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Registry Tricks for the HTC Wizard (T-mobile MDA)

Congratulations on your purchase of the HTC Wizard.  It truely is an awesome phone.  There are a number of registry tweaks you can do to this phone to increase performance.  Here is a simple guide to help.


First off, your phone is made by a company called HTC.  The actually name of your device is an HTC wizard, so forget about whatever name was given to it by your cell phone provider, and get used to the fact it is an HTC Wizard.  This phone has been sold all over the world under 11 different names.  There is a large community of owners of HTC Wizards online, try googling it to find out information.


Now, on to the hacks


First off.  Go download a program called Total Commander.  This program works much like file explorer does, but it also allows you do access the phone registry.  If you are at all familiar with the windows registry on a computer, then you will feel at home in the windows mobile registry, it's very similar.


Once you've found and installed total commander open it up on the phone.  The registry will be inside of the very top folder nammed " \\ "


Inside \\ you will see registry, then HKLM (local machine), HKCU (current user), and HKCR.


Now just go to the values listed below in the registry and change the values accordingly...


Disable  Menu Animations (saves processing power and system ram)

  • Assign a value of 0 to AniType


    Extra speed (these settings add system cache, you lose a bit of free memory, but the device processes data quicker)

  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\FATFS\
  • Assign a value of 4096 to CacheSize
  • Assign a value of 1 to EnableCache


  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\Filters\fsreplxfilt\
  • Assign a value of 4096 to ReplStoreCacheSize


    Enable Wireless G  (802.11g) network access on your Wizard


  • Assign a value of 1 to dot11SupportedRateMask
  • Assign a value of 8 to dot11SupportedRateMaskG


    Once you've added all of these changes close total commander and perform a "soft reset".  You do this by holding the power button until the dialog box appears asking if you are sure you want to shut down.  Select yes and turn off the phone.  Then simply reboot it and your changes are now in effect.



    I also recommend a program called Batterystatus.  You can download batterystatus here





    This program adds a ton of features to the wizard. The most amazing is the ability to overclock your HTC Wizards processor!


    A program called OMAPCLOCK was made that works with our phones that can change the processor speed. Batterystatus can automate this program do auto-overclock your device and it even reapplies the overclock when you wake the phone back up from a screen off position.  It also does a scaling feature that will actively change the processors speed based on what you are doing.  The HTC Wizard runs default at around 200mhz (mine reads 195mhz).  I can overclock mine to 247mhz with no issues at all.  Anything higher and I crash. You can underclock the processor safely to around 100mhz and save a ton of battery life when you aren't using the phone.  Like I said, anything higher than 247 doesn't work on mine, I've heard some of them can run at 270, but please understand the higher you go the more likely the chance to burn out the processor becomes and that can only be solved by getting a new phone.  Play it safe and overclock to 247mhz.  Make sure you check the reapply overclocking at wake option box.


     You can view your active wifi network connection directly on the main screen (today screen).  You can view battery percentage left directly on today screen too. 


    The program also adds the much needed option to actually close a program when you check the X box.  Normally when you hit X it actually just minimizes the program, but this can cause your memory to fill up and eventually slow your phone down very badly.  There are simply too many other features of batterystatus to list, install it and check it out yourself.



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    HTC HD is getting stuck very often

    Yes, every phone that uses windows mobile, needs soft reset a day, and if you instal a tweak will make it run bit smooth.
    google for it as: htd hd tweak xda

    Phone display is gone within a few seconds

    Use a registry editor and look for the following string:

    Change value from 1 to 0.
    Then soft reset.

    If you don't want to use a registry editor, make sure you have Compact Framework .net 3.5 and use Schap's Advanced Config (make sure it is for the HTC Kaiser).
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