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Any system using electric currents are deadly OZONE producers if your ozone producing machine is broken pleas don't fix it replace it look for any system with a filter not a electric current burning all the dust

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These devices are cheaply made in China - they aren't expected to last more than an year. Their parts are very badly made and will break very easily. This is particularly true for the fan and the switch.
Fortunately they are also very simple so you will be able to dismantle them and check it, with a bit of luck you will be able to make a functional one out of those 3 failed ones. Test the switches and the fan motors with a multimeter.

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Here the user manual: SI720 IM.

I wanted to point out that there is an healt concern related to older sharper image products, and to ionic purifiers in general, please check online if your model is involved, pre-2007 models are generally involved.


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I wanted to call your attention about some important concern related to use of ionic purifiers.

Please read the article here: http://www.fixya.com/support/r5303535-ionic_breeze_parts_repair

Sharper Image... | Answered on Sep 11, 2010

I have the same problem and haven't been able to fix it. However, others have had the same problem and have posted their solutions. The sizzling sound is caused by electrical arching between the plates and one or both of the two tungsten wires that are run parallel to the plates (if you turn off all the lights and wait for your eyes to adjust to the dark before turning on the Ionic Breeze, it's a pretty cool light show!) Here are things found by others to cause the arching and what they did to fix the problem:
  • --dirt, lint, or tiny hairs stuck somewhere (usually towards the top or bottom of the plates or wire, and maybe in the grid contact points). Clean it better. Using canned air can help blow out the problem.
  • --water droplets. Make certain there is no moisture anywhere when you put the grid (plates) back in. Using canned air can help dry hard to reach areas.
  • --burn marks or melted plastic. These indicates a short circuit. Says dnewcombe1: "There is a feeler bracket that guides the two rear thin wires while the cartridge is being inserted. This "feeler" can melt and become disarranged." You can't fix this issue.
  • --build up on the ionizing wires. Clean them. It's hard. I took mine apart and used steel wool.

Sharper Image... | Answered on Mar 09, 2010

Hi the blue light means that you have to replace the filter.

The filter for this unit is not on sale anymore, as all Ionic Breeze models had been retired from commerce because of heath and safety concerns.

Sharper image had LSO been closed down because of this concerns linked to ionic breezer purifier.

Spare parts are not manufactured or distributed anymore.

Ionic Breeze Suit Drives Sharper Image into Bankruptcy.

Sharper Image Closing All Stores

Someone purchased SI name and reopened the company, but they do not manufacture or provide support for their original appliances.

The only way to find a replacement filter is finding the same model on Ebay for spares....If I was in your shoes I would better get rid of your old Sharper Image , and get a different kind of air purifier.


Sharper Image... | Answered on Dec 13, 2009

"A blinking light indicates when the blades should be wiped clean with a damp cloth." I actually had a "handyman" contract last year to visit an elderly gentleman once a month and clean all 9 of his Ionic Breeze GP air purifiers. Before I did that for him, they would make hissing noises and he really didn't like that. Here's how to clean the operative compnents of these machines: First, unplug the machine and place on a work surface, such as a table or kitchen counter. Second, remove the metal blade insert from the top by gripping the release tab and lifting it up and out. Also remove the front and back grilles by pressing on the plastic tab at the bottom and lifting up on them. Third, use a damp rag or paper towel to wipe the three metal blades clean. Do not immerse this assembly in water, because it has to be completely dry when re-installing it in the machine. Fourth, use a small piece of damp paper towel to VERY GENTLY wipe clean the two thin wires inside the unit. These are located behind the two rubbery flat blades just inside the unit and can be accessed from the front side. You won't damage these rubbery flat blades by pushing your hand gently between them, but be VERY CAREFUL when wiping the wires clean. (This step is important, as the wires must be clean.) Fifth, using another bit of damp paper towel, carefully clean the wire attached to the inside of the front grille. Dry this off with a dry bit of paper towel, then clean any accumulated dirt off the front & back grilles. Check the metal contact near the bottom of the front grille (attached to the wire) to verify that it's clean and will make good electrical contact. Sixth, pick the unit up and turn it upside-down & right-side up about 6 to 8 times. The two wires inside have plastic beads on them that slide up and down the wires. This brushes any bits of leftover dust or lint off of the wires. (Again, these wires must be VERY clean.) Seventh, replace the front and back plastic grilles by placing them in their slots and sliding them down to snap into place. Verify that the assembly with the three metal blades is COMPLETELY dry, using a hair dryer if necessary to dry off damp areas, then slide it back into place from the top of the machine. Now the cleaning process is done, so plug the unit in and turn it on to test operation. If it makes ANY noise, then some component is not completely cleaned off, or still has a presence of moisture, which must be completely dried off before the machine is ready for operation. Hope this helps! ;)

Sharper Image... | Answered on Aug 09, 2009

In addition to cleaning the plates on the cartridge, also turn the unit upside down then right side up a few times. There are 2 small wires inside the housing, and each has a ceramic ball on it that cleans the wire when the unit is inverted. Also, look through the vents to make sure the wires are not broken. If they are intact, they run in a straight line, almost the entire length of the unit.

If this does not help or the wire is broken, contact The Sharper Image. I believe this unit has a 5 year warranty. When mine failed, they exchanged it for free, even without a receipt.

Good luck!

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maybe on craigslist or ebay?

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I just typed in an msg on how I fixed mine. Im an old lady, and figured what the......... cant hurt. so check my msg here somewhere, and start taking out the screws. good luck, in the last couple of hours, ive fixed two of them, just cleaning the contacts. good luck to you.

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I cannot understand the popularity of machines like this! They generate ozone, and here's what you need too know:  Ozone is an atmospheric pollutant (good news up in the stratosphere - bad news down here where we breathe it) and primary irritant of mammalian airways. It is a powerful oxidizer of organic matter, so it kills bacteria (mostly good news) and can adversely affect anything else organic that it comes into contact with - leather, rubber, plants, pets and you (really bad news). 
Personally, writing as a qualified chemist and biologist, I would not want to be in the same house as an ozone generator, let alone be in the same room as one. 
If you really feel the need to "purify" your air. Do it without generating a toxic impurity!
I value your feedback, so if this helps please rate me.

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1-800-344-5555 or at [email protected] however they're unlikely to reply. I understand that they've gone bankrupt.

Sharper Image... | Answered on Mar 28, 2009

Can someone start a Class Action lawsuit against The Sharper Image ?

The two I bought are the SI871 GRY for $693.82. Both have flashing blue lights. Margie B.

Sharper Image... | Answered on Mar 13, 2009

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