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If the battery is removable. Make sure it is correctly inserted and connected. Also, make sure any on/off switches are turned to the on position, and that you have any battery terminals or cables secure.

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Razor E100... | Answered on May 29, 2010

The chargers are pretty fragile - I've seen several dead ones. If the light doesn't go on when you plug it in you pretty well need a new one.

Razor E100... | Answered on Apr 11, 2010

When you repaired it, instead of the throttle handle activating the power to run, its stuck in the "on" position.

Razor E100... | Answered on Feb 12, 2010

This scooter you have to be pushing it a certain speed before the electric motor will kick in. Also be sure it has a good charge before trying it. I know these have to be moving a certain speed before they will engage the motor. hope this helps have a wonderful evening.

Razor E100... | Answered on Feb 04, 2010

Hola. Podria tartarse de un problema de carga, esta segura que la bateria cargo correctamente? hay muchos problemas que sugieren problemas con las baterias, incluso, que el equipo funcione pero demasiado lento

La bateria debe estar descargada comletamente antes de ponerla a cargar nuevamente; por lo general, los equipos viene con una carga minima de tienda; funciono el scooter con esta carga minima? Deberia usarse esta carga minima, y luego poner a cargar la bateria, de otra fdorma, se acorta la vida util de la misma.

Si usted oye el clic de relay, al momento de darle encendido, el controlador está bien.

O el cargador no está plenamente de carga de las baterías, o una de las baterías no tendrá carga y necesita ser reemplazado. Compruebe la tensión inmediatamente después de una carga, y después de dejar de operarlo.

Un par de baterías completamente cargadas leerá 26 voltios o menos. Incluso después de 20 minutos de montar la tensión sigue siendo de 24 voltios. El controlador contiene un circuito de bajo voltaje de corte - si el voltaje de la batería baja demasiado (20 voltios?) El motor se detiene para evitar daños a la misma.

Revice los mandos, podria tratarse de alguna falla interna en los circuitos (transistores, etc). En su dfecto, si fue comprada recientemente, sugiero aplicar a la garantia del producto con el vendedor.

Espero haberte ayudado.

Razor E100... | Answered on Jan 07, 2010

the batteri have mabey stay for to long whitout jus or charge. charge bi use another bateri whit same volt.check also if the charger is give power out. atlist 10% of the amps of the batteri. many chargers are eletronic and wil not carg wen they are over loded jus the batteri to charge first than jus charger.

Razor E100... | Answered on Dec 04, 2009

Don't worry! Connect the cables anyway. If the scotter goes backward, then invert the cables.

Razor E100... | Answered on Nov 20, 2009


Hope these help - the first image is the top of the PCB

Razor E100... | Answered on Nov 06, 2009

its dead they need to be recharged every time they have been used

Razor E100... | Answered on Jul 18, 2009

I HAVE THE SOLUTION!! No, it's not what you're going to want to hear, but I have it nonetheless. The cheapest and easiest way you're going to fix this issue is by firmly grabbing the scooter, hoisting it directly upwards, clearing the rim and depositing it into your nearest refuse container. This is junk at its finest, brought to you from the worst in value and service, the Razor Company.

I did a little investigation into this problem as I too experienced what everyone that owns a Razor scooter does; it works for about two months, then suddenly the "battery stops holding a charge". You can Google Razor scooter issues and get page after page of this happening, along with more pages of frustrated people learning Razor won't do anything about it. But I digress.. back to the facts..

I need not repeat what I've already posted with regard to the issues surrounding my scooter, purchased Dec. '08 as a Christmas gift and not ridden (midwest snow) until the last month or two tops. So as I posted previously, it stops working and I'm assuming it's the batteries. I call my local Batteries Plus store and they say they can help. Here's where it gets interesting.

I bring in the entire scooter and charger. Let me say that I found the charger included in with my scooter.. "interesting?".. as directly underneath the red/green lights there are Chinese characters instead of English words, thus I never had any idea what these lights indicated. That notwithstanding, the test the charger on the spot and tell me it's working and is (pay attention here) 41 volts of charge. This means nothing to me at the time. I learn that testing the batteries in the scooter will take a couple days and they say they'll call with the results.

Before leaving, one of the CSR's engages me in a conversation about his identical experience with the Razor scooter he got for his kids one year prior. The circumstances mirrored everyone elses: it worked for 2 months, stopped working, he checks the batteries, replaces them, still doesn't work, he pitches it. Hearing this isn't making me feel any better.

So the weekend passes and here on Monday I get the call from Steve at Batteries Plus. Here's what he finds: There are 2 batteries in the scooter; one is at 60% of its life (this after a mere month of use) and the other is overcharged and 'swollen'. How can this be I wonder? I followed the charging instructions provided with my scooter TO THE LETTER, never leaving it charged for an extended period, etc. Well the answer is simple- the batteries for this scooter are 24 VOLT BATTERIES being charged by a charger that is outputting 41 VOLTS!! ALMOST DOUBLE THE VOLTAGE! It's overcharging the batteries and frying them out.

Steve said he removed and replaced the batteries with 2 brand new fully charged 24 volt batteries and it still didn't work. He surmised the switch that activates the motor, which is run through the charging system, was fried during its last overcharging.

Ergo, the charger included with these scooters is frying the scooters out in a very short period of time. To replace the charger, both batteries, and the switch would be more expensive than just pitching it and buying another brand new one.

This issie is Razor's fault and they should be willing to fix the issues (cue laugh track here). Go to their site and be ready to laugh at yourself for even bothering. Here's what I found. First I click the 'service/repair' tab, then am directed to the 'Razor Service Center Locater' to find the nearest service center to me to have it repaired. I entered my zip code and it said 'Sorry, no results found'. I then try my city/state, and again get 'Sorry, no results found'. Not looking good.

I then begin reading their return policy. It has a warranty that's good for 90 days from the DATE OF PURCHASE. Naturally, in my case I bought it in Dec. but since there was snow on the ground it was useless until spring; I was screwed before it even was given it's first charge. However, for the regular customer they'll find that even so, it's right at about the 2nd/3rd month when this thing takes it's final ride and as such, and through no fault of your own, your're totally screwed.

There are enough complaints on this scooter on the web that at minimum contacting the BBB is in order, and might I suggest a potential class-action lawsuit? This scooter retails still at $149, and like most of you I don't have $149 to throw in the trash every couple of months only to go and repurchase another "disposable" scooter.

So there it is. Not only are the batteries being overcharged and shot, but collateral damage to the electrical system is being done which is frying the switch that engages the motor and other things. Have your charger checked at your local Battery Plus (no charge) and you'll see they are putting out a defective product, and based on several hits on the internet they are clearly aware of it and do not care.

Razor E100... | Answered on May 11, 2009

sounds like you dont have the extender in ..... happened to me i had t return it and get a new one or go get a new extender at a bike shop.... mine was missing when i purchased it,

Razor E100... | Answered on Apr 24, 2009

Yes, Unfortunately it is a technical solution, the twist grip speed control is a potentiometer (variable resistor) other then limited the amount the twist grip is turned , the only other way to limit the speed is to add a fixed resistor to the "top" end of the "pot", lets say you want a 10% reduction and you have a 1000 ohm pot you would add a 100 resistor to the "top" of the pot, if it doesnt work correctly change the connection to the other endof the pot

Razor E100... | Answered on Mar 21, 2009

Hi there, charging normally takes approx. 16 hours. Do not leave the appliance connected to the mains for more than 24 hours.

I have included a link for the user manual for this product.

Razor Toys | Answered on Apr 18, 2020

so what had been hapening is that it could die depending if it was the battery that could aftfect with this. 24 volt battery, and can be ridden for up to 45 minutes after battery charging. The charge time recommended for this Razor electric scooter is about 10-12 hours after each use.

Razor Toys | Answered on Jan 02, 2020

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