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Dishwasher Trouble No Water entering Dishwasher

Your dishwasher will not let water into it. So you are wondering what the problem could be? There are usually two reasons for this problem. These two things can easily be explained so that you can find your problem.

The first thing that I am assuming is that you have water going to the dishwasher. Make sure that the problem is no external to the dishwasher before tearing into it and finding out later that you have a water feed problem.

Now that we have that clear, let’s focus on the dishwasher.
Problem #1 is usually the water inlet valve. To get to this valve you need to remove the bottom front access cover of the dishwasher. Behind this in one of the corners (usually) the water hose/pipe will hook to the inlet valve. This valve will have two and sometimes four wires going to it. Some valves will have an inlet screen right where the hose hooks up. Make sure that it is clean. If the valve is getting water and it has a slight buzz when it should be feeding water then the valve is bad. You need to replace it. If there is no current going to the valve then you have other problems and need to trace back the power problem.

The one other problem that is most common would be the float switch. This is a plastic round cylinder usually that rises up as the water level rises. If something happens to get stuck under it you will not be getting power to the inlet valve. If this switch has gone bad and is reading in the full position even though it is not, then you will have to replace that.

The inlet valve and the float switch are the most common problems for not getting water to your dishwasher. By finding out which is the problem you can easily fix your dishwasher and be going again.


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No water to dishwasher

The most common reason is the failure of the water solenoid.
This part is in the back and the bottom of the machine.
It has the hose hooked to it from under the sink, and it has a smaller hose that goes up to the dishwasher itself.
It also has a wire connector , usually with 2 wires.
Other reasons are: 1) The water is shut off to the infeed hose or
2) the control is broken that tells the solenoid to turn on the water. Be blessed.

what is the most usual reason for leakge on the AEG 6050?

The outlet pump is triggered by the anti flood micro switch via the polystyreene float on the base of the washer. If any water for whatever reason (leaky pipe)is on the floor the machiene automatically switches to pump out mode and only works once the water and the cause is rectified..

why is there no water coming into my dishwasher

There are two reasons that may cause the water not to enter the unit.
  1. Water-inlet valve. It lets water enter the machine. If this valve is defective, you need to completely replace it. It's usually located behind the lower access panel on the left or right side. It's the device with the main water line (usually copper) from the house, a rubber tube to the dishwasher, and two wires attached to it.
  2. Float switch.It is a small electrical switch located right below the dishwasher "floor." Above the switch, on the inside of the dishwasher, is a plastic cylinder that floats up as water fills the dishwasher. If this switch is defective, or if the plastic float gets caught or trapped in the raised position, the water can't enter the dishwasher. If the float switch is defective, you need to replace it.

Water Coming through pressure outlet near faucent

need more info has this just started or has this always been a problem

E1 Error Code

the only parts that usually leak are the motor shaft seal or the fill valve connector. The fill valve seal is usually lower than the motor, try putting in a small amount of water manually and increasing the level until the leak shows up. The device that is then covered in water is the leaker
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