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there is a rectangle shape cover on the rear of the generator head and strike a 9volt battery across the two terminals on the back and try it again

Coleman... | Answered on Sep 12, 2020

You can buy Generator Wheel Kits and Spares on our site.

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Coleman... | Answered on Sep 20, 2019

Bad capacitor. They cost 13 bucks. Call 800-445-1805 to buy one.

Coleman... | Answered on Sep 02, 2019

please let me know if this provides a solution.

It should. or you should be able to get a lead.


Coleman... | Answered on Jan 17, 2019

My answer:

Not much in your original ? to go by as far as any history background of the Genset - if it indeed is a Powermate? Is it? And if so - is it already USED or is it BRAND NEW right out of the box - like many others here who I've already helped out and solved their problem(s)?

If this Genset is USED how many hours are on it. Try to be as accurate as you can - if known? Also - If this is not YOUR originally purchased Genset, but rather bought 2nd hand - did it work right when you first bought it?

Is so BRAND NEW or even USED - then I minds well tell you this first (if you don't already know this). After which I have some tech troubleshooting ??'s I need answered so I can pinpoint the problem.

As you are now hopefully but painfully aware - Powermate has gone totally Bankrupt, and is no longer in business as of this past year or so.

There is hope though - as I state below in the previous Footnote I posted to many having similar problems.

Previous Footnote: It's too late now for all those out there that unfortunately bought these now still Brand New "unserviceable" Powermate units that won't start for whatever, whether still Brand New "NIB", or whether taken out of the box and still not used, and are now seeking some kind of service on them (btw it's a sign of the present day GOP ran economic woes we are in AND it will only get worse - CHINA is going on the very same downward skid right now thanks to you know who - W!). If you buy anything today "made in China" - esp their cheap knockoff Gensets - you better be making a GOOD buying decision - otherwise you will be in the very same situation you are in now with your Powermate Gensets - as China is starting to collapse from within just like this USA economy of ours has been doing for the last 5-6 years to no end! All politics aside as well - as blame is put where it is deserved in my books and we can only blame YOU KNOW WHO! Sorry but true!


Any inventory stock of their (Powermate) Gensets - that were once formerly sold in the USA & Canada - have been totally liquidated out to a company in Georgia I was told, and it was said to be true.

I was able to get this NEW added info through another source said to be VERY accurate btw - so hopefully it is.

That Company's name is PRAMAC, and their address and phone # info is:


* Regional head office:

1100 Cobb Parkway North C
30062 Marietta, Georgia

Phone: 770-218-5430
Fax : 770 218 2810


* International sales office:

10100 NW 116 Way, Suite 10
33178 Medley, Florida

Phone: 305-888-9911
Fax : 305-888-3711

Site info:

PRAMAC Global Gateway


Before you blame me for any possible incorrect Powermate info posted above in regards to that PRAMAC Co, or their contact info - read the GOOD NEWS below first, unless the BRAND NEW part doesn't apply to you here.

The GOOD NEWS is that I spoke with a very close contact inside Home Depot (not saying who so don't even ask), and that person gave me some very GOOD NEWS for those that act on it NOW!

Not tomorrow - Not next week - Not next month - and certainly NOT NEXT YEAR!


I spoke with my Home Depot Corp contact today (using your "not starting" dilemma - as my own - to get a response) to see if anything could be done from their point of view and here's what I was told to do.

What I was told is that if I (you) bring in my (your) ORIGINAL HOME DEPOT CASH REGISTER DATED RECEIPT and speak to the (whichever Home Depot store applies here) Home Depot Store Manager there, and explain to them that the brand new never used Powermate Genset they sold me (you in this case) won't start - they would send your Genset out to their local Genset Service Vendor FREE OF CHARGE BTW, and hopefully get it started for you.

Anything more then that - you would be on your own if it was damaged by you or someone else that tried using it improperly.

NOW - as for your Genset there and the OVER-VOLTAGE condition you say you are experiencing.

I guess my first ? is - Which volt meter are you reading?

The one on your Genset possibly, or from a known Good Quality & good working hand-held DVM meter? If your AC panel meter is defective then that is not going to help matters at all. If your Genset control board is shot most likely something caused that condition from an electrical/electronics standpoint either on the board itself inside the "front panel control box" or else inside the "Gennie power head".

Usually an OVER-VOLTAGE condition occurs when a modification has been done to the Genset, such as say a new (or possibly a bigger wattage) replacement "Gennie power head" that is not rated properly to your engine speed (which btw should be ~ 3600 RPM max). Did you make any such modifications to your stock Genset recently?

If not - then we need to make sure you are getting the proper AC output measurements using a known good DVM meter set to the AC scale and either on 400 or 1000 volts depending on your meter's settings. Hopefully you're not using one of those defunct $3 cheapy Harbor Freight Tools meters either?

With the Genset running at normal idle what voltages are you reading at the 120VAC & the 240VAC outlets - from HOT to NEUTRAL only? Low - High - Sporadic - what? Be precise here - very important!

If you increase the Genset speed up to 1/2 Load speed what voltages are you now reading as well? Try not to run at Full Speed if indeed something had smoked inside the Control Panel such as the Control Board. Check that board out first for signs of damage. Does it look OK?

If this Genset has had HIGH HOURS of run-time on it have you check the "brushes" and/or "slip rings" on the ROTOR it as of yet? If it has brushes are they within factory spec? Are the SLIP RINGS clean and not arched and dirty looking? If the latter is found to be true then the SLIP RINGS need to be cleaned and polished bright again!! Very important!!

If the end plate (cover plate) is taken off (if you feel capable to do this yourself) is the inside fairly clean inside and around the SLIP RINGS & BRUSHES area? Do you smell any BURNT smell inside? If so then possibly either the STATOR or the ROTOR has gone bad! If not take an air hose and thoroughly blow out all the carbon dust & dirt and replace the "end plate" securely.

Unless it's a BRUSHLESS type Genset you have (which I doubt) then the problem possibly lies within the "power head".

Let me know what you find now that you know what to look for?

Based on that we can look still further is it's not covered above.

Best regards to all with the same problems, and hope I helped you out 100% - all political humor/truth aside.

Please post me a reply as to finding this solution being the best resolve to your Powermate problem there by following my recommendations above. Also please rate my troubleshooting fix as well.

Keep me posted and I'll follow up as well.

Best regards,


Coleman... | Answered on Jan 17, 2019

The first thing to check is the air filter. Make sure you replace or clean it well. The second thing, if that doesn't fix it, is your fuel. If it's gas, change it. If it's propane, make sure it's got correct pressure., possible bad pressure regulator.

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/craig_3fa289bf857b1a3c

Coleman... | Answered on Feb 01, 2018

The plug is under the gas tank. They can be difficult to get to and you may have to remove/loosen the tank. If you can remove the spark plug wire you could test for spark. If you have a spark and it still doesn't crank the spark plug is probably the least of your worries unless you drained the tank and the carb (most people don't.)
If you have a spark give a spritz of starter fluid into the carb after removing the air filter and see if it runs for even a bit. If it does fire and doesn't run, clean the carb.
Good luck.

Coleman... | Answered on Jan 07, 2018

Make sure the engine RPMS are correct, and change the capacitor in the end of the alternator cover

Coleman... | Answered on Nov 03, 2017

Have you let it set for a long period? I have heard that if you do not use a generator that it will simply stop working(generator portion itself). Make sure no breakers are tripped and the wiring looks OK.

Coleman... | Answered on Sep 28, 2017

Is the air filter severely stopped up ?
Check and clean the filter and eliminate it as the cause.

Coleman... | Answered on Sep 26, 2017

I am guessing this is caused by some type of floating debris in your tank. I think that unit might just have a simple grommet holding the outlet fitting into the bottom of the tank. Try removing the outlet fitting and try to make sure the tank and fitting are free from debris.

Coleman... | Answered on Sep 23, 2017

Could be several problems on the gen set itself. Check to see if there is a surge protection breaker or fuse, depending on age. Make sure all connecting wires are secure and switches are not set to 240v instead of 120v if you are trying to use outlets.

Coleman... | Answered on Sep 21, 2017

The small permanent magnets that start the field producing the electric have gone flat or lost their charge.
To get the generator part working again you will need to "flash" or reintroduce power back into the magnets.

This can be done in many ways... click here for one way

Here is another way to do it...

There are more if you want to google it...


Coleman... | Answered on Sep 19, 2017

You can use numerous engine oils. 10W - 40, 30W Detergent, 30W Non detergent (SAE)
The best all around above 40 deg F and below 100 F oil to use is a 30W detergent oil. Brand name does NOT matter. Oil level should be checked EACH time you add fuel. Change oil any time the oil appears Dark BLACK when checked regardless of the hour intervals. .

Thanks for choosing FixYa,

Coleman... | Answered on Jun 26, 2017

Yes, you killed the diodes in the generator...they can be replaced by a generator repair shop... happens all the time...


Coleman... | Answered on Jan 29, 2017

Check to see if you model has a puel pump, f it is a Brigge & Stratton 10 hp I am sure it does

Coleman... | Answered on Dec 01, 2016

10W40 if it's petrol and 20w40 if diesel

Coleman... | Answered on Oct 06, 2016

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