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Russ Sticken Posted on Jun 06, 2006

Dead monitor Before completely going dead the monitor would intermittantly go blank (working fine then go black also no pwr lite) approx 5 times within an hour. The black out time was approx 1-2 sec's then return to normal. Today it went black and stayed out! Things I have tried: (removed covers) 1) Internal AC fuse is good 2) removed and re-installed all cables to the power supply 3) removed pwr/spy pcb for close inspection then twisted or flexed the pcb and re-installed. 4) found the +12 & +5v outputs but measure 0v dc Willing to try most anything but stuck as what to do next!

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  • Posted on Mar 16, 2007

SOURCE: Sony SDM-HS74P/S 17 - Monitor won't stay on the right picture

When the screen turns black again take a flashlight and shine it in the bottom left hand corner where the Windows Start button is located. If you can see a faint image then your back light is failing. If that?s not the case the next step would be to attach another monitor to your computer to see if the problem disappears. If it does that points to the monitor, if it doesn?t then we need to take a look at the computer itself. Let us know what you find out and please don?t forget to rate this posting.



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  • Posted on Mar 16, 2007

SOURCE: Sony SDM-HS74P/S 17 Monitor won't stay on the right picture.

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  • Posted on Mar 16, 2007

SOURCE: My monitor says "input ......" and then the screen flashes off.

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Simpson Neal

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  • Posted on Aug 20, 2007


You have a button stuck either on the set itself or on the remote. Stargazer


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  • Posted on Sep 06, 2007

SOURCE: Sony KV-27FS100L -

This is due to switches malfuction due to corrosion in switch and dust accumulated in the switch. Since you rarely used switch now after failure of remote of remote control you tried to operate the switch. Another thing you said did"t get picture, maybe memory problem is there. This can be sorted out by the technician only.


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Hi. My Acer monitor AL2216W goes black just seconds after turning on. It's still on. Indicator light is green not amber or off. I keep it updated. It's a 2007. My pc a 2008 Del. Suggestions?

well you can test the monitor an any PC made, to see if the problem is the monitor .
easy no? just one simple test. I guess a VGA cable.
That old monitor uses CCFL back lamps. that most at dead now.
after 10 years of service they are DEAD. most are. now.
Green means not sleeping.
when PC goes offline the Monitor tells you ,
lost signal, going to sleep, no sync, or out of range.
all monitors made 2000 to now do that. every one.
the OSD dead. test.
so when you turn the monitor on , and push menu button
in under 5 seconds, does the monitor show the OSD screen.?
it will do that even if PC is turned off.

The OSD is the tiny brain in the monitor. on screen display.
if you test the monitor with a flash light when it goes black with
PC on.
and you see data, that means the CCLF are dead.
the do that, all do this now. dead, intermittent, stobes, or yellow for white screens. all do that at 20,000 hours. used.

click flashlight link here.

value if the monitor is $20 working , or $5 not.
so repairs are not all that econ101 giving this fact.

Dell 1800fp dead

Each monitor has a different response to "no activity" from the system. So for the monitor, if you get a chance, try your monitor on another machine that you know does function. At work, neighbour, or other.

For the computer, does the it (beep) or POST (Power On Selft Test) when you turn it on, do you see and hear what you would if the monitor was connected?

If it sounds normal, then everything should be fine and luck might have it, your backup monitor is not working either, try another one from the same friend or neighbour above.

If it doesn't POST, you could have a video or other card or ribbon connection loose in the computer. Either you or a friend, or the service center, whichever feels comfortable reseating all the external and internal equipment, bearing in mind static electricity and proper handling measures for the computer.

Displays for a second, then black screens?

old monitors all made before mid year 2010
are all CCFL backlamps and most died 5 year old
10/hr. per day and EOL hits..end of life.
the problems is not the cure we well know the problem is econ101
spending $200 to fix a $20 dead (sold for parts0 monitor is bad econ.
see page 5, here

CCFL *****
this what they all did long ago, if actually used heavy
  1. CCF go dim
  2. go intermittent. (PURE RANDOM) 'Ionization is tricky""
  3. goES dead
  4. goed dead only hot or cold (yours fails warm)
  5. goes yellow tinged for pure white.
RIP one more of millions now dead, most are, unless hanger queened (nos) or was in sleep mode most of itS life,
at 20k hours of real use they die. (MEANS GLOWING)

I have a picture, but the the screen goes blank and i have to hit the power button appx 20 times for the picture to come back up. then it stays up for about a minute thwen i have to go thru the on/off...

All screens on earth do that, if the PC desktop is dead, all do , it goes to ITS very own sleep mode. and black screen in 15 seconds. after PC dies, or is PC already dead, not connected or cable to PC is bad. or both ends connected wrong..
#2 cause is CCFL backlamp tubes dead.
2007 year made has those CCFL and most are dead now. or even only 5 years old they die.

to prove that , CCFL deal. dead
when monitor is cold, and no Power
power it on (its button) only, no PC needed
and push the menu button under 15 seconds
does the OSD menu pop up, if yes monitor is not dead.
or do this test any time that" 20 times dead "thing happens, do the OSD test first.

CCFL deathh symptoms.
dead tubes, all or 1/2 the screen
dim tubes
intermittent, and random dead
fails only warm or cold, only. thermal.
yellow tinged tubes, white = yellowish.
bad luck and any CCFL can fail, for lots of reasons. we
use a flash light pointed at the screen to see , OMG there is data there. the menu button does work , only CCFL are dead.

now the acid test gee test the monitor on a 2nd known good PC.
what can be more easy and best test.
if that simple test works, then the PC#1 is dead, we then fix it next.
the secret is he OSD is inside the monitors brain, no PC needed.

danny tell your story and do the tests first

see data? ????? PC good, or OSD is up for 15 seconds,?

free manual

My Gateway FPD 1730 Monitor just goes black after being on for a while. Some days, the display will act normally, other days, after being on for about 30 minutes it just blacks out. I turn the power off...

all PCs new out of the box,. go to sleep
by law here (usa energy star laws)
2004 monitor
99% are all dead now, due top CCFL back lamp tubes dead
they all do that now. even intermittant for the same reasons
EOL on CCFL, end of life , all.
used 10 hours a day for 5 years and bingo EOL , happens, all.

My HP monitor was working fine then randomly one day it went dead, I turned it back on and I could see the screen and what it displayed for about 2 seconds, then the screen dies again. The power button is...

Sounds like your monitor is going dead. If its under warranty that would be the best way to go. Specifically it sounds like the power inverter is dead or there is a busted capacitor.

Blank screen - appears to be dead

If the screen is completely black, your screen may indeed be dead. There are a few solutions you can try before throwing in the towel though.

1) Test the monitor on another PC if you can.
2) Make sure the contrast, and brightness aren't turned all the way down.
3) Make sure the graphics card in your PC is functional. You can easily test this by connecting a known working monitor to your computer.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, and your graphics card is in good working order, you indeed have a dead monitor on your hands. It may be cheaper to buy a new monitor, than to have that one serviced.

Satelite Toshiba M45-S165. WOrked fine, now won't boot

To sure the battery problem or bad. try to change another battery for testing only befor you replace at all.. I thing this over charging of the battery. then the battery became damage or bad.. to sure change other battery..


Monitor went black completely dead

A simple way to check your AC Adapter, plugged into a socket and see if it lite green... If you don't see a green light lite on the AC Adapter, then it's DEAD... You can order the AC Adapter @ but sometime you need to replaced both. Have a nice day!

Display stopped working

My Alpine CDA-7842 works fine from a functional point of view but the display (readout) had stopped working. All the lights on the display work but the actual readout is blank. At first the readout would intermittently work now it's completely dead. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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