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Batteries are not charging I would replace them. The charger is working because you have lights when it is plugged in. Hope this helps

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HI. Tyre life is very variable depends on road surface, lenght of time in the sun, weight of driver, and amount of use. As for batteries, I have seen batteries last for only a few weeks, and I have seen others last for 7 years. Batteries do not like sitting around not being used. They need to be used, but not overused, to maintain their condition.
Good luck. Neil.

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I've never heard of a 1HD wheel chair and I've been at this for a long time. Assuming it's a Pride Heavy Duty (HD) then you would start by disconnecting the joystick from the base by unplugging it at the rear of the base, and cut any nylon cable ties holding the joystick cable in place to the base. Then remove the seat. Depending on the model, you can do this either with a lever on the side that unlocks the seat to allow it to pivot. If yours has this lever, unlock and turn the seat very slightly, then lift up with a **** with both hands and it should come off after a few good tugs...some need more coaxing. If the seat is a "post-mounted" seat, you will see it attached to the base with four posts at each corner and there should be a retaining ring holding the posts together. Remove the pins and lift the seat off(helps to have two people). It may have a rear locking seat where you release the front mechanism under the front of the seat and tilt the seat up, then slide the seat slightly forward and lift up. These are the only three ways I've seen a seat attached to a base. Once the seat is off, you need to remove the shroud covering the batteries. Many are simply held on with velcro, so if you don't see any screws holding the shroud on, just lift up on it and pull it away from the velcro. If there are screws, remove them to lift off the shroud. Now you will see the batteries. Disconnect both of them and move the wiring out of the way. Remove the front battery, then the rear, and replace with new batteries and reassemble. The seat and batteries are pretty heavy, so it is nice to have a helper.

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common problem on old jet chairs is bad batt. chargers

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Something is discharging your battery. Possible the unit have ground fault that cause the battery lost its charge. Try to remove this ground fault & you will solve the unit problem.

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First of all, you should be aware of your Center-of-Gravity. Many activities require the wheelchair user to reach, bend and transfer in and out of the wheelchair. These movements will cause a change to normal balance, center-of-gravity, and weight distribution of the wheelchair.

To determine and establish your particular safety limits, practice bending, reaching and transferring activities in several combinations in the presence of another individual BEFORE attempting active use of the wheelchair. roper positioning is essential for your safety.

When reaching, leaning, bending sideways or forward, it is important to use the casters as a tool to maintain stability and balance. When you are reaching, leaning and bending forward, position the casters so that they are extended away from the drive wheels and engage wheel locks.

Never attempt to reach an object if you have to move forward in the seat or pick them up from the floor by reaching between your knees. When you're reaching or bending backward, position wheelchair as close as possible to the desired object.

Position the casters so the are extended away from the drive wheels to create the longest possible wheelbase.

Reach back only as far as your arm will extend without changing your sitting position. When another person is tipping the wheelchair, he should grasp the back of the wheelchair on a non-removable part.

Inform the wheelchair occupant before tipping the wheelchair and remind them to lean back.

Be sure the occupant's feet and hands are clear of all wheels and/or any other pinch points.

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INFINFB2045 Jet 3 Ultra Troubleshooting troubleshooting.pdf
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
troubleshooting instructions for the Jet 3 Ultra Power Chair. ... What if the systems on my Jet 3 Ultra seem to be "dead" (controller does not light up when the on/off key is ... you continually allow the battery condition meter LEDs to fall into the red area, the ... 1 Flash. The batteries need charging. Check the battery connections.

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They run the pump that sprays the cleaning solution.

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Yes the batteries are defective.

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Hi if u have 2 x 12 volt batteries connected in series :::: this bring the voltage up to 24 volts u can use it ..cheers

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Flash code to indicate there is a problem

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some of the joysticks unlock by pushing the horn button twice right after starting the power. another way is to turn on the chair and move joystick to the front til it beeps then to the back until it beeps then it should be unlocked

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Check the fuse on the battery cables, and the circuit breaker

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The charger may have a fuse in an off-board charger an on board charge may have fuses in the back by the cables

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the freewheel lever is not in the drive position on both sides

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make sure batteries are connected correctly and the connections are good.

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All the battery lights should be on and the yellow speed control should not be blinking. a flashing red indicates charging is needed. Strege Mobility

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