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According to a Hayward manual the CE error code is a communication error. Here is quote, "If communication between the ignition board and the display board is not established
within 3 s of power-up an error will be displayed. After communication is
established, if it is lost for 30 s, the error will be displayed. The error code will
be cleared upon a valid data exchange between boards."

I don't think you can do any harm by turning the power off, opening the cover and drying everything out the best you can. In addition, if you carefully unplug and then replug each of the connectors then that may also help correct a communication error.

I hope this helps and please vote on this answer. Thank you.

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on May 19, 2020

LO would be low water pressure. You may want to have a pro look at the heater only because it can be dangerous to work on it with out the proper knowledge.

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on Jul 03, 2017

IF stands of igniton failure. Many things can cause this. Most notable, is a clogged or dirty burner orifice. The two middle ones are the most important. But i would clean them all out. They remove with a 5/16" wrench. Improper gas pressure could also cause this. However, you need a special tool, a manometer, to read this.

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on May 25, 2015

its IF. which is an ignition failure

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on May 25, 2015

No problem with heater, in most cases.... Just acting normally.
"LO" is simply informing you that the Heater is not sensing proper water flow through it! A Flow Problem.
A special sensor, called a pressure switch is this source. But... That does not mean it is bad - No, it is in most cases just doing its job!
Most common reason - Dirty Filter.
A good cleaning of the cartridges, or maybe a breakdown and recharge of a DE Filter, or a good cleansing backwash of your sand filter, will remedy this situation.
Or... Check for any OTHER reason or situations water flow may be reduced through the heater:
  • enough water in pool or spa?
  • If you have a weir gate in skimmer, is it stuck in the UP position?
  • Are any valves closed?
  • Do you have a bypass valve at the heater?
    • If open, this will reduce the amount of water going thru heater, close it to the point, LO goes away.
  • Etc
Good Luck - hope this helped.

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on May 25, 2015

it is low water pressure sensed, unit will not start unless pump is working

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on May 25, 2015

If you don't see the push button than it's electronic ignition so no pilot light

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on Oct 12, 2014

They are located in the header of the heater. (In and out ports for water). May have to remove the side panel to access them

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on Oct 12, 2014

Have you back washed the filter lately. Changes in pressure may cause this. Give it a good backwash and see if it fixes the problem. Flame rectification may also be an issue. Need a bit more info after you try the backwashing

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on Oct 12, 2014

To see if the pilot itself is lit first remove the front cover. Near the bottom left hand side of the cabinet with the cover removed, look just above the burners you will see an oval hole punched out of the front panel. You can look inside the small opening to see if the pilot is burning. You may need to look on a bit of an angle to the left side of the burners and your should see it

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on Oct 12, 2014


What do you mean jump the terminals?

Not a good idea to ever jump anything, unless your are only troubleshooting!!!!

Especially on a natural gas fired heater! : -o

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on Jul 15, 2014

Looks like your pilot generator may have some corrosion on it. Follow the stainless steel tubing on the gas valve as it goes down to the burner area. At the end of this is the pilot assembly. If you can remove this so your able to work on it you will se a short metal rod that the pilot flame touches when lit. This generates current that keeps the gas flowing to the pilot to keep it lit. Take some sand paper and give it a light sand to remove any corrosion on it. Reassemble at put it together. You may also need to clean the pilot tube(stainless tube from valve). Small spiderwebs can reduce the flow to the pilot and cause this problem also

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on Jun 27, 2014

The Hayward H Series Pool Heater with standing pilot uses a standing flame to safety initiate combustion, and the standing pilot flame is uses to generate about 0.400 to 0.450 volts DC to operate the gas valve.

CAUTION: Your Hayward H Series Pool Heater is essentially a furnace. Only qualified technicians with proper training and tools should repair your heater.

Once you have completed the pilot start procedure in your heater manual, the pilot flame should be visible but it is difficult to see. The pilot is located at the bottom of the heater, to the left side of the burner chamber, about half way between the front and back of the heater. Before attempting to verify the pilot, it's wise to turn the thermostat to the full counterclockwise OFF position. There are two useful methods to verify the pilot: 1) Before you initiate the pilot procedure, place a small mirror on the floor of the heater on the left side of the burner chamber, just inside the combustion area. CAUTION: DO NOT attempt to place or remove this mirror while the heater is in combustion mode! After placing the mirror, you should be able to see the pilot assembly. Follow your pilot start procedure, then you should be able to see the pilot flame in the mirror before you turn the gas valve knob into the ON mode. Be careful to remove the mirror before initiating combustion. 2) Only when the pilot flame is on will the thermocouple generate the circuit voltage required to operate the gas valve. During the pilot start procedure, while the gas valve knob is still in the "pilot" position and the pilot flame is on, the circuit voltage can be measured at the gas valve without danger of initiating combustion. Using a volt meter, measure the voltage between the RED and WHT wires on the gas valve terminals. This measurement should be between 0.400 and 0.450 volts DC. If below, the gas valve will not operate even if the pilot is ON.

After verifying the pilot, be sure to remove the mirror (if used) and the voltmeter (if used), turn the gas valve to "ON", and return the front heater cover before initiating combustion.

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on Jun 20, 2014

The H250 pool heater has several normally closed safety switches, also called permissives. All permissives need to in the closed position before the controller can initiate ignition. If one or more of the permissives are open, the controller will not initiate ignition (the yellow light will be extinguished on some models, some models have no lights, some models use other displays to indicate faults).

CAUTION: Power, gas and the water pump should be turned off before attempting to repair your H250 pool heater.

CAUTION: The H250 pool heater is essentially a gas furnace. Only qualified technicians with the proper training and tools should attempt to repair your pool heater.

In most H250 models there are 5 permissives, at least one thermostat or temperature monitor/controller, and system on/off switch. Some models use municipal power, some do not. For a heater connected to a power source, of course the power source needs to be active before the system will operate. For those without a power source, the system is powered by a millivolt circuit that originates from the thermocouple on the pilot. The pilot flame generates enough energy via the thermocouple to operate the combustion safety and control circuit.

Now on to troubleshooting: Based on your comment of "mode light is no illuminated", I assume you have a system with a yellow and green LED indicator. This system is powered by municipal power and uses an ignitor/flame detector rather than a pilot. The yellow LED signifies the heater is powered and all permissives are active (ON), in other words, the heater is ready for operation. If the yellow LED is off, either municipal power has been turned off, or one or more of the permissives is/are inactive (OFF). The green LED signified the control system has opened the gas valve and combustion is active. The green LED cannot be ON unless the yellow LED is ON.

Based on your comments, I assume you have already checked your municipal power and it is ON. If indeed your yellow LED is off, at least one of your five permissives is inactive (OFF). These five devices are switches that monitor the operation of the heater. In normal operation, they are in closed position, allowing current to flow. If the pre-determined limit has been overcome, the switch will go to open, which will disconnect the entire control system and turn off the gas valve. Normally the device will return to it's normal state of ON once the limit is back under its pre-determined limit. There is one exception -- a manually resettable limit switch monitoring the combustion chamber for high temperature limit. If tripped, this switch has indicated temperature in the combustion chamber has exceeded the manufacturer's limit for the chamber. Even though this switch can be manually reset, one must take care to check the combustion system for the root cause. Once reset, the condition that caused the temperature overlimit may still exist, in which case there is a malfunction of the heater that needs critical attention. The resettable temperature switch is located behind the lower access panel, toward the right side of lower section. To reset, press the small button in the middle of the switch.

If the resettable temperature switch has not been tripped, then either one of the 5 permissive devices has malfunctioned or the wiring between them has become damaged or disconnected. Here is the list of the permissives:

2 - High water temperature limiters (located on front and rear of the water header)
2 - Combustion chamber temperature limiters (1 resettable as above, the other is not resettable. It is located on the left side.)
1 - Water pressure monitor (located in the water path, in the upper section of the heater). This switch should be ON when water is flowing through the heater.

Each of these devices can be checked with an OHM meter. When the heater is off, all the temperature switches should be in the ON state. When the pump is on, the water pressure monitor should be in the ON state. If any of these devices do not preform properly, it needs to be replaced.

Wiring for the permissive devices is in series -- that is to say, all devices must be ON to allow current to flow and the gas valve to open. The permissive wire string begins on the terminal block as a RED wire, passing through the first water temperature limit switch to a VIO wire, then through the second water temperature limit switch to a BLU wire, then through the water pressure switch to a VIO wire, then through the non-resettable combustion temperature switch to a BLK wire, then through the resettable combustion temperature switch to a PUR wire, than back to the terminal block. When the heater is powered, 24VAC hot-side of the transformer connects directly to the first permissive (RED wire). If 24VAC is not present, then the 24VAC transformer has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced (or there is a broken wire (GRY) coming from the transformer to the terminal block ).

When 24VAC if present and all the permissives are active, the yellow LED will illuminate. This is the signal to the controller that combustion can be initiated.

(It is possible that the yellow LED has malfunctioned, but this would not stop the controller from operating the combustion process. If the yellow LED is OFF and the combustion process will not initiate, the malfunction will likely be found in the permissive string.)

Hayward 250kbtu... | Answered on Jun 18, 2014

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