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How to calibrate a Bunn CWTF commercial coffee brewer

1. you need a 64 ounce graduated measuring cup or bucket
2. make sure the brewer is heated up to temp and the green light on the front is lit
3. open the front panel of the brewer
4. put the microswitch on the circuit board to "unlock" position
5. make sure the sprayhead is cleaned and open, the brew basket is on, and the measuring cup is in place to catch the water
6. press and hold the brew switch until the inlet solenoid clicks 3 times, then release
7. once the water level is at about 40 ounces, turn the main red switch off and let the rest of the water come out
8. if it brews short, press and hold the brew switch again until the 3 clicks, then press and release the brew switch for 2 more second of brew time (up to 5 times per brew)
9. if it brews too much, press and release the brew switch for two less seconds of brew time (up to 5 times), then press and hold the brew switch until the 3 clicks then release
10. once you get to 64 ounces, put the switch on the circuit board to lock and replace the panel
11. enjoy!

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Jan 04, 2018 | Cars & Trucks

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carraffe overflowing

first, delime the sprayhead and the trough drain in the top with a flathead screwdriver to ensure maximum flow. next, you'll need a measuring cup or bucket that goes up to 64 ounces. then follow the instructions on the front panel

Feb 17, 2014 | Bunn CWTF 15-APS Coffee Maker

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bunn coffee maker cwtf15 water is boiling over

if it's actually boiling, replace the high temp limit fuse on the top of the tank on the inside rear of the brewer. may be stuck shut. if it's just overflowing the container, recallibrate by using a 64 ounce measuring cup and the instruction on the inside of the front panel

Oct 02, 2013 | Bunn CWTF 15-APS Coffee Maker

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Weak coffee

you'll have to recallibrate. use a 64 ounce measuring cup and follow the instructions on the inside of the front panel.

Aug 08, 2013 | Bunn CWTF20-3 Automatic Coffee Brewer -...

2 Answers

no pot or instructions, how much water do you put in the coffee pot?Need a replacement pot for vp17 series. thank you

You should be able to pick up a replacement/new pot at your nearest Restaurant Supply store. Make sure you get a 64 oz./ 1/2 gallon pot.
Before plugging in your brewer, unscrew the sprayhead located just above where the filter basket sits and replace the basket, pour 3 pots of cold water through the opening on the top if the brewer is empty. This brewer has a reservoir that holds about 2 1/2 pots of water at brewing temperature when heated. Make sure you put an empty pot under the filter basket after pouring in the water. Water will flow from the brew basket when the reservoir has reached its capacity. Once water flows you can then plug in and energize your brewer and replace the sprayhead. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes for the brewer to reach brew temp, you will hear the heating stop. Put an empty filter and a dose of coffee (I recommend starting with a heaping measuring cup of drip ground coffee) into the filter basket, lightly shake it level, replace the basket and pour through 1 full pot of COLD water in the top. For best results pour the brewed coffee into a pre-heated thermal server if you plan on holding the coffee for more than 10 minutes or so.

Jan 04, 2011 | Bunn VP17-1 Coffee Maker

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