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Hi, I know this question's been up a while and I'm not sure if you care anymore but here goes anyway.

Most air conditioners are reverse cycle, so they can heat the air in your house or cool it down. What we are concerned with is the cooling side of things. So in this mode a working liquid is sprayed into the evaporator and cools its immediate surroundings. air is blown over the evaporator which cools the air. The local temperature around the evaporator is very cold, (how cold exactly I'm not sure) so the air in this region has a very poor ability to hold water and so (especially on a humid day) water condenses out of this air on the surface of the evaporator, is collected and drained away. The cooling function and dry function both use the "cooling" mechanism of the air conditioner. Both extract water from the air in this way but the primary purpose of the cooling function is to cool the air whereas the primary function of the dry setting is to dry the air... obvious I know.

Now in the dry setting the compressor will run with fan going at I imagine a relatively slow speed to chill and extract as much water from the air as possible and to minimise circulation. After a short time the compressor and fan will cut-out and then after a short interval start up again (I'm not really sure but I assume this is either controlled by a humidity sensor OR the temperature sensor monitors for a small change in temperature and shuts off the compressor and fan when it detects this). Now in cooling mode (depending on what temperature is set) the compressor will run for longer and more frequently and therefore remove more water. So why have a dry mode if cooling mode removes more water?... Well that really has the same answer as the question "when do I use dry mode?"

Well on a particular day where the temperature would normally be considered comfortable but on this day it is unusually humid, your body will find it difficult to radiate heat via sweat because of the already high RH (relative humidity) making you uncomfortable and feel "hot". Using dry mode will reduce this RH without adjusting the temperature by much, but you will perceive an ambient temperature drop due to your body being able to discard heat more easily... hence making you more "comfortable" in same way you would normally feel at that temperature.

On the contrary if you were to use cooling mode (which is regulated by temperature) you would have to set a temperature lower than ambient so that the compressor will "kick-in" rather than the air conditioner just running its fan...agree? So that means the air conditioner will reduce RH (which we want) giving you a perceived temp drop but it is also chasing the temperature which you set which will give a REAL temperature drop. So anyway the point is; if it was an unusually humid day on what would otherwise be a comfortable temperature, using cooling (remember the temp has to be set lower than ambient) instead of dry would result in you feeling cold very quickly due to the perceived AND real temperature drop.

So really the dry setting is for days which aren't too hot, but are humid.

I think my logic makes sense.

cheers Matt

LG L1204R Air... | Answered on Sep 01, 2015

241 Central controller data sending error. Either defective CNU or Central controller initialisation failure

LG Klima Arza Kodlar pdf

Lg Air Conditioning Fault Codes


LG L1204R Air... | Answered on Jun 17, 2015

There PROBABLY isn't one. Look instead for a drin hole in the bottom of your unit that has most likely become plugged with debris of some sort. If it's spilling over into your room/house, you'll have to figure out how to shut it off, power down, and pull the unit out of it's housing and into your room, THEN you'll better be able to locate this drain hole which will most likely be located near the rear of the unit. SOMETIMES there isn't one and it depends on the FAN to disperse the water, in which case you CAN ALSO MAKE A DRAIN HOLE near the rear at the bottom. Just be careful you don't drill into the pressurized system as you do this or you'll have much worse problems. I hope this helps you out.

LG L1204R Air... | Answered on Jun 28, 2014

The filter is behind the front panel on the indoor unit. Look for a thumb or finger grip at each side of the panel and lift the bottom of the panel out and up. The filters should be seen as soon as you lift the panel. The filters will slide out. Wash them under running water by hand. Don't scrub , vacuum or brush them. They are quiet fragile and any harsh scrubbing will damage them. Cheers.

LG L1204R Air... | Answered on Mar 30, 2014

Dry Mode in AC is to dehumidify the room the fan cycles on and off and the indoor unit temperature drops below freezing which causes condensate to collect on the coil and as a result the humidity level of the indoor air is reduced

LG L1204R Air... | Answered on Dec 10, 2011

There is no knob to turn for this model of air conditioner to adjust the thermostat. You can use the remote to choose three cooling settings. Just lower down the temp and that should adjust the thermostat. Choose the maximum cooling settings and see if it makes any changes.
If not, turn off the air-conditioner completely and cut the power from the line. Drain the flea power from the unit by pressing down the power button for at least 3-5 seconds while it is off. Restore main line power and turn the unit on. Try to hear if there is a "kick" from the compressor. You should be hearing a "humming" sound that verifies that the compressor is running and Freon is circulating. If you don't notice any sound from the compressor, then we might be facing a big problem. If you do, then most probably that you just have what we call a "low charge" which means that there is leak of freon on your unit and that needs to be repaired.
Hope this helps.

LG L1204R Air... | Answered on Jul 27, 2011

is the filter clean? If not then the fan cannot draw air thru the coils to exhaust moisture.. and will build up and freeze ..

LG L1204R Air... | Answered on Mar 19, 2010

you can visityour nearest Voltas delarship and ask for the mannual or call the customer care for the mannual.

LG L1204R Air... | Answered on Mar 19, 2010

Often blower wheels are shipped with foam or cardboard to support them. Check to be sure all packaging material was removed. If it has been then the blower wheel will need to be positioned and balanced.

LG L1204R Air... | Answered on Jul 21, 2008


LG L1204R Air... | Answered on Jan 14, 2008

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