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Replace the tank water fill valve. Change the flush flapper too. You can get a complete kit from hardware stores.

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I had the same issue wit my champion toilet the issue was finally resolved by using a plastic drain snake and cleaning out the flush tube at bottom of drain (1" hole at bottom of drain facing toward front of toilet) mine was restricted down to 1/2" "bad casting I think"

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What is getting caught unger the flapper?
If your referring the chain that pulls the flapper up when you engage the level, that can be easy fixed by shortening/removing the links from the chain.
You can also remove the flapper and clean the hard water residue so it can create a proper seal.
Once your finished you can perform a test to ensure no more water is making it through when the flapper is sealed.
Flush the toilet, watch for the flapper to close. Once closed drop a couple drops of blue food coloring into the tank and /sigh.... Wait to see if you see it coming out into the toilet bowl. Check back in a half an hour. If no blue... Good job.
Hope this helps.

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That is the way the toilet is designed. There is not a large water surface in this brand of toilet.

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Check to be sure small tube is flowing inside the ovefow tube. This is the water that flushes the rim holes, and refills the bowl. If you don't have flow clean or replace the float valve.

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This toilet is a Water Sense toilet and it only uses 1.28 gallons per flush and no more. The tank is never going to completely drain with this low flush toilet. It is designed that way. Make sure the tank is filling to the fill mark inside the tank. If not adjust the fill valve until it does. Federal law says that a toilet can use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush. If you can take this toilet back and get a refund I suggest you do so and buy a Toto toilet. They are the best flushing toilet on the market. Watch it in action.

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The flapper is designed to close quickly. It holds more water in the tank then it uses to flush. That way it is ready to flush again quickly.
If it is not removing all the contents then there may be an issue with venting or blockage in the pipe.

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Depends how old your toilet is, it may be a calcium build up problem on your little inlet pipe inside your tank, but first check your water shut off valve on left side of your toilet near the wall....It may not be open all the way OR the valve has an issue...

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Hey, One thing is that maybe there might be some loose plastic shavings in the fill line. From the Factory? or maybe was inside the water line going to the toilet when you connected the line to toilet. Shut off the water and get some towels and something to catch the water and disconnect it from the toilet and use bowl or what ever to catch the water and slowly turn it on and see if anything comes out. Maybe if it is in the line inside the toilet it might fall out by lightly tapping on the fill line inside the toilet to help it fall out. Just a thought when you said it "Sings" that sounds like trash inside the line going to the filler tube and bowl, hey try it who knows it might work. Okay

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First, carefully remove your tank lid, and place it where it won't break or fall. Look for a four-digit number located on the back of the tank, near the water level mark. This is your tank model number. If the number starts with a two, it is a one-piece toilet.

Then....visit this link:

Good Luck!

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More likely the sensor has malfunctioned.

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these are called phantom flushes. the water is slowly leaking around flapper or the is a scratch of the flapper seat. I use fluidmaster parts

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Toilets wear out from mineral deposits. Fixn may cost more then new. Googl used commodes first

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Water turned off or fill valve bad.

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I think it's not a wise decision to clean a toilet fill valve, rather than buy a new toilet fill valve and replace with the old one.


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