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Sometimes you have to manipulate the plate to get it to "settle" into its slots, but if it lined up before you took it off, it must line up now, IF your bobbin case is correctly inserted, which could be another possibility.

Singer 8763... • Answered on Aug 31, 2018

Your machine takes a low-shank foot, and they are very commonly available, either from eBay or Amazon, or any site that sells presser feet.

Singer 8763... • Answered on Oct 12, 2017

read the user manual and if you do not get anything from the trouble shooting section take it back for a warranty check as something may have moved from the material jam

Singer 8763... • Answered on Apr 12, 2017

Consult your owner's manual. Usually, if you remove the bobbin and the shuttle, the needle will fall free. You can also try (carefully!), turning the machine upside down and gently shaking it. ...

Singer 8763... • Answered on Aug 26, 2016

The machine should be able to pull the fabric through without any assistance from the user. Pulling or pushing fabric will frequently cause the needle to bend and then break when it hits the needle plate or the hook. Flying pieces of broken needle can be very dangerous for you as well as damaging to the machine because it can knock the needle/hook out of time. (Uh-oh! Service time!) Try installing a brand new needle specifically for the thread and fabric you are stitching. (Dull, nicked, or bent needles are probably the #1 sewing machine problem--an inexpensive fix for a very frustrating issue! Needles should be changed frequently or sooner if they are damaged.) All About NeedlesSome sewing machines also have a special accessory called a straight-stitch needle plate. Instead of having a horizontal rectangular shaped hole to accommodate the left-to-right needle swing to make a zig-zag stitch, there is a tiny round hole just big enough for the needle and thread to perform a straight stitch. The round needle hole is small enough to prevent or limit the chance of the fabric being pulled down into the bobbin area.Straight stitch plate:http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/271963297717?ul_noapp=true&chn=ps&lpid=82Zig-zag Needle Plate:https://www.google.com/search?q=Bernina+zig-zag+needle+plate&tbm=isch&imgil=PXesGDP1gxgggM%253A%253B0OfvcjNTtGe5oM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.thecolorfulworldofsewing.com%25252FNeedle-Plates-For-Bernina-1630.html&source=iu&pf=m&fir=PXesGDP1gxgggM%253A%252C0OfvcjNTtGe5oM%252C_&usg=__Y0Wg3M9kgo4z4_1s4emmMPxKMBg%3D&biw=1173&bih=520&ved=0ahUKEwih7O-z0orLAhVB-2MKHZV6AwMQyjcIKA&ei=SZ3KVuGjA8H2jwOV9Y0Y#imgrc=PXesGDP1gxgggM%3A

Singer 8763... • Answered on Feb 22, 2016

No, adjust the needle height by rotating the handwheel to meet the threader. ...

Singer 8763... • Answered on Feb 03, 2016

Usually you have to manually move the needle up and down until its height matches the threader height. Newer machines have an automatic needle stop that generally matches the threader but most older machines need to be manually manipulated. HINT: If you do need to manually thread your needle, lick your index finger and then rub the back of the needle's eye. Your thread will literally "leap" through the eye! This works for hand-sewing needles too! ..

Singer 8763... • Answered on Feb 03, 2016

Test: With straight stitch and needle on left side sew. With straight stitch and needle on right side sew. Does one of the two sew and the other not sew? The reason is the timing of the needle and bobbin are not set right. In other words it is in need of timing from a repairman.

Singer 8763... • Answered on Dec 13, 2015

Consult your owner's manual. There is a handwheel release that, when loosened, will allow the bobbin to wind but stops the needlebar trying to stitch. ...

Singer 8763... • Answered on Nov 10, 2015

1. Remove the bobbin and bobbin case. Try checking to see if the machine will set up without power loss. If it stays on you need to adjust the bobbin case so it is just tight enough to keep it from spinning. Put the bobbin case in. There are screws on top of the case to loosen. Move the hand wheel each direction and see it move. The screws will allow a bracket to move to a point which will prevent the bobbin case from spinning. Replace the bobbin. Check the tension. (See instruction) 2. While rotating the hand wheel check the bobbin to see if the needle thread moves across the top of the bobbin without getting stuck. Also, pay attention if the needle hits the sides. 3. If the thread gets stuck the bobbin case will need to be loosened about one hair strand distance. 4. If power loss is still a loss check good connection to the socket. Sometimes making a small bend will correction. 5. Check the connection to the machine. If it is loose you may need to make a very small bend on the connection. They have to be tight. 6. The same thing has to be done with the foot controller. See attachment for tension adjustment. 25821116-if4zv2au0pk4lo1qzbpf2hdp-1-0.jpg 25821116-if4zv2au0pk4lo1qzbpf2hdp-1-1.jpg 25821116-if4zv2au0pk4lo1qzbpf2hdp-1-3.jpg

Singer 8763... • Answered on Aug 14, 2015

Check to make sure that your buttonhole lever is all the way up. Pull it all the way down, then gently "smack" it up into position. Next, check to make sure your bobbin winder is no engaged. Push it all the way to the right, then all the way to the left.

Singer 8763... • Answered on Jul 02, 2015

If the bottom thread is tight there should also be loops on top and this means that the upper tension is too tight. Get out your manual (http://www.singerco.com/uploads/download/1198_8763-efs.pdf) and turn to page 24. Under "ADJUSTING TOP THREAD TENSION" it tells you that if you're having thread tension issues, change the tension control dial on the top of your machine from auto. It also shows you a diagram with your problem illustrated on the right side of the page. The bobbin tension is set at the factory, so all tension problems can be solved with top tension adjustment. Set it manually and if it loops on top, loosen the tension a little. Test again. Repeat until loops are gone. Using different colours on top and bobbin and a contrasting fabric (e.g. black top, white bottom, light blue fabric) means you can easily see what's happening. A perfect stitch is when you see exactly the same stitch pattern on both sides of the fabric. On top, the bobbin thread colour appears between stitches as a tiny dot and on the bottom, you see the top thread dot between stitches. If it's impossible to get the tension right, take it to a technician, because it's a sign that the hook timing needs attention.

Singer 8763... • Answered on Apr 21, 2015

I'm sure you've done this, but I'll just throw this out there. Did you pull the bobbin thread through the groove that slants on the left side of the needle plate starting from the upper left corner of the bobbin cover? 25475494-mib0qoqtixmwgfconk0yppqc-1-0.jpg

Singer 8763... • Answered on Feb 24, 2015

You need to change the correct size needles. There are two types of needles. One with cylindrical head and other with cylindrical head with flat surface on one side. The other problem may be the position of the direction of the thread passing through the needle. The third problem may be move your needle position one millimeter up or down and tighten it and check. Please follow through these 3 steps one by one. You can fix the problem

Singer 8763... • Answered on Jan 03, 2015

It's a numbered knob on the front of the machine. Lower numbers are looser; higher numbers are tighter. I found this out by downloading your user's manual at the Singer sewing machine website. It's free, and I recommend that you do that.

Singer 8763... • Answered on Dec 20, 2014

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