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ME-720 - Blinking Light & Wont Mount

I have several ME-720 enclosures along with large drives inside. I recently turned one off, unplugged, and left for a weekend. When I returned I attempted to turn the drive back on but found only the front light blinking on and off slowly. I opened the case and found that the fan would rotate a small amount when the light turned on but would not continue spinning. I find no reference to this "error" from the manufacturer and wonder what it might be doing. Thanks for any help, Dan Terpstra [email protected]

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  • Posted on May 15, 2006

SOURCE: Tv wont turn on ???

sounds like a power regulator problem, a horizontal drive problem,or the horizontal output is shorted because of a bad flyback transformer. If your not a technician there are no user serviceable parts inside these sets and i would advise you to take the set to a pro and have it diagnosed as you could get seriously killed fooling around inside of a tv set. God Luck



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  • Posted on Jun 25, 2007

SOURCE: blinking stand by light

the cause of your problem is in the crt socket your tube may be weak.try to adjust the g2


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  • Posted on Aug 17, 2007

SOURCE: Problem with external enclosure ( No power)

Perhaps the gentleman at the store did not connect the power from the case to the drive itself.


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  • Posted on Jun 01, 2009

SOURCE: Drive not being recognized; blue logo blinking

I had the same problem with the blinking light and the drive not working. I read the posts here and on other sites and figured the power supply was the problem. I held the power supply up to my ear and could hear a crackling or sizzling sound every time the logo blinked. I don't have time to tear apart the drive and hook it up to a PC to get my files so I went to the I/O site and ordered a new power supply for $14 and it arrived today. The drive is working fine. No need to buy an enclosure. Hope this helps.


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  • Posted on Jun 10, 2009

SOURCE: Drive won't boot

Thry this: turn your computer OFF. Gently unplug and replace the data cable connection to the computer several times. Do the same to the drive end of the cable. Leave one end unplugged. Turn on the computer and when the Mac os is set up and waiting for you, plug the drive in and see if the computer recognizes and reads the drive. The problem is usually corrosion on the contacts that prevent proper contact.


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Just purchased a 2TB iomega eGo ext drive. Took it out of the box, connected it to me MAC and started backing up the data on my computer. AFter a few minutes it disappeared from my desktop - now it won't...

If problem is with drive, this may not work. If problem is with enclosure, you have to open the enclosure, extract the drive and get a HDD dock (usually around $15-$30) and access the drive that way.

The drive won't mount. has a fast blinking light.

The external storage device has several major components:

* USB cable

* external power-supply

* disk-drive inside the enclosure

* USB-to-disk-drive adapter inside the enclosure.

Try a different USB cable.
Try a different USB port on your computer.
Try a USB port on a different computer.

Take a multi-meter, and measure the output voltage/amperage of the power-supply,
and compare with the specifications on the label of the power-supply.

Open the enclosure, and remove the disk-drive, and attach it as a "slave" drive in a desktop computer, to see if bypassing the USB-to-disk-drive adapter bypasses the problem.

Look at the label on the disk-drive, for manufacturer, product-number, serial-number, and manufacture date. Access the manufacturer's web-site, and use "check warranty status" to see if the warranty still is valid. If so, the drive can be replaced, at minimal cost to you.

Buy a new, compatible, disk-drive, and install it in the enclosure, to "revive" your external storage device.

Search online for a professional "data recovery service". For a significant fee, they can repair your disk-drive, just long-enough to copy your files to a new disk-drive.

Note that W.D. has a "Customer Loyalty" program. Buy a new W.D. disk-drive through the W.D. web-site, at a significant discount.

My 320gb external hard drive has stopped working. I have used it alot with my laptop, but i hadnt used it for about a month. when i plugged it in it said it needs to install device driver software, but it...

Try connecting it to a different USB port on your computer.

Try connecting it to a different computer.

If the problem persists, either:

* the USB cable is damaged,

* inside the enclosure, the disk-drive is not functioning
(although the lamp indicates that it is getting electrical power)

* inside the enclosure, the USB-to-disk-drive adapter has failed.

If the warranty is still valid, W.D. will replace it, at no cost to you.

If the warranty has expired, W.D. has a "Customer Loyalty" program; buy a new unit from their web-site, and you can get a discount, as a previous customer.

Or, open the enclosure, and remove the disk-drive, and temporarily connect it as a "slave" disk-drive in a desktop computer, to see if it is working at all.

Or, buy a new, compatible, disk-drive, and mount it into the enclosure, to make a "new" external disk-drive.

The power light is blinking not steady light. i got a replacement chord and the problem continues


There are a couple probable causes of this problem.

1. Failed USB circuitry within the enclosure, buy a new enclosure, move the drive into the new enclosure and try again.
2. Failed drive within the enclosure. In this case you will need to either send it to a pro or work through several Do It Yourself methods to attempt a recovery.

If you wish the help of a pro, reply back with your Country, State and City and I will refer you to an appropriate facility. If you wish to continue trying to recover the data yourself let me know and we can step through several ways of attempting a recovery.

Hope this helps FixYa,


500 GB Fantom Drive not recognized on either of my Macs. Tried Firewire and usb; blinking light turns to steady red.Worked fine for about 2-3 years.

The symptoms don't look too good. Looks like the host controller is querying the hard disk (blink) and not liking the answer - or lack thereof (red).

It looks like the internal disk is defective. Sometimes the disk can be (possibly partially) recovered by disassembling the enclosure and mounting it in another enclosure or directly inside a compatible desktop PC.

QPS-525 usb CDRW - quit working. Pwr Supply OK.

Check to see which LED is blinking, the one on the cdrw or the one just below it showing theres power to the enclosure? If theres proper power to the enclosure the green led light below the cdrw should stay solid green. If you have a blinking led light on the cdrw itself, you may wish to disassemble the enclosure and ensure all the short wire leads to the converters pcb are still properly connected and that theres nothing loose. Make sure the IDE cable is properly seated as well as the molex power connector.

A blinking led on the cdrw may signify a problem with the drive itself, since it should not be blinking unless its being accessed by the computer. You could also try reloading the drivers for it whether youre running it on a mac or windows machine. Perhaps change the usb port youre connecting too as well. Before sending the enclosure to the trash, try another cdrom drive connected inside of it. That should be the definitive test to solve whether its the fault of the enclosure or burner itself. Hope these troubleshooting tips help.

Red blinking light

It's most likely convergence -- the small board up and to the right inside the back of the TV, which has two large amp Ic's attached to it..
Unplug the +/- 20v line on the fron left corner of that board (red in color) and then try and power on the set... If the set comes on the board needs to be repaired and it's an easy unplug and two screws that mount it inside.

Premium Technologies
PO Box 442
LOng Beach, WA. 98631
[email protected]

Lacie d2 HD Quadra 250gb

Lacie D2 drives in my experience are infamous for not having the most durable bridge boards. The bridge board is a chip that has a chipset on it which take the SATA or PATA connection and send it to the USB and or Firewire ports on the enclosure. If the drive is powered up, you should get a blue light on the front. When connected to either mac or pc ( porsches are MS_DOS formatted out the box ), if it does not mount or does not appear in DISK UTILTY, then it is a high probability that the enclosure/bridge board has failed and the drive ( if not making grinding, buzzing, clicking or beeping sounds) will have to be extracted and placed into a more stable enclosure.

Hope this helps.

Drive wont mount

it most likely means the enclosure has failed. Especially if it is not making and odd sounds. 4 out of every 5 of those things just needs a new enclosure. If you need the data, then break the label on the rear, Unscrew the 2 screws, and test the drive in a computer or different enclosure.
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