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How to fix the Philips TV turns / shuts off on its own problem

The "TV shuts itself off" or "TV won't power on" problem in the Philips 42PFL5432D/37 HDTV is due to a faulty Power Supply Board, # 715T2432-2. To be more specific, bad electrolytic capacitors on the PSB cause failure problems. These caps most likely failed due to a lack of preservatives that protect the caps integrity.

First and foremost make sure your warranty is expired as this procedure will void it.
Perform At Your Own Risk:
It never hurts to take pictures for reference purposes.
1. Remove TV from stand or mounting device and place screen down
2. Remove back panel of your TV by removing screws from the perimeter, middle and side AV. Lift back of the TV off and locate the PSB (the board that the power cord plugs into) PSB #715T2432-2

3.Visually inspect individual capacitors (C951, C952, C953 rated at 1500uf at 35V and C955 rated at 2200uf at 16V) for bulging or leaking. Even if they show very little sign of or even no distortion they may still be faulty.

4. Disconnect wire harnesses. Remove screws holding in the PSB and remove it from your TV.

5. Loosen the glue holding C951, C952, C953, together. Gently pry them apart. They will kind of snap apart. C955 also has glue between it and a smaller cap next to it. Be careful.

6. Turn PSB solder side up. Use a soldering iron to remove caps. A small soldering iron works best as you will have more control. Heat the individual posts/leads of the caps one at a time, melting the solder. Use one hand to keep the soldering iron on the lead, as you reach your other hand under the board to wiggle the cap you are removing. You won't be able to remove the whole lead at once. Heat one lead; back it out, then the other and back it out. Using this walking action will help make sure you remove the caps without damaging other components.

7. Install the new caps by soldering them.
Make sure that caps are installed with the correct polarity + to + and - to-. It is crucial. Both the caps, and the board is labeled. Thread the leads through the appropriate +or - terminal in the board. Get them as tight to the board as you can. Clip the obviously to long leads to about 1/8 in. Bend the leads down on the board to help secure the cap to the board. Solder the leads to the board by heating the lead first, and then add solder.

8. Reinstall the PSB and reassemble the TV. Remember to reconnect the wiring harnesses. It is best to test the TV with the back panel at the very least covering the TV.
Caps can explode if you have installed them incorrectly or if there are other serious power problems that caused them to fail in the first place.

Good Luck.

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How can i fix my Philips model 42PFL5432D/37 Flat screen TV that powers on, but no picture.

The main board to your TV is faulty. It is best to contact the authorized service center for Philips; because, it will be very difficult to get the main board to Philips brand TVs, and after the replacement, a firmware update too will be necessary. This is a skilled work. http://electronicshelponline.blogspot.com/

Philips 42pfl5432d/37 tv chirps when power is on

Usually stems from a short on the power supply board. I have a 37MF337B/37 37" that had the same problem. Turned out the set had 5 leaky capacitors and a shorted diode on the power supply board.

32pt5441/37 TV shuts off after a minute or so

It's the problem of overheating in the power supply board of the TV.on the power supply board of the tv there are few capacitors and IC.any of this ic is got short or may be weak.so due to this when you start the TV the current passes from electric outlet to the power supply board of TV.but when the current passes from that weak/faulty part at that time current gets stopped or slow and the board overheats and TV shuts off. this is a common problem faced by many other users too.the possible option to solve this issue is to check the power supply board by a meter and continuity tester and replace the faulty component on the board which is short due to which power supply board is getting overheated.its bit technical job but yes its not at all a costly repair to do or get it done by the technician. for required parts it can be easily available from local electronic hardware shop.
Good luck in solving the problem...

Model #42PFL5432D/37 Not receiving power? when

i was a tv engineer for many years quite a while back now and when a led is flasing or pulsing it usualy means the tv's power supply is in over current mode wherebye it shuts down to prevent any further damage due to a part of the circuitry drawing excess current, high voltage transformer etc, you need to get a techie in, sorry.

Philips lcd tv 42pfl5432d/37 no picture

based on what you clarified and my experience I'd bet the problem is in one of the inverters, most likely the main inverter.

Look at the board part number - it's usually imprinted on the board itself - and look on eBay or Google for it.

Another way to go about it is to type in the model number (usually without /37) followed by the word "inverter", e.g. "42pfl5432d inverter".

My search yielded result board number VIT70023.80 and from there you start searching for this on eBay...find a reputable seller (like me, except I don't think I have it) and buy it.

It might be the slave inverter, it might be the master, but from what you describe it's more likely the master.

It's possible to nail it down, but it will require multimeter and some extra time.

Hope that helps!
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