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Generator runs great but produces no power

On Thursday last week I had 220 amp outlet being used and a 110 amp outlet being and overloaded the generator. It turned out to be the reset breakers failed to trip and blew the capacitor. The reset breakers I would suggest replacement after 7 years very easy to do on a 5500 Valsi generator 2010 model still running and now producing electric. And of course use only regular gas non Ethanol.

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Generator is low on power

Most need a 200 amp circuit, if you're running a 100 amp circuit it won't have the same power. You can get 220 out of a 100 amp circuit but it will have half the power available as a 200 amp circuit. Your outlet may not be wired correctly either. a 220 should be on one double breaker, not one single breaker. If it's on only one breaker or fuse, then you don't actually have 220, you have 110 wired to work a 220 plug. Without seeing what you're working with, hard to say exactly. Try the welder on a different outlet, I take it you had it in a different outlet before.. so when you try it in that outlet and if it has full power there, then you know it's the circuit you're running it off of. Also as parts wear in the welder, the power output can deteriorate, but that's unlikely.

Briggs and Strattion portable generator model 030324-0, 5550 watts. Has 220 but no 110 power.

There are reset breakers on the control panel. If the 110 outlets are GFI protected then the issue could be your cord or appliance. Please try some other type of item (Tool or lamp). If the breaker was over whelmed and tripped the breaker. The breaker is labeled and mounted on the control panel as well. Please write back if there is anything else.

Answer not provided. Please read my question.

is it 110 or 220? if it is a 110 first check your breaker/ fuse panel for tripped breaker or blown fuse if 220 it would be a double breaker. if you find tripped breaker remember some panels require you to turn the breaker fully off then back on to reset. if 110 and no blown breakers, check your laundry room for a GFI (ground fault interrupt) outlet. make sure that it is not tripped either. to reset that just push the reset button on the outlet. best of luck to you
Nov 19, 2015 • Dryers

electrical issue...220 dryer outlet problem

ok start at the pannel is there a double breaker there
usually a 30 amp two pole breaker this is how a pannel works first breaker pulls 120 off of one side of pannel second breaker pulls off 120 off the other side of pannel if you look the buss bars you will see that they interchange from one side of the pannel to the other so at the breaker you are checking make sure you have 120 v on output of one half of breaker and 120 on second half of breaker when you use a volt meter put one side to gng the other side to wire comming out of breaker you should have 120 on both sides if not you have a bad or tripped breaker
Apr 24, 2010 • Hammering

10,000 watt generator 220 plug doesn't work

Most generators have several circuits incorporated within the windings. There are usually two 115v windings, one or two windings that produce power and sensing voltage for the regulator that supplies power to the armature (produces magnetic force) and sometimes a 12v winding to supply power to charge the battery. The two 115v windings power one 115v plug each and together power the 220v plug. Each outlet has a breaker and or ground fault. Since the 115v plugs are working indicates that the 220v plug must have an open/broken wire or faulty breaker. Easy to check, however you must open cover to wiring compartment and trace wires. Should be easy fix. You do not have to start engine to find broken wire. Use ohm meter instead. With engine off, Insert probes into 115v plug and obtain ohm reading. Then insert probes into second 115v plug and obtain similar reading. Look for same reading at the 220v plug (remember 2 circuits of 115v, ground and neutral). Good luck with your repair and email if you have other question.
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