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The correct way to sit: the most important advice
The sitting position affects the health of the body, especially if we are talking about sitting positions in front of the computer for long hours at work! So, here are the most important instructions and rules in this regard.
The correct way to sit: the most important advice
If you are someone who sits at the desk at work for long hours every day, we will give you the following important tips to avoid any health problems that may affect you as a result of the wrong sitting:
1- Supporting the back
Back pain can be avoided by adjusting the chair, so that the lower back is well supported to the back of the chair, and the correct adjustment of the chair reduces stress on the back.
Here, an easy-to-adjust chair must be used, so that its height, back position and inclination can be changed, as the knees must be made at the level of the hips, and it is possible to use a footrest to achieve this.
2- Modification of the chair
The chair must be adjusted to be able to use the keyboard so that the wrists and palms are straight and at the level of the desktop, as this position helps prevent repeated stress injuries.
The elbows should be on either side of the body with the arms forming an L-shape with the elbow joint.
3- Resting the feet on the ground
The feet must be straight on the ground, but if they are not straight, then you must look for a footrest to rest them at a comfortable level.
Crossing the legs should be avoided as much as possible, as this position may cause sitting problems.
4- Place the screen at eye level
The screen must be directly opposite the beholder, and it is good to place the screen at an arm's length so that the top of the screen is approximately at eye level, and it is also possible to use a screen platform to achieve this.
If the screen is too high or low, then the neck must be bent, which is an uncomfortable and unhealthy position.
5- Using the keyboard
The keyboard should be placed in front of the user while typing, leaving a gap of about 6 inches (100-150 mm) at the front of the table to place the wrists during typing periods.
The wrists should be straight when using the keyboard and keep the elbows perpendicular under the shoulders and on either side of the body.
Some people prefer to use wrist rest to keep them straight and level with keys.
6- Keep the mouse close
When using the mouse, it should be held as close as possible. A mouse holder and wrist rest will help to keep them straight and avoid annoying bending.
7- Avoid screen mirroring
The screen should be free of gloss as much as possible, and if there is shine in the screen, a mirror can be placed opposite the screen to find out the reason.
The screen should also be placed in such a way that reflection from the overhead light or sunlight can be avoided. Curtains can be pulled over the windows and the lighting on the table can be replaced by ceiling lighting if necessary.
Adjusting the screen's brightness and contrast also makes it easy to use comfortably on the eyes and posture.
8- Use glasses when working
Some people may find bifocal glasses not ideal for working with a computer, so it is necessary to be able to work without raising or lowering the head to try to look at the screen.
When wearing bifocal glasses during work is uncomfortable, then you should try to look for another type of glasses or other options such as contact lenses, and it is possible to consult an ophthalmologist if you are confused.
9- Easy access to tools
Repeatedly used items (such as: telephone, stapler) should be placed within reach, and avoid stretching and turning to reach the objects.
10- Avoid twisting when using the phone
If prolonged use of the phone is necessary in your work, it is possible to use headphones instead of grasping the phone grip, as holding the phone repeatedly between the ear and the shoulder can strain the neck muscles.

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