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How to tighten mown faucet. Wobbles at base on countertop

There are screws that come up through the bottom. You may have to remove the faucet to tighten it. While you have it out, throw it away and buy a new one.
7/13/2019 6:57:46 AM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Jul 13, 2019

How to tighten Moen Handle...Not leaking, just

Replacement parts can be found on amazon, click here and take a look: Award winning faucets and shower heads. Have a nice day
3/2/2019 7:59:01 PM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Mar 02, 2019

Our new moen camerist kitchen faucet seemed to be

take the handle off the hot water side. unscrew the cartridge and check for sediment.
11/12/2017 2:20:54 AM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Nov 12, 2017

How do you tighten the swivel part of moen faucet

you need to take off the handle and tighten up the bonnet nut becarefull not to damage the o-rings inside or it will leak yu just need to make sure and take care that the spout is all the way down before you crank down on the bonnet nu
10/26/2014 3:09:01 AM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Oct 26, 2014

Moen kitchen sink faucet side sprayer is stuck on

We had this same problem. We twisted off the sprayer cap to access the diverter valve under the trigger. The nylon diverter was stuck down into the cavity and was not popping out when the trigger was released. We pushed it down several times with needle nosed pliers to release it then applied a drop of household oil lubricant with the valve pushed all the way in. Then pushed and released several times to work the lubricant around the sides of the valve. After re-assembly, the sprayer seems to work perfectly again.
12/24/2013 1:36:21 PM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Dec 24, 2013

I can't turn faucet from one kitchen tub to other and hose is difficult to pull out

Look under your sink. The house is caught on something like your drain or something under the sink..
10/8/2013 2:20:59 PM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Oct 08, 2013

Water only dribbles out from

first thing is check the airateor this is the little screen that the water flows out of which makes it look like bubbles. Take a channel lock and just get a whole on the outer chorme section sticking down about a 1/4 of a inch. Turn it clock wise slowly and remove it. You will see all kinda of junk in there.

Run the waterwith out the section you just removed. at the same time palce the device under the running water and wash away the junk. you might want to run your finger nail over it to help wash away every thing.

The turn off the water and re install.

Hope this worked forr you and you have a great weekend

7/31/2013 5:45:27 PM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Jul 31, 2013

Cold water flow is slow and handle is starting to

Not sure whether you are aware or not but most times, if you call moen with your model number and explain the problem your having, they will usually send you (free of charge-lifetime warranty) the part with instructions on repairing it along with it. You may have the 7800 series, but there are 3 or 4 different models if you check their site, and can identify the actual model, they will send you repair parts. Tell them you bought it ? years ago, and don't have the receipt, if they even ask.
try this link, if no luck, get back to me.
7/5/2013 9:40:04 PM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Jul 05, 2013

How do I get cover off moen 7840 kitchen faucet

Use a small flat-head screwdriver. Insert behind the small cover and 'pop' it off.
12/29/2011 3:58:40 AM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Dec 29, 2011

Our single handle faucet began leaking severely

Take the cartridge out, Place a mug style cup over the open faucet. Now if your arms are long enough you can do it alone. If not have some one under the sink and open the valves both hot and cold.

You might have left junk inside from the old cartridge. Then place your hand on top to cover the hole where the cartridge was and see if water comes out of the spout,

If you done get water out remove the spout and clear ir and put it all back together again.

Be safe. Best of luck


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9/10/2011 8:49:53 PM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Sep 10, 2011

Facet will not move left

remove the handle then there is a retaining nut under that, remove the nut and as you push right to left pull up at the same time. Get smoe food grade lube and repalce as you took it a part

Best of luck

9/8/2011 4:44:41 AM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Sep 08, 2011


That is your O ring, that is worn out. You turn off your water of course from main valve, normally under sink, take apart faucet, top has set screw. take apart the part (lever the you use to turn on and off, under that is a o ring, there is also one at the base where facet hooks on at the base. What I have people do, to make it real easy for you to do yourself is, right down the model number, also take a picture of it, go down to your local home depot, or lowels or even a plumbing store, and show them the picture, as well as give them brand and model number. This is called the cheater way to fix. What they will do is show you the same facet or a brand that matches, and show you where the 0 rings are and how it comes apart and how to fix it, it is real easy job to do yourself. Instead of you reading a bunch of high tec manuals, this way it is hands on, sight on directions from a guy at a plumbing store. Don't feel to bad, cause you are going to buy the 0 ring from them. They usually cost like 5 bucks.

I hope this helped you , Mike

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6/25/2011 5:59:01 AM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Jun 25, 2011

Handle won't stay up

I did the same thing recently, that is replaced the cartridge on my moen kitchen faucet to stop and leak, and I also have the same problem. I called moen back and they sent me another cartridge that was supposed to fit tighter, I suppose. I just put the new one in and it still wont stay up. I'm going to call moen one more time and then I guess I'll have to buy another faucet, but NOT moen!!! Good luck with yours.
7/22/2010 12:56:48 AM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Jul 22, 2010

Trying to be a plumber for my daughter & son-i...

The sometimes it works OK puzzles me a little, but I will do my best here. From the description you gave my first thought is the water saver in the aerator. If you havn't already, remove the aerator on the end of the spout and turn on the water and see if that makes a difference. If so you may want to remove the water saver from the aerator. It is usualy a plastic peice about the size of a dime with a small hole or holes in it. While you have this apart you may want to clean the screens as well. The works sometimes may mean that the diverter dor the spray is hanging and that is another story alltogether. Try the aerator fist. I hope this helps.
5/25/2010 6:21:51 PM • Moen 7840... • Answered on May 25, 2010

I have a Moen Single Handle kitchen faucet, it's

Replace the "O" rings that are behind the spout portion. You will have to remove the top of the faucet and pull up on the spout section. There will be a couple of "O" rings there. It is best to have Moen send the parts to you as locating the proper size "O" rings can be difficult.
4/6/2010 12:50:52 PM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Apr 06, 2010

When hooked up to water supply faucet doers not have pressure

Take the water saver out. it restricts the flow of water. it is underneath the screen. Unscrew the spout and take out the screen. above the screen there's a little piece that's round with holes in it. Remove it and put the spout back together. hope this helps!
1/4/2010 8:40:19 PM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Jan 04, 2010

Handle is stiff and leaking at base. It appears I

Moen products almost all have a lifetime warranty.  I know they have a website because I queried & found a phone number called them & got replacement guts for my unit for about $8.00, Quality counts in my book! 
7/23/2009 12:50:41 AM • Moen 7840... • Answered on Jul 23, 2009

Moen single lever kitchen faucet leaking at base

base leak is from bad o ring or loose spout very easy fix you can get a washer kit at lowes all you need is a allen wrench(sometimes comes in kit) a pair of channel lock pliers
5/17/2009 12:46:04 PM • Moen 7840... • Answered on May 17, 2009

Water pressure is good on sprayer but only trickles out of spout this is on a Moen kitchen faucet

Check the aerator, or replace it could be plugged
12/10/2022 7:24:32 PM • Moen Plumbing • Answered on Dec 10, 2022
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