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how can I copy my contacts from htc g1 onto sim

how can I copy my contacts from htc g1 onto sim card??

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Just Download Contact2Sim from the Android market.

Posted on Oct 04, 2009


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how do you download photos from G1 to laptop?

How do you download photos from G1 phone to a laptop?

I tried the USB port adapter between my phone and computer, except that the computer isn't reading a device to get photos from.

any advice is much appreciated.

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Step 1: Plug in your USB cable to your G1 T-mobile phone as well as the computer.
Step 2: On your G1 T-mobile phone you will see a small icon at the top of the screen that symbols the USB.
Step 3: Pull down the notification window down and click on USB Connection.
Step 4: Automatically on your laptop computer or just computer a window will pop up giving you the option of importing pictures and copying them or just viewing them.

These steps are the correct steps.....T-mobile G1 technical support has not yet modify these steps or include them on the T-mobile G1 manual.

By Mariel Canjura
Bronx, NY

Posted on Dec 05, 2008


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HTC G1 Repair

Is there a place I can repair the HTC G1? I'm thinking of getting one, but it is important for me that I'll have a place to repair it.

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Buying a new one would be very expensive. Go Visit HTC Repair Center located in Dallas Tx if you are local. If you are outside Dallas you can Mail-in your Phone to them.
For more information on HTC G1 Repair visit They are the best Cell Phone Repair Service Center in the Nation.

Posted on Jun 12, 2009


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ive locked my g1, too many wrong attempts on

ive locked my g1, too many wrong attempts on pattern code. now asking me for google email and password, as i normally used "hotmail" i made up a google one, now cant access it, tried everything through google but no luck, any factory rest modes when phone is locked??

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1. Turn the G1 off. If it’s frozen on, take the battery out and put it back in the unit.
2. Hold the Home and Power keys down at same time for about 25 seconds. You will see a yellow triangle screen with exclamation point in the middle.
Now to wipe the device clean:
3. Press Alt+L.
4. Press Alt+W for a factory reset.
5. Press the Home and Back keys again for about 25 seconds.
The device should then reset again and the hard reset is complete.

Posted on May 22, 2009


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how to add music to my g1

how do i add music from my computer to m g1?

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(1) Plub usb cable into G1 and computer. You should get a usb icon in the notification area of the G1; (2) Pull down the notification with your finger; (3) Select "Usb Connected" message; (4) Select "Mount" ; (4) On your computer, right click "Start", then click "Explore"; (5) Select the song(s) from where you keep your music, and select "copy"; (6) Go back to the left folders pane and click on the drive labelled "Removable Disk"; (7) Open the Music Folder; (8) then paste the songs there.

There are other ways to get from the computer to the G1, but this is the one I use. Hope that helps.


Posted on Nov 28, 2008


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g1 safe mode

hi can you please help me turn off the safe mode on my g1 ....i accident drop the phone..and when i pick it up somehow it turn the safe mode on ....and i download file it won't let me open it.

thank you

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Power the device off, while it is off press and hold the Menu button and the Red Power Button at the same time, when the phones boots back up the Safe Mode should be off. If this does not work a Master Reset may be required.

Posted on Feb 04, 2009


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speaker on g1 phone stopped working

Have been using a new g1 for the past month. The phone stopped working and so I tried rebooting by removing the battery and replacing. The phone turned on but the with little charge. I then charged it overnight and thought everything was fine. However, I noticed I wasn't getting any calls but then I would checked I there would be voice mail. I checked the ring volume and it's not highest level. The phone vibrates with incoming calls but there's no ring tone. I can call out but the speaker phone doesn't work. I tried changing ring tones and can't hear anything. Is it possible that I somehow turned off the speaker or am I looking at a broken phone?

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Well first of, there is your warranty, but if your phone breaks after expirations, there is both an T-Mobile G1 Repair Guide and a third party T-Mobile G1 Repair Service, so there is no need to worry.

Posted on May 20, 2009


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G1 touch screen not working

Every time I charge my phone, the touchscreen stops working. I will try and touch something at the top and it will click on something down at the bottom. Also, when i try to move it to the other screen it will get stuck shaking. And, the icons will sometimes go on, like i had selected them to go into the trash.

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my workaround is to charge with a different power source, or stop charging. i think it's the power source. for me, the touchscreen goes crazy when i'm charging via usb with this old computer, but it's fine when i stop charging. it's probably an unclean power source messing with the capacitance sensor.

Posted on Dec 16, 2008


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Why can't I received picture messages for my G1 Phone

I can get video messages but pictures wont come through at all is this a problem with all G1 phones or could this just be something with mine?

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The problem is that supposedly before you can receive picture messages, you have to send one first. Tell a friend that you are going to test it out on them and send them a picture message. It will take a while for it to go through
Then all the texts that you receive before with the "download' button in them in the place of a picture automatically turn into pictures.
Unfortunately as it stands there is no functionality for saving your MMS pictures directly onto your phone, the only way it can be done is you have to forward the message to your Gmail account, which will then arrive on your phone and from there you should be able to open the email and download the picture. To do so follow these steps
From the Home screen, touch the Applications button.
Touch Messaging.
Touch the message that contains the picture or video.
Press and hold in an empty space in the message.
Touch Forward.
Type a space or other character in the forwarded message (in subject or body of message)
At To, type the e-mail address.
Press the Menu key and touch Send.
Once received in the email this can be saved but the problem is when saved it may save it without a file extension therefore making it unviewable later
Best of luck
And do let me know if it helped

Posted on Mar 04, 2009


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E: can't open?sdcard?

E: can't open/sdcard/

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apparently your sd card that came in the phone is not being read properly. Remove the card and clean it with a cloth and put it back in the phone. I am assuming this occured while you were receiving an update on your phone.
here is a procedure that may help get your updated.
download update from here:

other place :

1- copy to sdcard root the file with the name (update) with ext (zip)

2-insert sdcard to phone and hold home key and press (end call or turn on)

3. when you see a triangle and small cellular picture open the keyboard and press (alt+L)

4-you will see yellow text, press (alt+S) check what will do in the text.

5- when you finish press home +back to reboot and wait. for the flash of radio

6-you will see chip picture with arrow..wait,wait AND THE PHONE REBOOT ITSELF.


Posted on Jun 04, 2009

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