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Repopulating data to a Treo 90 after a hard reset

Hi All I have a Handspring Treo 90. It ?has? a number of applications on it, most notably Datebk4 and Road Lingua. Recently, as I was sitting in the sun using Road Lingua to look up a Finnish word, I slipped while adjusting the screen contrast and the display greyed out. Completely. Not even a ghost was visible. A truly INSANE piece of programming. I panicked, not realising that I had simply pushed the contrast control to the limit. First I tried a soft reset. No change. I repeated the exercise several times. I went on the web and found out about warm resets and tried that. Still no use. It was time to do a hard reset and lose all the data I?d put in over the last couple of days. (I KNOW!!). I connected it to the laptop and tried a HotSynch. It worked! Before doing anything else, I then copied the entire C:/program files/Handsping folder to another directory, hoping that this would safeguard my pda data. Finally I did the hard reset. It worked. I could see again! VICTORY. The next step was to do a custom HotSynch to restore the data, but that is when the problem began to really get out of hand. I set the main databases so that the laptop overwrote the handheld. However, as had been the case once before many years ago, I couldn?t figure whether to do this for the System or not. In the end, still fearing that something was wrong with the pda I set this too for the laptop to overwrite the handheld. I clicked the HotSynch button. The HotSynch failed! At first it seemed Road Lingua was causing a problem but as I couldn?t see any obvious way to eliminate it from the HotSynch and reinstall it later, I simply tried again. The settings had remained the same: ?desktop overwrites handheld?. I then did another hard reset and tried again. This time I got as far as ?Cleaning up, please wait.? before it crashed. Finally I ?succeeded?, just by retrying and setting the handheld to overwrite the laptop for the System. But, now, although I can ?successfully? HotSynch the pda, as soon as I go into the Datebook it crashes and goes into a loop. It can?t be soft reset but needs a hard reset. The only info in the log that seems to give a clue to me in all this is the line: - Invalid handheld file deleted: C:\Program Files\Handspring\robin0\backup\Datebk4DB.PDB. Something is wrong with my main application DateBk4. There was one other issue that can be seen from the log, in that I was doing this over midnight. One other observation for what it?s worth is that in the Hanspring folder I copied for safety, there are two sub folders (my name/the pda?s name is Robin): ?Robin? and ?robin0?. However, now in the Handspring folder in Program Files there is only the subfolder ?robin0?. Odd? In terms of solving all this, my mother was dying at the time (!) and one of the uses for the pda that I rely on a lot is recording a daily Journal. It helps me make sense of things. So, I?ve been keeping on doing this on the laptop and there is quite a bit of data, especially in the Datebook, that I don?t want to lose. Can anyone suggest a way to recover from this that will GUARANTEE no loss of data? Please? I?ve run the battery flat reading that that may help but I think the problem is in some corrupted files somewhere . . . I?m using XP pro v.5.1SP2 on a Dell Inspiron 5160. Sorry for the length of this, and thanks, in anxious anticipation! Robin

Posted by Robin Greaves on

1 Answer


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Hi Robin, I'm not sure this will solve the problem but it might be worth a try, create a back Preform another reset Yhis time before synchronizing with the old data, install the software. only the synch it with the old data. Good Luck

Posted on Jun 06, 2006

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Some keys won't work

Try to buy one similar,
( search for one with a display burned ) , and change the keyboard in your Treo.
Good luck !

Visor Deluxe does not start


The procedure below shows how to reset the PDA to factory settings after backing up all your personal data.
After backing up your data with HotSync, perform a hard reset, this will erase all applications and returns your device to its factory default settings.

To perform a hard reset:
1. Hold down the power button on the front panel of the PDA.
2. While holding down the power button, use a paper clip to press the reset button.
3. Release the power button.
4. You will get a message warning that you are about to erase all the data stored on the PDA, do the following:
Press the top scroll button on the front panel
to complete the hard reset and display the startup screen.
If you press any other button you will do a soft reset, that will not fix the problem. In that case restart the procedure.
5. After doing hard reset the unit will return to the initial factory state. All third party installed applications will be deleted, and setting will be reported to factor default.




Connect to HotSync and do a backup of the PDA, then do hard reset on Palm.

If the PDA is not detected by Hotsync, then there is an additional problem.

To troubleshoot problems given by third party application you do a backup, then rename the backup folder containing third party application data to Backup.old, and do hard reset.

After that you start restoring applications from backup.old one at the time, when one application jams the Palm, that is the responsible for the error message.

Procedure is described here.



Is it possible to retrieve entries from my handspring treo 90 after a hard reset?

No once a hard reset is performed all user stored data other than the original factory programming is lost for good.

Is the handspring treo300 unlockable?

i just 2 month back got a unlock code for handspring treo 180 t-mobile network got in uk market...got the unlock code at good cost www.theunlockspot.com/handspring-treo-180
try here ...

Language settings

Bueno, trata lo siguente:
If you purchased the Treo in the U.S., you should have the English to Spanish option when you reset the phone. Just make sure to back up your data before resetting it.

HotSync the Treo 650 to your computer to ensure that you have all of your information backed up. You will lose everything on your Treo 650 with a hard reset.
Step2Press and hold down the red phone key on the right side of the Treo 650 keyboard until the Palm screen appears. This will begin the hard reset. Step 11Let go of the red phone button when you see the Palm screen. Step 2Read the screen prompt carefully. It will ask you to press the up arrow key to proceed with the hard reset or the down arrow key to abort. Press the up arrow to continue with the hard reset. Step 3Wait for the phone to reboot. When it comes back on, it will ask you to select a language and walk you through the same introductory screens you saw when you first got the phone. Step 4HotSync your Treo 650 to your computer. When prompted, select your old username to restore all of your contacts and information. This should complete the hard reset process. jQuery('.Article .Steps .Image').each(function(i,e){ var $this = jQuery(this); $this.find('img').error(function(){ jQuery(this).remove(); $this.remove(); }); }); Tips & Warnings
  • Do not forget to back up your data before performing the hard reset. If you don't, only the data from your last HotSync will be able to be recovered.
  • After performing a hard reset, install your applications one at a time to make sure each is in working order. Delete any applications that are not in working order, as those might have caused the need for the hard reset in the first place.
Buenas Suerte,

If I could be of further assistance, let me know. If this helps or solves the issue, please rate it.
Joe Diaz

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/joe_8b8c2cd6ce148309


Treo 90

i cant clear this msg. memorymgr.c,line:4365,NULL handle

TREO 90 Backlight

The Treo 90 had a problem with backlight failure, which Handspring acknowledged and began fixing back in 2002.  However, their guideline was that if your 90 did not fail within 6 weeks of use, it did not have the defective part responsible for the failure.
Your backlight probably has just died of old age.  It is EXTREMELY difficult to replace just the backlight (I've tried).  If you search long enough on eBay, though, you can probably find a 90 with a broken case, dead battery, broken motherboard, or some other ailment, but with a functioning screen/keyboard assembly, including backlight.  It's a pretty simple matter to replace the screen/keyboard assembly (there's a screw hidden under the battery that holds it into the front frame).

How do i remove downloaded and installed programs

Hi You can use the palm utility you installed on your computer you synch the pda with or You can press the menu button and tap either applications or delete. This will show a list of the applications on the device. You can then select the ones you want to delete and remove them. I hope this helps I f you need more assistance email me [email protected] and we can go-live and troubleshoot the problem. Have a nice evening !!

My treo is doing hard reset automatically

try performing a battery reset..it will reset the internal radio and the charging circuitry..only problem here is that u need an AC charger to switch the phone back on. this will wipe out all data u may want to back it up before trying this option heres how to do it Battery Disconnect Reset Treo 600 only A battery disconnect reset is a last resort step you can take to cut battery power, wipe all data, and regress a Treo 600 to its factory-fresh state. It only works on a Treo 600 smartphone. Important: A battery disconnect reset will erase everything on your smartphone, and also reset the wireless radio and disconnect the internal battery. All your data will be removed, and your formats, preferences and other settings are restored to their factory default settings. Don't perform a battery disconnect reset unless you've backed up your data, or you're willing to lose everything. You won't be able to turn your Treo 600 back on until you connect it to a power adapter, so do not perform this type of reset without your Treo 600 charger and a power source. HotSync note: Some third-party applications change the way your handheld backs up data. Other third-party applications do not back up data. If you have third-party software on your device, please contact the developer to learn what components are backed up during a HotSync operation, and if HotSync conduits are altered. Any data not backed up will be lost. To perform a battery disconnect reset: 1. Disconnect your Treo 600 from the AC charger. 2. Hold down the K and Backspace keys simultaneously. (Note: for French AZERTY keyboard, press K and M; for other language overlays, please refer to the customer support for your region) 3. While continuing to hold down the K and Backspace keys, press the RESET button inside the hole on the back panel of your device (where's the reset hole?). 4. Finding it hard to do? Good. We made this type of reset very awkward to perform, so that it would not happen by accident when your Treo 600 is jostling around in a pocket or bag. Sorry for the inconvenience. You might want to ask a friend to lend a hand if you find it too difficult to do by yourself. 5. Continue holding down K and Backspace. The screen will flash white briefly, and then go black. Release K and Backspace after this happens. Your Treo will appear to be "dead" and the screen will not turn on. If you see any activity ? such as the screen turning back on ? the reset was performed incorrectly; try again 6. To revive your Treo 600, connect it to the AC charger and plug the charger into a socket. The screen will stay blank for several seconds (as long as half a minute), then it will turn on. The LED will glow solid red, indicating charging. 7. Finally, follow the steps for recovering after a hard reset (a battery disconnect reset is an extended type of hard reset).
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HotSync Problem on Treo 90 When I press the HotSync on the Trio 90 cable (I do not use a cradle) in place of the moving red and blue arrows moving, the Microsoft Unplug or Eject Hardware icon appears in the lower right portion of the task bar. I assume this means that contact has been made between the Treo 90 and the PC. This icon remains until I receive the following message on the Treo 90: “HotSync Problem” “The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again. This problem began after I updated to WinDesktop_401_ENG_V, Treo90Updater11, and PMStdUpdate3171. I downloaded USBRegClean.exe and used it. Then I reinstalled WinDesktop_401_ENG_V and the problem continued. I emailed my log to Chapura Support. Unfortunately, this was done after I had uninstalled and reinstalled everything and the log did not show here a Synchronization had been established because after the reinstall, I have been unable to Synchronize. I checked the PalmOne knowledge base and did the following: I checked to make sure the cable from the HotSync was is securely attached to the USB port in the back of the PC and that the cable was securely in the Treo 90. I click on the HotSync manager, (Double arrow icon on the bottom right corner of computer screen), click on setup and then local tab and first set it to PC overwrites Handheld, this did not work, I then reset it to Synchronize, this did not work, I then reset it to Handheld overwrites P.C. This did not work. I also changed the speed settings to 9600. This did not work. I did a soft reset of the Treo 90. The reset took place, but the problem persisted. I did a hard reset, then uninstalled and reinstalled everything. However, when I try a HotSync, I keep getting the Microsoft unplug or eject hardware icon. I uninstalled all UBS ports. The problem continued. Chapura Support suggested using PalmOne’s HotSyncCheck which I interpreted to be the “USBRegClean.exe” and used it again and then reinstalled WinDesktop_401_ENG_V successfully. However, when I reinstalled Treo90Updater11, and PMStdUpdate3171, when I attempted a HotSync it failed and I continued to get the Microsoft Unplug or Eject Hardware icon. Is there a fix? Is it possible that the problem is physically located in the Treo 90? If so, where can I take it to be checked and serviced if necessary? Thank you for your attention to this problem


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