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Cannot make horizontal and vertical size and position adjustments

I believe my APEX TV is beginining to "bloom" and I am missing some of the picture on the sides and the bottom. I would like to simply adjust the horizontal and vertical sizes but there are no external adjustments. (It used to be these controls stuck out the back of the TV, but no more.) I opened up the chassis (CH-10C) but could not see any pots to adjust, except for two on the YOKE. Can anyone offer me some ideas as to how to adjust or correct the horizontal and vertical deflection? thanks Basil

Posted by Basil Adair on

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  • Anonymous Feb 11, 2008

    I have the same problem as the one described. My TV (Apex PF 2720) quit and when I checked out the fuse, I found the fuse to be blowed. I also found one of the bridge rectifier diodes to be shorted. After replacing the rectifier diodes, the TV now works but the screen is narrowed by 2 inches on the top and on the bottom. How can I increase the vertical size? Also, the FULL button on the remote has no effect. My son-in -law also bought an identical TV (same model) and has had the same problem. I need answers. My E-Mail addy is as follows:[email protected]

  • rbowman Apr 28, 2008

    I have a 27" apex TV and have the same problem! the picture is cut off at the top, bottom, and both sides. I have tried and tried to fix, but there is no adjusting it.
    Soooo annoying! I cannot see scores, tickers at the bottom, etc. Now that i have upgraded to digital cable, i cannot read the channel numbers on the side of the screen when I go tot the channel guide! Luckily I was given this TV, but I will NEVER buy an APEX tv. I can't believe multiple people have had the same problem and APEX hasn't fixed it or offered a recall, etc.

  • gooze329 Dec 27, 2008

    I have the 20" Apex and I am having trouble adjusting the horizontal picture, e/w wide doesn't seem to do anything and h-shift just moves the picture from left to right, it doesn't help the problem.

  • Anonymous Jan 04, 2009

    I'm having the exact same problem as everyone else with the aspect size!

  • royaloak913 Feb 26, 2009

    My discrepancy is the scroll on the bottom of news channels such as FOX and CNN that carries information for viewers to read. I am unable to read it because there are no adjustments for the horizontal and vertical. I agree with one consumer who has a similar problem that APEX should recall these televisions or at least fix it for free.

  • Anonymous Mar 05, 2009

    Does anyone know how to reset the t.v. settings back to factory. I do not have the manual to my Apex AT2702 as i bought it in 2002. I screwed up the Volume settings so now no matter what number it states for volume...the volume stays at the same level...does not get lower or louder. Please help

  • Downcycle May 11, 2010

    deafbyipod can you email me the manual?  When I press mute with 0 volume the mute doesn't turn red.  So I can't get it to work.  Thanks for any help.



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OK...I paid a whole $50 for an Apex AT2702 that had [undisclosed] vertical zoom, horizontal shift, vertical shift and width issues. Before I raised hell for the person who sold it to me, I decided to first exhaust all alternative solutions.

I found that in order to tweak these settings, you have to be in service mode and must have a service manual which I can email upon request.


1-Reduce your tv volume to 0
2-press the MUTE button on your original tv remote [you'll see "Mute" in red on the screen]
3-AT THE SAME TIME, press MUTE on the same remote and MENU on the tv controls.
This set your tv into service mode [there will be a red "S" at the top-center of your screen.

You'll need the table in the service manual page 47 where there are V-SHIFT, H-SHIFT, V-ZOOM, E/W WIDE default values that will need to be changed. WATCH YOUR SCREEN as you change the values to ensure you don't over do it.

If you have news ticker and sports scores issues, you'll want to be tuned to CNN, FOX, ESPN or whatever to see how your changes are applied.
If you have tv guide problems then tune to that channel or press info and see what happens when you make the changes.


This has worked for my set and you may attempt this solution on yours at your own risk.
I'm no longer pissed off that I got a bogus tv because it now works just fine and I can see everything!

Good Luck!

Posted on May 22, 2008

  • apexhater Mar 31, 2011

    this was EXACTLY what i needed! thanks a ton bro... now i can play the games i want




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I took the advice of Deafbyipod and ran with it. It is true, you have to make sure your tv volume is all the way down (to 00), then hit the mute button (and see MUTE at the bottom of your screen), then simultaneously hold the mute button on your remote and the menu button on your tv to access the service menu. Then while the Menu 00 button is highlighted, hit the right arrow on your remote, this will take you through different options. Keep arrowing over until you find the V options. Arrow down to the V Shift. hit the enter button and use your remotes' up and down arrows to adjust the picture. The V correct option moves the screen also, we changed several of these options to make it look right. As Deadbyipod suggested, you need to have something at the bottom of the page to see where you're at. I also found it helpful to pull up the Guide to adjust it too (since by adjusting the vertical it cut off the top of the guide). And finally, I couldn't figure out how to get back to the tv, I simply shut the tv off and back on.

Posted on Mar 07, 2009



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After much frustration and tinkering i found the solution in my case..
My APEX AT2702s was cutting off the screen about 2 inches on all sides.. I read much documentation and was having trouble getting my TV into service mode. The way I did it was,

reduce volume to 0
press mute on tv
then press mute again on remote, while at same time pressing menu on the tv, not the remote.
the tv will flash the normal menu for about 1/2 a sec then will go into service mode. I thought I was to press mute and menu on the remote, which did nothing. Hope this helps too and good luck

Posted on Jan 19, 2009


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Http://worldwideelec.com/apex_asc_site/apex.html Download the service manual.

Posted on Dec 31, 2009


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There are no adjustments that you can adjust to make the size and width larger. Your need to the power supply fixed as the B+ is lower then it should be. These adjustments your asking about are tweaking adjustments and if they are not on the board then they are preset or in a service menu. They do not make any major changes in the picture. If all of a sudden theres a change in the height or width, its not an adjustment. Good Luck

Posted on Jul 31, 2006


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To whomever it may concern,
I have an Apex PF2720 with the same problem. The TV quit, so I checked out the fuse and found it to be blown. I also found one of the rectifier diodes to be shorted. After replacing all the rectifiers an the fuse, the TV now works, but the verticle size is reduced by 2 inches on both the top and the bottom. My son-in-law bought an identical TV and has had the same problem. I need some answers.
Thank You,

Posted on Feb 11, 2008

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Horizontal image is stretched beyond the screen borders

the problem is inside your TV , check the capacitor in vertical section of the TV.


You've got more happening than an adjustment. There is an IC that handles the sync and my guess is that is bad. You'll probably need a pro if you're not familiar with TV circuits.

Viewing mode will only go from zoom to wide!!!! please help


Found some relevant info on how to adjust your video settings... You might want to give it a try!

Thanks! =)

4.12 PC Input Picture Adjustment
The Picture Adjust menu operates in the same
way for the PC Input as for the DTV / TV input in
section 4.2 for Backlight, Contrast, Brightness and
Color Temperature.
4.12.1 Auto Adjust
When the MENU button is pressed, the On Screen
Display (OSD) appears on the PICTURE ADJUST
page. Press the button to highlight the Auto
Adjust selection.
Press the button for the LCD HDTV to adjust to
the PC signal timing automatically.
4.12.2 H-SIZE
Press the button to highlight the H-Size selection.
Press the button to start adjusting the horizontal size of the picture. Use the or button to adjust
the horizontal size.
4.12.3 Horizontal Shift
Press the button to highlight the Horizontal Shift selection.
Press the button to start adjusting the horizontal position of the picture. Use the or button to
adjust the horizontal position.
4.12.4 Vertical Shift
Press the button to highlight the Vertical Shift selection.
Press the button to start adjusting the vertical position of the picture. Use the or button to adjust
the vertical position.
4.12.5 Fine Tune
Press the button to highlight the Fine Tune selection.
Press the button to start tuning the to the PC signal. Use the or button to adjust the tuning

4.14.1 Understanding Viewing Features
Your LCD HDTV features four viewing modes and Picture-In-Picture (PIP)/Picture-by-Picture (POP) mode.
You can switch viewing modes using the remote control.
4.14.2 Viewing Modes
Normal Mode
The original 4:3 aspect ratio (1.33:1 source) is preserved, so black bars are
added to the left and right of the display image. Standard TV broadcasts are
displayed with a 4:3 Aspect Ratio. Movies in 4:3 Aspect Ratio may be referred
to as pan-and-scan or full frame. These movies were originally filmed in 16:9
(widescreen), and then modified to fit a traditional TV screen (4:3).
Wide Mode
When watching a standard broadcast or full-frame movie in this mode,
the display image is stretched proportionately to fill the TV screen.
When watching a widescreen (1.78:1 source) program or movie, the
display image fills the TV screen. If you are watching a widescreen
(1.85:1 or 2.35:1 source) program or movie, there will still be black
bars at the top and bottom.
Zoom Mode
When watching a widescreen (1.78:1, 1.85:1, or 2.35:1 source)
program or movie, the display image is zoomed proportionally to fill the
width of the screen. The top and bottom are cut off to remove most of
the source material’s black bars. This mode is good for programs or
movies with sub-titles.
Panoramic Mode
When watching a standard broadcast or full frame movie in this mode,
the 4:3 Aspect Ratio (1.33:1 source) display image is stretched
horizontally on the left and right sides to fill the TV screen. The center
of the image is not stretched.

Note: Viewing modes are saved based on input. For example, you lasted watched a DVD in widescreen
mode and then watched TV in standard mode. When you switch back to DVD input, the viewing mode
will return to widescreen.

Apex pf3225 picture is to wide for the screen

I was able to get a good picture by doing the following. Using your PF 2025-3225 remote:
Press the volume to zero
Pressmute on the remote and hold (tv should say mute)
hold the menu buttuon on the tv

There are 10 menus as you press the arrow buttons, go to the first with anything "H". you will use the "e/wide" and "H" item also Trapzium and the parabolic setting and slowly use these until you get the desired quality.

The go to the "V" menu and adjust carefully until you get the desired quality. Do not adjust anything that is already set to 1 or 0, If you do and you get a blank or lined acreen just press the opposite arrow and it should go back to your picture.
Power off and on after you see a good picture.

You could use your cable guide or DTV Playlist as your picture as they have alot of items in the corners. that is how I did it, it worked for now.

Picture is cut off on the bottom of my Hitachi 57F500

Verical position is hard to adjust and is in service menu. A service manual will get you there, but you might get lucky with the vertical size adjustment. If you open the front of the TV, the vertical size is adjusted with a knob on the deflection board. Remove the speaker grille and take off the access panel. You will see two knobs, one horizontal and one vertical. Be careful, those red wires have 30,000 volts on then, don't touch anything but those knobs. If its just an adjustment, the v-size knob will fix. Set it so ESPN ticker is just above the bottom of the screen. *Service mode - the manual tells little but entering is done by "press and hold the input button, press the power button, release both after you hear HV come up" .. the v-pos parameter is in there, but this manual doesn't say where or how to adjust, procede at your own risk. If you get into trouble, pull the power so you don't save any settings. I believe you just navigate through the menus to find the parameter and use arrows to adjust. Enter may save. Sorry the service manual I have tells nothing much.

I have a apex GB5108 tv, the picture has become a red yellow and blue horizontal line in the middle of the tv. is it fixable

Thats vertical deflection failure . Check the solder on the vertical output IC and the Yoke plugs. If that doesnt help you may need a new Vertical IC

Picture is too big for screen. What do i do?

You may be able to adjust the picture width and height if there are controls. Look at the back of the set for holes labeled V.Size and or H.Size, these are the Horizontal and Vertical size controls. You'll need a small screwdriver (3/16) to insert into the control and adjust.
If there are no controls then it may need to be serviced as there are capacitors that have failed which are causing the picture to change size.

Loss of Picture on Right and left side

Take your remote control, press volume to 0
Press the mute button on your remote, at the same time, press the menu button on your TV for 3 seconds.

A menu will apear, press the right arrow on your remote to go to menu 002 to fix your problem.

[email protected]

Picture too wide for screen

your problem is called blooming as you might be aware of very high voltage in tv. you can check 1 high output voltage fron power supply. 2 if it is ok then the problem is in horizontal section.you can check cap.in hor. section at last flyback transformer. hope this will help.
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