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Either the bottom outlet washer or the inlet valve washer needs replacing. It is a common condition, and if unsure, call a handyman in. An expensive plumber should not be needed.

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That's an interesting one! Does the flush valve close properly so the tank can refill? Does the float valve allow the tank to refill fully, to near the top of the overflow? That can be adjusted, if it doesn't.

Check fhe flush valve - you may have an obstruction under it. Also check the water port from the bowl side - feel up inside the port for obstructions or buildup of hard water deposits.


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Ower thus keeping the water level lower in the bowl. If this is a new style toilet , then you won't get it any higher. The design is such that the "S" trap is lower thus keeping the water level in the bowl lower. This is part of an ecological water saving move. If this is an older toilet, then you have ablocage in the trap and needs to be cleaned out to allows the water to rise up properly.

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Increase the bowl level by adjusting the fill valve

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One of two things are going on here and it could be a combination of bough. The fill valve is not completely turning off or most likely the flush valve flapper has or is going bad and needs to be replaced. I'm betting on the flapper being the problem.

These video well help.


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Yes, but you need to run the pipe all the way up the side of the house past the roof eves...


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i would say that this is a good thing simply because it sounds as though it's evacuating very well,..just what you want it to do,....

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The wax ring is leaking and needs to be replaced

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That is a tricky one. Tighten the tabs, twist into place, then tighten a bit more. They are a pain in the a$$, but with patience you will get it done. Good luck

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why is this a problem to you? Is it filling too little or too much? First, you must make sure the refill tube is not more than 3/4" into the over -flow tube. If you have a float arm ,you must bend slightly the arm to change the level. Or if you have a fill valve float bobbin, you need to slide the adjustment up or down the appropriate amount. The water level should be at least 5/8" to 1" below the top of overflow tube. Goodluck, macgivor

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Home depot will have the longer ones. take the short ones with you. they should no more tha $3

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Had a similar problem with a Wellworth after changing out all the replaceable parts. The new triangle gasket + nut kit was missing the flat anti-friction ring needed to allow the plastic nut to be hand tightened enough against the rubber gasket - without the ring the friction stops the nut turning, and you get a leak because there isn't enough pressure on the gasket. Retrieved the old ring from the trash & put it in - works perfect now! not sure if this is your problem too, but you might want to check the locknut / gasket tightness & seal.

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Kohler is correct. The most likely cause of this problem is an obstruction in the common vent stack that both toilets share. When you flush the old toilet it need more air to flush and will get it from the easiest source (your new water saver toilet). First adjust the float level in the old toilet so it won't use as much water or just stick a brick in the tank to take up space.Second, run a snake down the vent stack from the roof to check for obstructions. Birds will sometimes nest in there.

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Make a small mark with a pencil or marker that can be erased of were your water line is in your bowl. Pour some water from a bucket into the bowl SLOWLY and see if the water line rises or drops back down to your original mark. If it drop back to the original mark, then that is the way the toilet was made. You won't be able to do anything about it. If it rises and stays at a higher level, then you have a problem with the fill tube in the tank. You will need to call a Pro!

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Contact Kohler service department for a free replacement

Bidets ' Bathroom ' KOHLER

www.us.kohler.com > browse > bathroom-bidets
Browse KOHLER bidets. Designed to complement the styles of KOHLER toilets and faucets. ... Puretide™ Quiet-Close™ Elongated manual bidet toilet seat.

Intelligent Toilets and Cleansing Seats ' Bathroom ' KOHLER

www.us.kohler.com > article > CNT121600001
KOHLER intelligent toilets sense your approach, open automatically and close and flush when you leave. Or a heated seat that nestles you in luxurious warmth?

Kohler Home | Answered on Feb 20, 2020 | 99 views

We had a problem with phantom flushing. Call Kholer. They will send redesigned battery holder and top of flush unit for free. Seems to have fixed the issue.

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The only batteries are in the docking station. If the remote is attached to the docking station, take that off and set it aside. Next, carefully lift the docking station up and out from the mounting bracket. Look at the back of the docking station, push the two tabs outwards (away from each other) simultaneously to open the battery compartment cover. Replace the batteries (4 AAs) in the correct orientation. Reinstall the cover. Then replace the docking station on the mounting bracket and put the remote back on the dock if desired.

These directions are shown in the Homeowner's Guide (without the service parts) available on the product page: https://www.us.kohler.com/us/veil-intelligent-comfort-height-skirted-one-piece-elongated-dual-flush-toilet/productDetail/toilets/1120267.htm . Scroll down to the Installation section to find the link to the document. The current link to this guide is https://www.us.kohler.com/webassets/kpna/catalog/pdf/en/1226974_5.pdf .

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Request the parts list from Kohler.

Kohler Home | Answered on Dec 08, 2019 | 102 views

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