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Convergence fix

I had all my new parts bought 2 tackle the convergence problem I was facing...CFIs, solder, flux, new iron, CANS OF COMPRESSED AIR!!, (had 2 go back out 4 that) & I dove in. I cant even remember the last time I soldered something but had read soo many blogs about people with way less experience than me gettin it done.. so what the heck.. I cant watch it the way it is anymore anyways! So I unscrewed all the screws & put em in a plastic bag.. pulled the covers off..front & back! U get more light, have more access if u need it, can get an"extra hand" from the other side, & there is somewhere 4 all the dust 2 go when u empty a compressed can in there.
So after an hour of carefully planning my next moves, labeling & pulling wires & very closely inspecting almost every solder point on those boards w my Mag light.. I just didnt get it... I thought 4 sure there would b some signs of damage or SOMETHING 2 say "hey im broke!" but I couldnt see anything.
Finally...(luckily just before).. I was about 2 remove the "bad" CFIs..there it was! The very end solder of 1 of the CFIs on the under side of the board..was a lil tiny crack horizontaly accross the 1st pin solder. I gave it a wiggle..very loose..gave the next few wiggles..didnt move. So I applied the tiniest amount of solder 2 fix that pin up & pushd the board in only enough 2 hook up the wires & went 4 the smoke test....Holy ****! That IS a good picture!!! & it actually should only have cost me the price of the solder & gun.. ----So just take ur time & really inspect it. U may have less work than u think! ;)

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1 Answer

I need to fix my charging port on my sony lt28at. I have the part, just need to know how to replace it

How are your soldering skills? You will need some!
You need to use low temps not to pull the old pads that the new connectors need to attach too. You can use a soldering iron, I would recommend using a hot air gun, or for best results use an IR rework station. You will need flux for rework. and low temp solder, or solder past, my favorite is Kester EP256.
All you need to do is run your iron across all four of the contacts, with a little clear rework flux when it loosens lift it off, then clean with solder wick, replace connector, then run iron on all four leads putting solder on the iron and it will transfer to the connections, clean with 91% rubbing alcohol, and your done.
Sounds easy and it is once you know how. Check out some YouTube posting, a picture is worth 1000's words.
Good Luck

Aug 11, 2013 | Sony Ericsson Sony LT28AT Xperia Ion 4G...

1 Answer

Can I get replacement batteries for my Norelco 7735X shaver?

I have replaced batteries in several Norelco shavers, typically ending up with better end performance than with the original batteries.

Norelco shavers typically utilize two AA sized NiCad batteries with thin tabs spot welded on each end and the tabs soldered into the circuit board internally.

I have had best success with utilizing Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries, see http://www.google.com/products?q=Sanyo+Eneloop+AA+batteries&hl=en&scoring=p, which are NiMH cells with low self-discharge (i.e. hold their charge for over 6 months) and are free of the memory effects and internal self-shorting problems of NiCad cells.

The key to successfully changing the cells is to leave the original solder tabs on the circuit board and utilize the edge of a single edge razor blade (with great care) rocked back and forth between the metal tab and each of the ends (one at a time) of the original batteries so as to cut the spot weld free from the original batteries while saving the tab.

A single razor blade should do the job, though the blade will now be largely ruined for any further use.

Next carefully flatten the tabs (will be a little deformed by the spot weld break strategy).

Next carefully tin both the tabs and the ends of the new NiMH cells with a small amount of solder.

This tinning is not easy unless you use this strategy: Utilize small drops of "Harris Stay-Clean liquid" soldering flux, a clear (looks like water) zinc chloride liquid flux, e.g. dip a tooth pick into the flux and use just the small droplet of liquid flux which runs off the tooth pick onto the metal. After the flux is where you want the solder, touch a heated soldering iron tip already coated with a tiny amount of rosin core flux for electronic circuit joint soldering to the pre-fluxed area and the metal will easily and rapidly tin with solder.

For the new batteries, use only a tiny droplet of Stay-Clean flux right where you want the solder and touch the costed and heated soldering iron tip to the battery for just 1-2 seconds so as to minimize chances for any damage to the new batteries.

Once happy with the tinning of both the (saved) original batter tabs and the new batteries, hold the new battery in position and briefly touch the soldering iron against the tabs to push it into the battery end and fuse the two areas already tinned with solder.

I does take a little practice to get the above and physical alignments correct. It is helpful, though not mandatory, to use a temperature controlled soldering iron (e.g. set to about 500 F) with a fairly small tip.

Be sure to keep the Harris Stay-Clean flux, even fumes sealed in storage (I usually enclose the Stay-Clean bottle in a clear screw cap larger bottle) because just invisible fumes from this flux on any nearby iron or steel surfaces, over time, will promote rapid rusting. The Stay-Clean is a great product, just be careful with it during handling and storage.

Jan 04, 2010 | Norelco 7735X Electric Shaver

1 Answer

RED converge not lining up


Go into the customer menu and select Convergence: if the blue is skewed OR WILL NOT MOVE IN SOME DIRECTION, the set has a bad convergence IC.

Based on WHAT YOUR MODEL NUMBER IS this set uses TWO of the STK-392-110 CONVERGENCE IC's.

If you have some skills at soldering and are handy I can give you general instructions and also tell you what you will need

2 new STK-392-110 CHIPS
1 good soldering iron
de-soldering braid or wick(to remove solder)
Some liquid solder flux (used to un-solder and then when re-solder new parts in.
Some heat sink2.gif compound(applied to the back of the new chips before installed)

THE ABILITY TO GET AT THE CHIPS---I can if you want tell you what is involved here--this is really the hard part on most of these sets--yes, each chip does have 18 pins that have to be unsoldered/ soldered in.

Let me know if you are able to do it or if you HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR NEED ADVICE--I am here to help..

Regards, SD TECH

Oct 26, 2009 | Toshiba TZ61V61 61" Rear Projection...

2 Answers

Touch Focus Error

57h82 uses two STK-392-110 CONVERGENCE chips---you need to replace both and check all the resistors around them---an open resistor means one of the chips failed.

You can buy both chips on Ebay for less than 12 dollars plus shipping--they are black--about 2 inches wide, 1 1/2 inches tall with 18 pins each and the STK number will be printed on the face of them in white letters; You need a good soldering iron, solder, a desolder braid, liquid flux, heat sink grease, denatured alcohol, and the ability to get at them: they are mounted to two side by side metal heat sinks with fins.

Once you locate them and unsolder them and the heat sinks from the board--replace both after cleaning the bottom of the board with denatured alcohol--removes any flux and solder particles---apply liquid flux before you unsolder them--these sets use lead free solder and the flux makes it easy to unsolder them. Once they are removed check all the resistors around them---one open resistor and the repair will not fix your problem---install the new chips with heat sink grease on them and install each chip/heat sink back into the circuit board.

Apply more flux to all the pins on each chip and solder them in----good idea to clean with denatured alcohol again and take a close look to make sure all pins are soldered and not touching each other.

If you get this far and the set now seems to work you need to use the original remote for the set and adjust the convergence--either in the customer menu or access the tech menu and adjust it there.

A service manual will not do you much good for this type of repair--it is a hands on repair.

I do this here for free, so if this has helped you take a moment and give me a vote here.

If you have any questions or need help contact me by replying to this posting.


Sep 03, 2009 | Toshiba 57H82 57" Rear Projection...

1 Answer

tinning tips

Flux the tip, heat the iron, apply solder all over the tip and wipe, while hot, the solder off with fine steel wool.

If the solder is flux core, no need for additional flux

Good Luck

Jan 27, 2009 | Weller SP175 12 - 1/2'' Marksman Extra...

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