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If you have ever loaded your washer and then came back later to find that it was still filling with water you of this frustration. The most common is for the cold water to stop or slow down before the hot water. There is a reason for this which I will explain later.

Many times if your washer is not filling it is because a very simple problem. The valve body that your hoses hook up to, has a screen inside to trap dirt and debris that may come along with your water. These screens stop the dirt and then after a time get so much dirt built up in them that the water can longer get through. When this happens you will get a slow fill and eventually stop the water completely.

It is very important that you check this regularly to make sure that when you have the washer on the warm setting that you are not only getting hot water through. If the cold is plugged and the hot not, then you will be getting hot only and not warm like you think.
The cold will often plug first because it is coming directly from the well or the street. This allows the water to drag the dirt with it. The hot water goes through the hot water heater where it slows down and settles the dirt to the bottom of the hot water heater. That is why you should be flushing you hot water heater regularly.

To get your water flowing again all you need to do is remove the hoses from the back of the washer. Turn off the valves to the hoses and then use a pair of pliers to remove the hoses from the valve body at the back of the washer. When you have the hoses removed then open the valve to the hose and run some water in a bucket to flush any dirt out of the hose. Then look just inside the valve body where the hose hooks up. The dirt will be stuck on the screen there. Use a small screw driver and carefully remove the dirt. A Q-tip works well the get the last of the dislodged dirt.

After cleaning, replace the hoses, turn on the water to the washer, and check for leaks before pushing your washer back in place. You now should have water from both the hot and the cold.

If you do not have water then the solenoid valve or valves may have failed. I will cover that problem in another “tip”.



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Washer stops by itself, have to press start continuously

I would check the inverter on top of the motor. The flashin led light is a code the code legend is on the wiring schematics behind the control panel

washer fills back up with water

sounds like a valve is not shutting off if you have two feeds it should be easy to find which one either the water will be hot or cold quite easy to change have to take lid off look on search engine for valves for your make and model should be very reasonable price.

Started a new load of wash and water never shut off flooding room

you can check for a broken/cracked/ dettached plastic hose leading from the back left side of tub to the pressure switch under the main console. usuall problem is it dry rots and cracks, or comes loose after shaking/vibrating,
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