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For those that are having cool weather right now you do not think about the problems that can happen to your refrigerator when the first hot weather hits. Every year when the first warm days come along I get calls from people that complain that their refrigerator is not cooling like it should. Many times the fix is a very simple one. Something that a good vacuum cleaner and an air compressor can easily fix.

When I get there or if I ask them the bottom front of their refrigerator looks something like this.

And the underneath of the refrigerator looks like this, or even worse.

To fix this problem, a little cleaning is all that is needed. When the room temperature is cooler the air going over the condenser coil will still get enough heat away to keep the refrigerator cooling. However when the room starts to heat up and the air does not absorb as much of the heat the refrigerator will start to get warmer.

Pull the front grill off of the refrigerator and wash that out. Then if you have a good vacuum with a crevice tool, reach in from the front and the back of the refrigerator to remove as much of the dust and dirt as possible. Often I will then use my air compressor to blow out more of the dust and dirt and continue to vacuum as needed. Use patience as you do this, as it will take time and blowing from both the front and back a number of times to really get the coil to clean out.

Now that you know what to do, why wait for the warm weather and for the refrigerator to start acting up before cleaning the coil? Get out the soap and water, the vacuum and air compressor and clean it out now. The cleaning will also help your refrigerator to run more efficiently and save you money.








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ac intermittently quits working, just replaced condenser, put dye in system at mechanics- no leaks

Have an AC repair shop hook up a set of AC pressure gauges while this is happening to see what is going on. You could have a defective AC compressor or a low refrigerant charge in the system. And as to the hot weather causing it to act up that would be normal, the AC would cool fine the cooler the outside air is, problems like worn out compressors and low system refrigerant charge levels would only show there ugly head in hot weather conditions. Also make sure the cooling fans fo rthe AC and engine are working properly. Good luck with this.

Refrigerator/freezer stopped cooling during a heat wave

Good day,
Turning the thermostat to a warmer setting should not have caused the machine to quit cooling. Actually, the engineers give you far less leeway than you might think.
The controls are more in a class of fine tuning, otherwise people would be getting themselves into trouble. The manufacturers simply design the warm and cold parameters in a fairly narrow range.
The best setting is normal. When away, the machine will run far less simply because of no door openings. Opening a door lets in large amounts of air every time it's done, which is where your cost to run it exists.
Two things. One, if the temp in the kitchen exceeded 90 degrees for any length of time, you are operating it beyond it's design range, however two, it sounds as if the thermostat hung up, causing your issue. You may want to have it replaced, but it would be useless to call anyone when it's performing normally.
There is no test on thermostats other than by observing their action when the machine is not operating properly.

refrigerator/freezer in garage not freezing

Most refrigerator Manufactures have tested these machines in hot and cold weather and weather will effect operation and electricity consuption.
As far as cold weather goes It would run much better in cold weather than hot. As far as it being in the garage : It will wear on it faster. The humidity is not good on them and they get more dirt through the system and will need its normal mantenance more often. not to mention bugs and rodents like to find a warm place to hid with fee dinking water and a refrigerator provides that for them.

ge refrigerator not making ice but once a week I dont know why it worked great and then it stops then a week later its fine again???????????????????????????????????????????????

I think your re fridge is getting to hot it will only make ice if it can freeze it, if its not staying cold enough it will cease making ice, with the weather we have been having hot one week hotter the next rain and get cool well 89deg beats 109 your refridge may be struggling to keep its cool pardon the pun. I don't think there is anything wrong with it but it is hard on the pump when it gets that hot try putting a standard box fan blowing at the coils so that it helps move some of that hot air away from it this should help some.

best wishes okcfirewall
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