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Gas Range Repair Burners Keep on Clicking

The clicking that normally just goes to start your burners is not stopping. They just keep on with the tick, tick, ticking….. What can go wrong that will make them keep on doing this?

There are a few possibilities for this problem. The first one is that the little switch that is behind the burner knob either went bad or got water in it. To isolate the switch that is the problem you can pull one of the wires off of behind the burner knobs one at a time till it stops. That one is the one that is bad.

If you have just washed down the stove top then you may have water in it that is making it continue to click. Let everything dry out over night and see if that fixes it. A hair dryer can be used to speed up the process.

If you pull a wire from each switch and it still goes on, then the spark module is bad. You will need to replace it.

Be aware that it is normal for all the burners to spark whenever another one is being lit.

Excessive dirt and grease can cause the burners to light hard but will not cause the spark module to keep on sparking all the time. If a burner lights hard, check the tip of the spark electrode to make sure it is clean.

If your spark module has burnt out to rapidly, or needs to be constantly replaced, you may not have a properly wired and grounded receptacle. Reversed polarity or not being grounded can cause the spark module to fail prematurely. Make sure that you do not use a two pronged outlet or extension cord for your range.

If all else fails you can always unplug the range to get the sparking to stop. You can light the burners with a charcoal grill lighter or a match if you do it carefully. Turn the burner to full on and then slowly go towards the burner keeping the flame as low to the top as possible till the burner lights.



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This seems like the burner control valves are not functioning properly. The rear is still working properly so without knowing brand I would say the control valves are defective.

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If one of your burner heating elements works only intermittently/all works intermittently, it's probably because of worn or bad contacts in the receptacle that the element plugs into. On most electric ranges, you can remove the element by lifting it up several inches and firmly pulling it away from its attachment (receptacle). Read your owner's manual to learn the correct technique for your range. If, after removing the element, you see that the ends of the element that were plugged in are pitted, corroded, burned, scarred, or rusted, replace both the element and the receptacle.

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Ticking Sound of spark igniter persists

Our GE cook-top burner igniter has started ticking even when the oven is shut off. Even after cleaning the bottom of controls the ticking persists. Any suggestions? Thanks
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