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Water Pump Removal Ford 555 Backhoe

What must be removed to take off water pump Ford 555 Backhoe?

Posted by Marilee McDaniels on


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SOURCE: 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 Water Pump Housing removal

I am sure the leak is the water pump based on years of Escort work, The ZX2 is equipped with a 2.0L DOHC V-Tech engine. The water pump is on the front (rt side of car) of the engine block, visible with the hood up. NAPA autoparts replacement instructions are to loosen the belt drive pulley from the pump BEFORE removing the serpentine belt. Once the four bolts are loose, take the belt off (good time to replace?) remove bolts and old water pump (four more bolts)- it will be tight, but it comes out- clean gasket area and install new gasket and pump in reverse order. That includes putting the pulley on and hand tightening the bolts, put on the belt, finish tightening the bolts to the pulley.

Posted on Aug 20, 2008



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SOURCE: 1990 cadillac deville need help water pump removal???

Water pump is located on the side with all the belts. Find the water pump pully and LOOSEN the bolts that keep the pully on the shaft of the water pump. Once they are LOOSEN remove the belt. Then you can remove the pully bolts the rest of the way. Pully MIGHT be stuck on there, a couple of taps should loosen it enough to where you can pop it off by hand. Now if I recall this vechile correctly, there MIGHT be another pully that will hinder you. It's just easier to take it off right away. It's right above the water pump. I BELIVE it's an idler pully. Dosn't do anything but to help keep the belt on it's correct path. There should be one bolt in the middle of this pully, undo the bolt and pully will pop off. Make sure you REMEMBER how it was on. So that you put it back on the right way. Then, there are 2 or 3 different sized bolts that keep the water pump on. Remove the bolts, one at a time, and make sure you REMEMBER where they went. If you remember now, it will save time guessing later. Ok, once you are sure that ALL the bolts are removed, you can try to pop off the pump. If it dosn't come by hand, use a screw driver to pry a corner up and then do the rest by hand. Once it's off, it's time to clean the motor side of the pump. See, on these cars it's not a complete pump like it use to be, it's a half pump. Meaning, when you look at one side you can see the fins that move the water. Anyways, when you are at the parts store, pick up some emery cloth. It's sort of like sand paper. Well, once the pump is off, use a razor blade and scrape off the silcone that's on the block. Then use the emery cloth to make is nice and clean getting all of it off. Once that's complete, put the new gasket on the pump and reinstall. Put all the bolts in BEFORE tighting them down. And when you do tighten them, do it by hand! Using an air tool will break the bolt or strip the threads in the alunimium block and then it has to go to a mechanic. Once all the bolts are tight fill up the reservor to check for leaks. Also go back over the bolts one more time and make sure all are tight. Doing this now, will save you headace later. Then put the rest of the things back on in the order you took them off. That's it exepct for bleeding the cooling system. I assume you know how to do this, if not, let me know.

Posted on Oct 20, 2008



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SOURCE: on 98 intrigue water pump removal how do i clear the ps pully

Im not sure what engine you have since this information was not provided. But the Power Steering Pump pulley usually has some 'holes' on the pulley in which you can get a wrench through to loosen and remove the bolt.

Posted on Dec 30, 2008


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SOURCE: removal and reinstalling a water pump on a 1991 chevy C1500 PU

It is all Pretty Straight forward Except for the Studs to Mount the Fan on the Waterpump Pulley. These are Threaded on and will need to be Removed from the Old Pump and Installed on the New Pump. This is NOT Easy and will eat your Lunch, No easy way to do it. If you need any more Help, Just send me a Message and I will be right Here. Just ask! Please Rate My Response! Thanks!

Posted on Feb 04, 2009

Kevin Rahme

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SOURCE: water pump removal

Hi the pulley on the right side of the engine will have 4 10mm bolts it is the pulley without groves loosen the 4 bolts then remove the belt remove the pulley now that's the water pump drain the coolant there will be 5 8mm/ 5/16 bolts remove them after you remove the water pump bolts tap the flange the pump will come out remove the pump clean the old gasket off the front cover and reassemble

Posted on May 03, 2009

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How to replace the throttle cable on a Ford 555 C backhoe. The one that runs from the pump to the foot accelerator.

good question

accelerator cable pedal to pump

if not available off the shelf
might need to be made using the old one as a sample

closest repair manual i could find online


How to replace a water pump on a 2000 ford ranger

Water Pump 2.5L Removal
  1. Drain the cooling system.
  2. Remove the drive belt.
  3. Remove the fan blade and clutch assy.
  4. Remove the bolts and the inlet tube.
    • Discard the O-ring seal.
    • Remove the bolts and the water pump.

    • Installation
  1. NOTE: Apply Premium Long-Life Grease to three locations on the water pump. Position a new O-ring seal.
    syl~us~en~file=aq0296a.gif~gen~ref.gifNOTE: Apply Pipe Sealant with Teflon.
    Install the inlet tube.
    Install the fan blade.
    Install the drive belt.
    Fill the cooling system.

Injector pump

its called the fuel shut off solenoid. if you have a good ground to the engine and you send voltage to the solenoid and you dont hear it click. its bad

Time injector pump on 555e backhoe

You have to have your injector pump set at tdc by dealer or shop that deals with delco injector pumps. You set engine at 28 degrees btdc compression(marks will be on flywheel you can see through inspection hole) and then install pump tighten gear bolt then unlock injector pump,

Need to replace water pump on 2003 ford taurus

For replacing water pump , you also have to remove, accessory belt,timing belt,timing belt cover and other minor components. Removing water pump is not very difficult, but removal of this other components is necessary, then only you can replace water pump. For detailed procedure, click the link below:--- -------- This should help.Thanks.Helpmech.


go here too Section 03-01: Engine 1996 Villager Workshop Manual IN-VEHICLE SERVICE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Water Pump Removal Water Pump Removal Drain the cooling system. Refer to Section 03-03 for the procedure. Disconnect the battery ground cable (14301). Remove the generator drive belt, water pump and power steering pump drive belt, and the A/C compressor drive belt (if equipped). Refer to Section 03-05 for the removal procedures. Raise and support the vehicle. Use Strap Wrench D85L-6000-A or equivalent to hold the water pump pulley (8509) while removing the four water pump pulley bolts. Remove the water pump pulley from the water pump (8501). Remove the crankshaft pulley (6312). Refer to the procedure in this section. Remove the five lower engine front cover bolts and the lower engine front cover (6019). NOTE: Make a note of the location of the one water pump stud/bolt for ease of installation. Remove the six water pump bolts. Remove the water pump. Installation NOTE: Ensure the mating surfaces between the water pump and the cylinder block (6010) are cleaned of any sealant material. Install a continuous 2.0-3.0mm (0.079-0.118 inch) wide bead of Gasket Maker E2AZ-19562-B or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSK-M2G348-A5, on the water pump and position the water pump on the cylinder block. NOTE: Refer to the note made during removal for the location of the stud/bolt. Install the six water pump bolts. Tighten the water pump bolts to 16-21 Nm (12-15 lb-ft). Position the water pump pulley on the water pump and install the four water pump pulley bolts. Use Strap Wrench D85L-6000-A or equivalent to hold the water pump pulley, and tighten the four water pump pulley bolts to 16-21 Nm (12-15 lb-ft). Install the lower engine front cover and the five lower engine front cover bolts. Tighten the five lower engine front cover bolts to 3-5 Nm (27-44 lb-in). Install the crankshaft pulley. Refer to the procedure in this section. Lower the vehicle. Install and adjust the generator drive belt, water pump and power steering pump drive belt, and the A/C compressor drive belt (if equipped). Refer to Section 03-05 for the installation and adjustment procedures. Connect the battery ground cable. Fill the cooling system. Refer to Section 03-03 for the procedure. Start the engine (6007) and check for leaks.

How do you change the water pump on a 1998 Ford contour 2.0 liter. have the part off but can't get it out of engine compartment

  1. NOTE: Install the memory saver.
    Disconnect the battery ground cable.
  1. Drain the cooling system. Refer to Cooling System Draining, Filling and Bleeding in this Section.
  1. Remove the wheel.
  1. Remove the right - hand side lower splash shield.
    1. Remove the bolts.
    1. Remove the splash shield.
  1. Lower the vehicle.
  1. Loosen the water pump pulley bolts.
  1. Remove the accessory drive belt. For additional information, refer to Section 303-05.
  1. Using the special tool, remove the crankshaft pulley.
  1. Remove the water pump pulley.
    1. Remove the bolts.
    1. Remove the pulley.
  1. Remove the water pump bolts.
  1. NOTE: Water pump must be turned 180° to remove from the vehicle.
    Remove the water pump.

Water pump

Please RATE ME
This IS EXACT Procedure Bu The BOOK
  1. Drain cooling system.
  2. Loosen fan clutch attaching bolts.
  3. Remove fan shroud attaching bolts and remove shroud and fan.
  4. Remove drive belt.
  5. Disconnect lower radiator hose, heater hose and bypass hose from water pump.
  6. Remove fan, spacer, water pump pulley and fan shroud.
  7. Remove A/C compressor/power steering pump bracket and accessories to clear water pump stud bolt.
  8. Remove water pump attaching bolts and the water pump.
  1. Reverse procedure to install. Tighten water pump retaining bolts to 12-18 ft. lbs.
NOTE: All water pumps have a sealed bearing integral with the water pump shaft. The bearing requires no lubrication. A bleed hole in the pump housing allows water that may leak past the seal to be thrown out by the slinger. This is not a lubrication hole. If the pump is damaged and requires repair, replace it with a new pump or a rebuilt one.
I Need your Help Also !! PLEASE RATE ME

Water pump

WATER PUMP Removal Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain cooling system. Loosen water pump pulley bolts. Remove accessory drive belts. 1. Remove automatic tensioner. Disconnect coolant hoses from water pump. Remove retaining bolts, water pump and gasket.
Installation To install, reverse removal procedure. Lightly oil all bolt and stud threads, except bolt requiring Thread Sealant, before installing. Apply Contact Adhesive on gasket and install on water pump. 1. Tighten bolts/nuts to specification. Refill cooling system. Check for leaks when finished.
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