green light stays on

The monitor is doing a self test a finding an error.
The lcd has three parts, the screen plate(windows)/the logic(vga)/the inverter(power plug). Parts that go are the backlight ccfl's, behind the plate, and parts of the inverter, ie capacitors, all three take a bit of power from the inverter. The self test check that all the lights are ok and the inverter is ok, else it switchs off, ie if 3/4 light work it will switch off(my own case), hence the on chech error then off, However sometime there are stages of on/off ie on/ but no screen display, if that is the case the following may be of help...if you put bright light at an angle close to lcd can you see a windows shadow, text icons etc, ie still logic power passing,then .... (from a.n. other) after two weeks searching I finally find doctor living stone more fun with paulbtorrent
the takening the case bit off is like opening your wallet a second time after buying a new LCD, but you must! smallest two screw driver's flat headed, practice using two pennies stuck together()with your fingers after, one little () move and inch and {} again, with the case , it does not break, just need to lever open
[once open you realize they somehow put that old briefcase clip inside!] also note the bright light test to do first to see if can see a windows screen , and that capacitors are one for a number of things that a make a inverter work! there a transistors as well, given that however, to replace all the capacitors on my inverter, was 11 capacitors, cost me $11 (uk ebay) and already had the iron and solder. So only cost me me $11 to try and see but no luck , still fun and I still can see the screen for 2 sec' at a time plus I have a spare set of caps now in the event that the new one do go burst! you have to laugh really, what next , a new on/off button, as you work though the whole inverter mmmMMMMmmmMMMMmmmMMMMTim Berners-leeMMMMMmmmmMMMMMmmmmcome back all is not wellMMMMMMMMMMnnnnnnweek later land sight mmmmmMMMMMMMMMmmmmgggggggg(from
another a.n other)Generally, if the screen went out quickly, it was the inverter. If it went out over a slow period of time (flickering etc..) I would bet it is the lamp.replaceing the lamp should be pretty challenging. as that requires complete breakdown of your LCD, extraction of your dead lamp, and soldering in your new lamp... but I would like to say that I it did this after realizing it's 2 x kitchen strips inside [========] with wires that can connect back to the inverter with out any desoldering(ie kit assembly/dis) with the outter case remove (glass plate safe away) I could reconnect and see that 3/4 were working (i!i hardcard ) cause the inverter to switch off after a secound ! order bult and replace and going
to cheap and see if I can get away with fitting a 15" in my 19' as it a 1/3 of the price ! the market as drop out there, hope the inverter does not miss the length, or the screen out put. OR MONITOR


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Hpw2207h immediately goes into hibernation upon power up. How do I keep it on.

WHAT IS IT, MUST I guess ?
HP W2207h "monitor" 2006 built, 13 years old today.
does it fail on 2 PCs, or just one, what a simple easy test no>?
and IT has those junky CCFL lamps inside, that most are now dim dead this old. (it is hopeless to own this monitor this old) sorry
buy 2010 models and newer only with LED back lamps!!
ok, google tells me it is and HP monitor (old)
if the PC is dead or in sleep mode /hibernation or hybrid speed
all monitors do that, the monitor is just a slave of the PC
if the PC is dead the monitor goes to sleep on all modern PCs.
that way it doesnt burn up the screen, ok?

next up is the monitors OSD menu button on monitor front.
this old monitor has its own sleep timer inside the monitors
used for year 2001 PC that did not sleep then.
so was inside this silly old monitor so turn it off.
RTM here is your manual read page.32

if the monitor sleeps on 2 PCs turn off the timer
if dims out and a flash light shows, data the CCFL tubes are SHORT. (bad)
if the monitor is dead/dim/sleeping only on ONE PC then the PC is dead. a whole other topic and far more complex but we can do that,
here is question 1; of 20
do the fans blow air in the PC>? heard,felt seen?

Samsung lcd monitor b2030 power on problem

Samsung lcd monitor b2030
is the power LED actually dead?
is the screen 100% dead
is he front menu OSD button dead.
if yes, yes, yes, then the monitor is DEAD. of AC power is ok.

learn this fact all monitors before magic year 2010
are dead, due to CCFL back lamps burned out.

and will cost 2 times new, to fix it.
your manual shows year 2009
if it try to buy screen it shows me , the main board has 2 highvoltage CCFL lamp jacks.
so CCFL are dead. most are, most died in the year 2014
if run every day for 5 years, they GO DEAD.
or less if run 20 hrs /day.
if parked on shelf for 10 years, it works. see? 20,000 hours life spans.
best is to buy a 2011 and up monitor cheap even used.
with LED back lamps. and enjoy a long lived monitor.

CCFL jacks right side ! back lamps that love to die.

The monitor of my ACER laptop flickers, i tried system repair but it didn't. what will i do? thank you

its the hardware problem.if there laptop have the nvidia or ati graphics then resold the graphic controller with heat gun.

My Acer V193HQV LCD monitor

Kvo Praim wants answers to this question
is this a 2018 post? hijacked, sure.
Please reply.!@@!
V193HQV (street value good $26 , $0 bad)
why not start your own post, jacker.? with your facts?
and your details, of that the monitor does good bad or ugly
all facts you see matter, in all cases.
does the power button LED (on/off) power lamp go out?
or change color, (if change color that is sleep mode, due to PC issues)
does the monitor button marked, menu , work?>
when it turns itself (seemingly )off? if you push menu
and the acer logo pops and menu next that is not a dead monitor.
the monitor also shows errors for any lost of signal from the PC.
all monitors made do that, if not dead. (menu tests)

10 year old monitor today 2008 built.(as old as)
Some Old monitors have and internal sleep timer, that turns its self off. ( I RTM read your manual for you, and does not have this feature)
I can only assume the unstated failing PC, you tested the failing monitor on known good PC first, right, and I will respond in that way a bad Monitor.(fails on 2 good PCs)
bad monitor or configured wrong, is the cause.
Bad news: (always)
this old monitor has CCFL back lamps your "W" model is wide screen but is not LED backlamped back in 2008, not until 2010
did LED happen.
so if the power lamp stay on, and screen is dark
use a flashlight pointed it the screen (dark room helps)
see data on the screen? or while pushing menu button over and over. that is bad CCLF. lamp tubes inside,
ive posted this set of facts here 100s of times.
this monitor has no sleep timer clock like I mentioned above.
ACM (Adaptive Contrast Management) (turn this off)
and use the menu to pick RESET, so it goes back to factory settings new. are you only 2 choices besides brightness and contrast, if screen is only dim.
Now the SAID rules of CCFL lamps.
dead lamps
dim lamps
strobing lamps
intermittent as H3LL (your case) sure.
and white looks yellow....
most are dead now, this old, upgrade to LED monitors.
click flashlight test here.


If you have tried connecting and using the monitor on another PC and it works .... then it may be the connection (of the monitor to your PC), or the PC port that is not working.

If you don't have another PC to test the monitor, disconnect the monitor, shut down your PC, connect the monitor, restart your PC ... and hope for the best.

White screen after about 20 minutes of operation

key words above, (change(d) PC) did you mean you changed out the PC, and it fails, I will guess yes) as in past tense?

old old , 1710s, most are now dead, you know that right?
all have CCFL tubes in it.(problematic for sure)
and had a sleep mode inside, (problem 2) sure.

so with PC turned on, the push the menu key
and turn off the sleep timer, keep it off for ever.
it is not compatible with NEWER PCs at all.

the Monitor is bad,

if cable and pc are ok, the monitor is bad.
you proved that, if change = changed. above.

like this. (GO LED !) avoid all monitors older than year 2010 !

X223w flickers every 5 seconds

Flat cable inside of the monitor is bad. that's happen when things are not used for months or years, Water condezation is damaging the cable or board!

When I open HP MY DISPLAY software it doesn't work. It looks full black. There is no menu or option. It shows blank. So I can't tune display color or any other things. I uninstalled it. Then I...

HP W1707 LCD Monitor circa 2008 old. 10 years old NOW.
No PC stated or any OS at all. windows what?

connected to what? it must be connected to a working PC
or the monitor is useless as 3rd shoe.

i can only be 2 things, PC or screen bad.
  1. the test is child easy test the monitor on another PC.
  2. or test the dead PC on another good monitor.
the monitor has no software ever.
only the PC side does for the PCs video chip GPU driver.
but the PC always has one, even if, poor quality resolution.

Toss magic coin land on bad w1707
The screen, can fail for many reasons lets say it fails on a good PC. known good.
these old monitors have CCFL lamps that love to fail inside.
It has no LED back lamps , before 2010. it haS CCFL lamps.
The monitor all by its self, pc disconnected.
you power it on and it shows logo, HP or Compaq
then for seconds turned on the menu may work.'
if you see nothing the CCLF are dead.
The menu button works only with good running PC. but
might work for 1 second.
some do others dont but only for seconds does the OSD work
lacking a good PC connected.

the OSD is the menu from the monitor brain inside
the button is called select or menu.
PC turned off and Monitor now turned on the screen shows.
if the PC is dead the Monitors brain then shows.
NO SIGNAL , or NO sync.
or if PC is set up wrong the monitors shows, OUT OF RANGE.

CCFL love to fail.
the lamps turn yellow, blink or go DEAD.
as can the HV inverter seen here.

i one uses the monitor 10 hours a day
on the 5th year, the CCFL goes dead. that is there normal life span.

I have an Acer al1912 19 lcd monitor. When I restart my computer or when it comes out of an off state. Most of the time it will stay black or in an off like state until I unplug the monitor and then plug...

tad older post but not too old, and ignored.
it's an old monitor lucky you it works at all,
after all most are dead now, 99%
15 years old today.
if the OSD is dead under 10second from, power on
the Montors CCFL tubes are dead.
the fail these ways
1: dead for ever.
2: work intermitantly (you)
3:Strobes.(means flashing like in a DISCO)
4: only 1/2 screen dead, (2 tube displays)
5; turn yellow, for white
6: dim, for ver.

never seen any 15 year old CCFL screens good.
not me unless parked on self for 10 years.
the clue is on last page, in your manual, the word "
mercury Hg toxic, it's there, means CCLF tubes here)
the cure is 2010 or newer monitors with LED back lamps
do that now, end the pain of #1 soon to happen.

My flatscreen monitor (HP w19b) kept powering down. I would push the on button, and it would go on then power down after 10 seconds. This morning it wouldn't go on at all for about 1/2 hour, then started...

Hi sir, try to check for possible leaking or bloated filter capacitor in power supply board. That symptom might be caused by insufficient current draw from power supply source. Try to check sir. Maybe it could help. Thanks!
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