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Coffee does not brew

Coffee Maker has worked fine for a couple of months. Now, put the ground coffee in, put the water in, turn on, nothing happens. Thanks, Brian

Posted by Brian Benison on

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  • Anonymous Nov 04, 2007

    I put the disc with coffee inside and close the cover, the watertank is right, the heat lamp is working and after that- all lights are flicking and nothings happend. No brew, no hot water, no coffee,nothing! We are living in Singapore and don't know how to find a Service Center on the island for the Tassimo. Please send me an adress in Singapore!!!

  • Anonymous Nov 10, 2007

    continuely poops the circuit breaker

  • Anonymous Nov 11, 2007

    coffe maker has stopped working- all the lights work. I have never used it as a programmable just tutned it on and made coffee.

  • Anonymous Nov 19, 2007

    Coffee brews only partialy and light comes on

  • Anonymous Nov 19, 2007

    coffee brewsonly partialy, the light comes on with the coffee only half finished.

  • Anonymous Nov 24, 2007

    I used my mrcoffee maybe 20 times it was okay now it will only brew not even two cups when I want a 6 cup brew.

    Please help this is a brand new machine. We hardly ever used it.


    Donna in New Jersey

  • Doc Bundy Nov 27, 2007

    Partial brew ONLY!!! Two cups at a time out of ten desired. Have to keep hitting the BREW button. Two different coffee makers happining at same time that used to work just fine before move ??????

  • 1100 Nov 28, 2007

    I can't get the coffee to brew

  • Rosa Naranjo Nov 28, 2007

    I place disc w/ grounded coffee and add water to my coffee maker and turn it on and the heat lamp works but after that nothing happens the power light stays flickering but after that nothing happens. what should I do I tried to clean it w/ Vinegar but yet it does nothing.When My daughter came over she was going to make coffee for my husband and I and alls it did was make a very lite lokking brew of coffee but coffee was very cold and only made about 2cups but nothing else when she place enough to make a full 12 cups . What should I do?

  • lamttm Dec 04, 2007

    I turned the unit on the water tank is full. When it says ready, I put the coffee pod in and press either small or large cup, Nothing. It says ready again.

  • jburns Dec 14, 2007

    Gevalia coffee pot has worked every day for over a year. Put water and coffee in turn on and nothing happens.

  • Anonymous Dec 21, 2007


  • dsrich Dec 31, 2007

    We put water in, coffee beans, turn it on and it only brews one cup or two at most and stops so we have to keept urning off and staritng over again? We then push 1`-4 cups although we watn 10 cups and it gives another couple cups, it is a constant struggle.

  • Anonymous Dec 31, 2007

    worked fine up until last few days. Reset by unplugging and plugging back in. Plenty of H2o in unit. Put K-cup in unit- when I push start it doesn't brew coffee. No water comes out. Unit indicates that it is heating fine. Can you help. I have also tried using another electrical outlet.

  • donlanham Jan 07, 2008


    My coffee maker is grinding the beans and then begins the coffee process - it will stop with only two or three cups made instead of the whole pot. I have to continually resart the process until all the water is gone. Initially, we had water overflows and found that the coffee maker did not complete its full cycle. Is there a reset button or something? Don

  • Elizabeth2 Jan 17, 2008

    Same problem but I have a brewing sound and then after 15-20 seconds the brewing sound starts to slow down then stop. Nothing brews, not a drop. I cleaned everything out and tried again and the same thing happens. I have only had the machine for 3 months. The espresso side works fine. Please help! Thanks!

  • Princess24 Feb 08, 2008

    nothing happens when I turn it on it shows that is suppose to brew by saying fresh but that part never turns off. Water does not filter through no coffee is made

  • Coffeetime Feb 29, 2008

    I have a B70 and love it. The machine shows "ready to brew" place a Kcup in, close the lever, then the press the button for a coffee. When the button is pushed, the machine does nothing and then goes back to "ready to brew" I'm looking to see if anyone can help me fix the machine.

  • Anonymous Mar 31, 2008


    maker is making coffee. Does it require special cleaning?

  • confusedinmo Apr 05, 2008

    When we put in the water and turn it on, nothing happens. The light is on but it never does anything

  • rodi915 Apr 05, 2008

    Brand new machine. When we poored in the water for the pre-rinse use the water went through fine. However we have tried numerous times with and without coffee, but no water comes out through the broiler outlet. The frother works fine, but no coffee.

  • CAP35 Apr 26, 2008

    Yes I have the same proble

  • coffehead May 15, 2008

    coffe will not brew on any setting. It starts for 30 seconds then shuts off.

    Do I need to clean it? It has worked fine for 2 years

  • mkas9999 May 27, 2008

    When we turn on the Krups FME4, the "Reservoir Empty" signal comes on and of course will not brew coffee. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Anonymous May 29, 2008

    Haven't used the pot in a few months.Now, I put in the coffee grounds and water, plug in to the live outlet, turn on the pot and nothing happens..Acts just as if there is no power.

    What is my problem?

    Billy G Smith

  • apachie Jun 15, 2008

    put coffee and water in ,will not pump water up into coffee g,then it starts to beep as if coffee was finished

  • kq277 Jun 24, 2008

    My coffee maker stopped working (i.e. nothing happens when you press the "on" button) after less than a year. I have tried to get in touch with the manufacturer, because there is supposed to be a 2-year warranty, but phonecalls are not answered and the e-mail address they provide on the answering machine is not accurate. How can we contact the manufacturer? And would this situation be covered under warranty?

  • Anonymous Jul 19, 2008

    no coffee coming out

  • cgtalbott Jul 21, 2008

    ADX20 light on but no heat. 2 thermal fuses in series both check fine with ohmmeter. A small 3/8" diameter thermostat?? appears to be defective.
    I am currently trying to find a replacement part but not sure exactly what this part is.

  • gregman70 Jul 23, 2008

    Coffee will not brew, put in water and coffee turn on then nothing happens. heating plate does not get hot either.

  • Anonymous Aug 01, 2008

    After water and coffee is is put into the filter, the button is pushed and it takes 1 hour 10 minutes for the water to go through and the 3 cups of coffee to brew.  We have had it with Sunbeam products and are purchasing another brand tonight.

  • Anonymous Aug 03, 2008

    only a few months old. Pot started 'gurgleing' and takes water stops passing over grounds. I've had other Mr. Coffed pot for years but never had a problem. Time to try something else

  • rjcipperly Aug 11, 2008

    Same problem.somewhat intermittent......when I check all the connections at the base, it works fine the first time.then, about if I just bypass the thermal breaker....will that tell me if it is defective if the machine works OK?....most cheaper coffee makers don't have the breaker at all and this has a auto off switch after an hour (or more) so i am not to worried....thanks

  • tpgeck Aug 22, 2008

    CoffeeMaker lights up but does not brew. Tried everything, nothing heats up.

  • Anonymous Sep 01, 2008

    Haven't even had mine for a month- nothing heats up. LIght is on, but there's no output.

  • Anonymous Sep 06, 2008


    Our Mr. Coffee has been working fine since purchased within last couple of months, but just today the hot water just trickled through the coffee filter. We used filtered water and being in Hawaii, hard water deposits were most likely not the problem. We use paper towels and napkins to dry reservior after use to prevent mold/mildew.

    Finally figured out that paper bits and pieces clogged the perculator hole...simply used our vacuum with slat attachment to **** that clog out...multiple cleanings with CLK and other solvents probably eventually desolve the paper clot, but way easier to **** it out.

  • Anonymous Sep 07, 2008

    I have cm1200. has worked well all the time. Now the clock (time) comes on but proraming does not work, on/off lights don't come on and coffee does not brew when powered on. Thanks

  • tkuramoto Oct 14, 2008

    Similar problem. Krups FME 2 coffee maker. Problem is intermittent and sometimes it begins brewing right away, sometimes it doesn't brew at all, and sometimes it begins brewing minutes/hours after "starting." New duo filter and have descaled recently. Heating plate never warms and there is never any audible sign that hot water is being pumped (no steam, etc.).. Thanks!


  • Anonymous Jan 21, 2009

    I have this same coffee pot, this is actually my second one from Gevalia in the last 8 years, which was one of the reasons I went with them again last month. However, te new coffee maker, turns on but does not brew the coffee. I have tried everything from cleaning it, removing all the parts and reseting the device. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Anonymous Mar 12, 2014

    Our 2 yr. old brewing stion will not turn on and bew coffee. Hot water for tea works

  • Anonymous Mar 20, 2014

    Never had a problem. This morning, as usual, I put the coffee and water in and turned it on. No coffee (espresso) came out. The steam works fine, the coffee was not too pressed into the cap, and there was nothing unusual about the water. The house smells like coffee, but there no coffee in the carafe. Lots of steam, though.



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The thermal breaker has died in it. This is usually mounted on, or near the heating elementm and usually turns off when excessive temperatures are present (such as when a pot boils dry, or the unit is left on for days) It can be checked with a ohm meter on its contacts. If it shows as good, it should show up as normally closed. Some overtemp breakers have a small button for resetting, but most are simply supposed to reset themselves once the heat is sufficiently reduced. There are also heat fuses that blow...for good when excessive heat is detected, mounted in the same place, they are often a metal bullet shaped tube. OR.....your power cord...or main power switch could also be faulty.

Posted on May 01, 2006



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Those thermal (heat) fuses can be checked with an ohmeter. It should show continuity, meaning 0-10 Ohms. If it's "open", you won't see any value registered on the meter, nothing will happen when u put the test leads on either side of the fuse.
If u replace it, make sure to use the same temp rating, it's written on the fuse, usually in centigrade. Don't replace the bad one with another that's rated to trip at a higher temp. Really.
Either crimp the fuses wire ends to the old leads or tack solder them, using something as a heat sink between the solder point and the fuse. Tack soldering is pre-applying a little solder to each end before you connect them, then quickly melting each end together. The key is withdrawing the soldering iron the second the joint melts. You don't want to trip the new fuse with the heat from the soldering iron.

Posted on May 03, 2008



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On my Crystal Arome I had the same problem mentioned here or elsewhere. The ceramic thermal fuse is a simple thing. Look inside the fuse. If yours like mine you'll see some black carbonization near the top middle electrical contact impeding continuity. Scrape it away w/ a dental pick or paper click or something and you should be able to restore continuity. Mine has worked for tens of cups since.

Posted on Feb 22, 2009


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Not sure with this product, can't seemto find the button for resetting nor can I seem to find the metal bullet shaped tube, heck I can't even get this thing apart. I think I just need to fae the fact that I need to buy yet another coffee pot-uuuggghhhh, Thanks a lot for the suggestions, really appreciated.

Posted on Jan 21, 2009


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Just had this problem this morning...I typically use a napkin or paper towel to dry the reservior after use...apparently, bits n' pieces of paper clogged the little hole at the bottom of the reservior restricting/preventing water to perculate thru...simply took our vacuum with the hose and slat attachment and sucked that clog out.

Posted on Sep 06, 2008


Get new maker

Posted on Sep 05, 2008


I just fixed the same problem on my KF 580 (none of the green or red lights was coming on when the button was pushed). It was done by holding the power button and at the same time disconnecting the power cord from the plug and reconnecting it.

Posted on Aug 03, 2008


We had the same problem and it turned out to be a clogged filter.  It doesn't seem clogged but it is.  We tried using the 2 cup filter basket and it worked just fine. I called Breville and they sent me a new filter basket free of charge. We have had great experiences with Breville customer support.

Posted on Apr 28, 2008


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When the unit is cold.
Turn on and with no coffee in,
Press the coffee brew button and turn the steam dial to full.
Watch the water come out of coffee area and steam wand.
This primes the pump and makes sure lines are clean.
Then turn off steam wand and press coffee brew button to stop.

Wait for it to heat up.

Should now work.

I have to do this if I leave th machine for more than a few weeks.

Make sure whenever you've finished using it to flush water through the whole thing using brew button with steam wand in to have it primed for next use. Running some water through before your next brew if machine left for a day or two is also a good idea otherwise the water can add a stale taste to the coffee from sitting in the lines.


Posted on Feb 09, 2008


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BULL JUst clean it with baking soda run it through with diluted CLR or baking soda and water its probably a mineral build up which will not allow the water to come up

Posted on Dec 15, 2007


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I have had the same problem and have found that it just needs to be cleaned it seems the part that makes the water come down to the pot does not work I put a diluted version of CLR or Baking soda and ran it through a few times, I have learned not to wait until it screws up and clean it every month to avoid this, as you said just turn it on one morning and no coffee, I feel this is crap though after all these years in the business they can't get a coffee maker to work for extended periods and the ones I buy are NOT CHEAP

Posted on Dec 15, 2007


Solved is the correct answer

Posted on Sep 03, 2007



Posted on Jul 17, 2007

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The brew unit is damaged and needs to be repaired.

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Coffee does not brew

If you are elictrically inclined you
could take it apart and jump
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My Platinum Keurig says it is ready to brew but nothing happens. I have cleaned out any coffee grounds.

My B70 has worked good for about 6 months. Lately it won't brew a full cup of coffee or water for that matter. I have run Limeaway, and also vinegar throught it but nothing works. It seems to me the pump is too weak to make coffee before an apparent time-out occurs.

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Coffee won't brew - lights turn on - clock works - clicks little.

2 years old I would pitch and buy a new one.

Cleaning generally won't help a machine that does not work.
Heating element has probably burned out.
(I am not talking about the heating pad for the carafe!)

For future reference for all the coffee drinkers out there:
Simple quick way to clean a drip coffee maker is use Vinegar.
Let it brew through the system as you would water.
Discard and run fresh water through the system to clear out the vinegar residue left behind. (Make SURE the system has cooled first before running the fresh water through!)

For those that have hard water and the coffee tastes funny.
Try a small pinch of salt in the filter basket ON top of the coffee grounds. This will soften the water and hopefully take the bitter taste away.

Guess it is possible large enough calcium deposits could block the hole in the holding tank to prevent the water from percolating to the filter basket. You may wish to check this before tossing. Last minute thought before pushing the post button.

Good luck!

Oct 04, 2009 | Mr. Coffee TFTX85 Coffee Maker

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Won't finish brewing

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