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Samsung SGH-X150 disassembly, take apart.

How to take apart Samsung SGH-X150 Black Cell phone:

Time Required: 10 to 15 minutes.
Tools needed: Precision tools, Small philips screwdriver, Case opening tool or a plastic stick, or your fingernails.
Difficulty: Easy

Step 1. Remove the back cover, battery and sim card.

Step 2. Are you replacing the screen? Or are you looking into the keys or the mainboard?

If you wish to get to the display Go to step 3.

If you wish to get to the keys and the mainboard Go to step 4.

Getting to the display.

Step 3.
To replace the display, unscrew two Philips screws from the bottom of the display, they are under two soft tabs that you have to remove from on top of them.

Step 3.1. Use your fingernails or case opening tool to open the display cover.

Begin from the back and work towards the top, open the back and the sides, do not force open the front its held in place from there and you need to pull the plastic cover off looking at the picture below to the left


Step 3.2. After the cover is off, you get to the back of the display, on the top you have a few speakers etc.

Step 3.3. From the bottom release the connector by carefully pulling the board upwards.

Step 3.4. From the top, use a flat screwdriver to get the speakers out of their slots so the circuit board with the display comes off.

Step 3.5. The display is now free from the cover, you can remove it from the case.

Getting to the mainboard and keys.
Step 4. With the back cover, battery and sim card out. On the back of the phone, there 4 Philips screws. Marked with red dots.

Step 4.1. With the 4 small screws out, start using the case opener tool or your fingernails to release the plastic casing from the back of the phone. It is held in place similarly as the top of the phone in step 3. Begin from the sides and the bottom of the phone, the top is held in place and won't open until the sides and the bottom are lose, then you can disconnect the top part.

Step 4.2. As you release the back cover, on the side the up and down plastic key drops out remember to replace it properly when you assemble the phone.

Step 4.3. Disconnect the display cable, the mainboard is held in place by plastic clips on the top, carefully release the mainboard, you may break off a clip or two from the case, if that happens, no worries. The screws will still hold the casing together. the area is again marked in red.

By now you should have the phone completely disassembled / taken apart.

We are done.

Assemble in reverse order. Total 6 screws in this phone, 2 on display 4 on case. Held in place mostly by plastic clips.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has helped you.

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how to Sim unlock Samsung sgh x 160

You can unlock your Samsung sgh-x150 using codes. Unlocking using codes is very simple. You just need to get the codes and follow 3 steps of instructions then your mobile will be unlocked. You can visit WickedUnlock.com to get the codes.

i spilled coffee on my touch screen phone and now it comes on but the screen is completely black, is there any way i can take it apart to let it dry out

You can using the right tools (usually a case separator and screwdrivers) however this will void the manufacturers warranty. It is best just to place the phone in a warm (not hot) place and wait a few hours.
If it still doesnt work you will need to have the handset repaired/replaced.

t459 screen

Taking it apart isn't that hard, as long as you have a very tiny philips screwdriver. There is 12 screws that you will need to unscrew. The 6 under the battery cover, 2 larger black ones on the hardware, and after you unstick the camera button and the volume button, you can remove the hardware and unscrew the screws that keep the screen cover on. the screen pops out and there you go. you'll also need a small flathead to pop the covers off.

how do i replace my screen?

you will have to take the phone completely apart, and you will most likely need special tools to open it. unscrew all screws you find, there could be hidden screws under soft objects and labels.

ones you have the screws out the case should snap open from the corner, with the help of a flat screwdriver.

ones you have the case apart, you will need to unscrew and disconnect the display. then replace it with a new display, and put everything back together.

all you need are the tools, maybe some special screwdrivers etc and you can do it.
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