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If the flapper and all has been replaced. then it must be worn out where the flapper sits. or its not smooth.check to make sure it is smooth where the flapper closes, and make sure it closes fully when flushed. you might be better off with a new toilet, but thats up to you!

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I would suspect some sort of air lock in the pipe, or just a partial blockage which is slowing the water flow.
You may be able to clear it using a rubber plunger. You need a plunger that has a metal or hard plastic disk fitted above the rubber cup (to prevent the cup turning inside out).
If you have an ordinary plunger without the disk you could probably make one to fit it - perhaps the bottom cut out of a plastic drinks bottle and a hose clip to hold it in place.
You will need to work the plunger quite vigorously up and down in the toilet bowl to force a pulse of water through the system.
Pouring a large bucket full of water down the toilet after plunging may have more impact than just normal flushing. It will also refill the trap.

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Yes it is a possibility that the tank could be broken by rough treatment. I would check the tank to bowl bolts to see how tight they are. Be careful doing this as you can break it by overtightening these to.Use a long large blade screwdriver and usually a 9/16 wrench on the nuts on the bottom. Go very easy and I just snug up. Good luck. Thank you.

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Water pressure makes the unit kick on and off by itself. If the pump is turning on by itself that means that somehow water is draining into the pump creating enough water pressure that it will make it kick on and off. Inspect the flapper on the check valve inside the discharge elbow, also check the flapper on the flush valve inside the toilet tank, the flapper may not be closing properly and is allowing water to enter the pump.

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Need to replace the balcock its not shutting of the water.

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lift off cover and adjust =shorten length= between flapper and handle lever

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flapper closes too soon
Add some styrofoam to the chain close to the flapper that will keep it up a little longer but not too much, if you do it will stay open and will keep running.
you can find it at a major hardware store

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try to lengthen the chain (in the back of tank) by a link or three

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My first thought would be a siphoning affect happening from improper venting or waste line fall. However since the problem did not exist before then probably not likely. My next guess would be since it is new (I'm Assuming) that there must be a flaw (Crack) inside the toilet somewhere where it curves up and then back down into the flange area. Unfortunatly you probably wont be able to see this crack. My suggestion is to un-install and replace. It is not the wax ring. I hope this helps you at least be able to make a decision. Thanks for using FIXYA, Good Luck. Jeff

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This is a job for a plumber unless you have a ladder. The vent pipe may be plugged or the trap in the toilet may be plugged up but this requires removing the toilet from the floor which is not that hard. two floor bolts and and turn off the water valve and disconnect the water hose then lift the toilet up and see if there is blockage by poring a gallon of water into the drain pipe. if it backs up you need to snake out the main line. You can rent a electric 25 foot snake for 35 bucks but then you have to reinstall everything plus buy a new wax ring which is about 5 bucks. if the pipe is clean and drains fine then you need to run water into the toilet outside to clear the throat of the toilet if there is no blockage then the vent pipe may be plugged and that you have to get from the roof. Best bet is call a plumber.

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Replace valve in bottom of tank.

Better yet for about 130 you can have a 1.6 LF new in box and start saving water.

Hope this tip helps.

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There could be a couple of things you need to check.
First turn the water off at the valve right under the left side of the toilet. Then take off the hose at the big nut right up under the left side of the toilet. Check to make sure that there is no dirt pligging the hole going into the toilet. Also open the valve and make sure that water runs into a bucket of pan from the hose.
If everything seems fine there then the fill valve will need to be replaced.
A Fluidmaster 400A or equivalent fill valve will be a universal replacement that will fit your toilet.

I hope that this will help you to solve your problem!

Thanks for using Fixya!!


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Is the float mechanism moving freely once it gets colder water inside? If not, replace the valve kit inside the tank...colder water should not make a difference.

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First of all, your shut off must be defective. Secondly, if you have the ball float style toilet valve, try lifting up on ball, and see if that stops the flow. If it does, there is adjustment there at end by valve, you can tighten screw. If that doesn't do it, you can carefully bend rod attached to valve with ball on end, by holding it at both ends of the rod itself, and bend it downward. If either doesn't stop the flow, you probably need a new tank valve, such as one in picture that I use quite often. Easy to replace, works good, but you will need to get that water shut off at some other location if that shut-off is not working right.This might be a good time to replace that as well.83e1596.jpg

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Replace the fill valve. You can pick one up[ at Home dep or Lowes for about 20 buks. Close your angle stop at wall behind toilet. Drain all water from tank then remove supply loine from under tank. Then unscrew fill valve and remove gasket and all. Remember to put gasket in new one. :)

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If this is a new development, then you have a partially clogged drain or maybe a crack in the bowl assembly. If the toilet always did this, then perhaps the drain pipe was not installed correctly.

I would remove the toilet and run a snake through to the main stack. If you find that is clear, check the bowl for cracks and check the tank water level to be sure that the tank is filling to the water line on the tank

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Hard to read you question. No sure what it is but if the flapper is still leaking it may be bcause most brand of fleappers do nto fit American Standard commodes correctly. Purchase a replacement made for American Standard only. 

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The water in the tank is not filling to the water line, thereby not providing enough water to flush properly. Adjust the float so that the tank fills to the water line

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sounds like an old tiolet (3.5 gpf) my best answer is to replace with new fluidmaster! (lowes or homedepot) easy fix!

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