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Hey i recently purchased this laptop from a friend it moves so slow i want to reset it to factory i dont have a clue how can u help?

To go back to when the laptop came from the factory Joe, requires the Restoration Disk. (Or a fresh, new genuine copy of Windows)The Restoration Disk (CD) is installed into the optical drive, with the laptop on, and Windows fully loaded.When asked, choose Full Installation. (Destructive Installation)If you do not have the Restoration Disk;In the USA the disk is free. The shipping and handling is not. $17 for a 3 to 5 day ship, $24 for a 2 to 3 day ship.Call the toll-free number 1-800-474-683624 hours a day, 7 days a week.Have the Serial Number written down, and handy. It is on the Bottom of the laptop, in a white Service Tag. S/N = Serial Number(P/N = Product Number. HP's model number)For other countries use HP Support Worldwide,http://welcome.hp.com/country/w1/en/support.htmlAlso;1) Make sure your Java is up to date. Go to www.java.comDownload, and install the latest version of Java.2) Make sure your Adobe Flash Player is up to date.[ System Restore only takes you back so far, IF, there is a Restore Point. Does not go back to day 1 when it came from the factory, unless the laptop is very new ]
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Flickering monitor

It will have the same image if the fault on the monitor is caused by the video card ..but if the flickering is caused by a display fault ..(inverter or something ) the signal in the external vga port will be proper and the image clear .remember to enable the secondary monitor if you try to use it ...It may be disabled by default ..It has a F key for that and you have to press Fn =that kay ..or just go to the video card settings and select display ..and click on the monitor no2 and enable it ..also select clone mode for to have a full picture of the desktop
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What's your problem?It's stuck on logging

There are many things that might cause your PC to run slowly or restart at time and then. It could be a fragmented disk; fragmented registry; a virus, Trojan, or spy ware; high CPU and/or utilization due to too many programs running; high disk I/O; or something else. To check your CPU and memory utilization, run Task Manager. You can start Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and then clicking on the Task Manager Button. In Task manager, click on the Performance tab and check CPU Usage and PF Usage. PF Usage is an indicator of memory usage. If one or both of these is high, click on the Processes tab, and sort the columns by CPU or Memory to see what processes are consuming the resource. If you are not sure what the process "Image name" is for, Google the name and you should find what the process is for.
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My light blinks three times and nothing happens?

1) I would like you to remove ALL power to the Notebook PC. Remove the AC adapter (Charger), and Battery.2) Place a towel on the table you'll be working on. Place the laptop upside down on the towel. (Bottom facing up. Towel helps to protect table surface, and laptop finish )3) Looking at the bottom of the laptop, with the Battery Compartment facing away from you, the Memory Module Compartment access cover, is in the middle. (Rectangular cover with a vent in it. The larger Harddrive Bay access cover is below it )Loosen the two Philips head screws in the cover. Lift the cover on the same side as the screws. Lift the cover at approximately a 45 degree angle, when removing. There are small plastic tabs formed out of the cover, on the opposite side of the screws. These may be easily broken off, if the cover is lifted straight up.The spring-like retaining clips hold the ram memory module in place.One on each end. These are gently spread to release the ram memory module.When released the ram memory module will pop-up slightly.The ram memory module should be removed, at NO more than a 45 degree angle. Bringing the ram memory module straight up when removing, will bend the contact pins in the ram memory slot, and damage the gold plated contact pins on the ram memory module.The gold plated contact pins develop a type of 'corrosion', after time.This leads to a poor contact with the ram memory module to the ram memory slot.Advise use a pencil eraser to clean the gold plated contact pins.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:1GB_DDR2_SO-DIMM.pngIf using an eraser on the end of a pencil, and not a solid eraser, refrain from letting the metal band touch the contact pins.Handle the ram memory module by the Body. The Body is all of the ram memory module, Except the contact pins.The Body is coated with a see-through protective plastic. Helps shield the ram memory module from Static. (Electricity)The bottom of the ram memory module is the contact pins.Start at the top of each contact pin with the eraser, and stroke down.Do this for All contact pins. Both sides of the ram module.Doesn't take much rubbing to clean the contact pin. When finished use air to remove the eraser dust. You can use a can of compressed air for computers, if available, or air pressure from your mouth will be sufficient.Reinstall the ram memory module/s. Reinstall the Memory ModuleCompartment cover. Reinstall the Battery. Turn the laptop over on a Hard surface, (No towel), and attach the AC adapter. Plug AC adapter into power.Wait 1 minute. Turn the laptop on.Still no joy? Post back in a Comment.Regards,joecoolvette
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My hp g50 will not turn on.Can you help me?

test all leads that attach to your hard drive including electrical extensions SATA

the leads from your ((motherboard to your hard drive)) make sure they have a secure connection and are not faulty or just replace them they could be faulty

make sure all leads that are attached to your drives dvd\cd have secure connections and are not faulty or just replace them they could be faulty

even something as small as an electrical extension or a faulty fan lead can cause you problems computer needs all of the data and power to travel through every working device and to have an end for a computer to be able work properly

a motherboard and a hard drive any leads between them will fail before your motherboard or your hard drive check all electrical extensions make sure they are securely seated even the cd/dvd drives need to have current go through make sure these devices are working

also check your computer ram modules to make sure they are dust free and securely seated and the cmos battery has charge

hope this helps you

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Compac cq50 110us has always

I find that when completely cleaning a laptop, I will remove the Heatsink/Cooling Tube combo.Allows me to thoroughly clean in-between the fins, and around the fins, of the Heatsink.Also allows me to THOROUGHLY clean, the bottom of the cooling tube's metal plates, that sit on the top of the Processor, and GPU.(GPU = Graphics Processing Unit. Slang? Graphics chipset )Also the top of the Processor, and top of the GPU.Then fresh, new Thermal Paste is Properly applied, and the Heatsink/Cooling Tube combo reinstalled.Thermal Paste dries up over time. When it does it looses it's thermal conductivity properties.Due to the cost, and ease of replacing, it is just cheap insurance.There may not be Thermal Paste used. Computer manufacturers also use a Thermal Pad.A material soaked with Thermal Paste.CANNOT be reused. Once the metal plate/s of the Cooling Tube squeeze down on the thermal pad, there is an imprint made. Trying to reinstall the Cooling Tube, will not squeeze the thermal pad down any further than it was originally. The same amount of pressure is used. A gap will result. In-between the surface of the thermal pad, and the metal plate of the Cooling Tube.{Thermal Pad's are J-U-N-K. They loose their conductivity properties pretty quickly}1) You were having a cooling problem in the beginning, and this IS one definite area to address, along with cleaning.2) You are right there with full access, when thoroughly cleaning a laptop.Access to the cooling system.A) Did your tech i.e. brother-in-law address this issue?B) If so what thermal paste was used, and what was the method of applying?(Method of applying?Yes. It matters. Especially if a compound like Artic Silver, or similar to, was used)C) Cooling fan is rotating? Good. Now, what RPM is it spinning at?Spinning too slow will cause overheating problems also.Are you sure the Cooling Fan is not spinning intermittently?Spins okay for a while, then slows down, or stops, then spins again.D) Let's look at the Cooling Assembly, for the Compaq Presario CQ50 series of Notebook PC's,Top View, palm rest (Top Cover Assembly ) removed,http://www.insidemylaptop.com/remove-motherboard-from-compaq-presario-cq50-cq60-cq70-laptop/Scroll down to Step 17.To the upper left of the photo you will see the black Fan Assembly. (Most of){ Fan is inside a surrounding cage, or shroud. You can see some of the Fan's blades. The Fan and the Shroud, are the Fan Assembly}Just disassembling down to this point, in order to clean, is Not enough.You cannot thoroughly access the entire Heatsink. The motherboard must be removed in order to perform this.You also cannot clean, and replace Thermal Paste.Observe Steps 18 and 19.Shows the motherboard being removed, and removed.Same direction. Top facing up.Observe Step 20This shows the Bottom side of the Fan Assembly, and also shows the rest of the cooling system.Fan Assembly to the top right. Coming down the right side of the Fan Assembly, and curving under, is the copper Cooling Tube. (The Cooling tube is a slightly flattened copper tube, sealed on both ends. It is filled with Nitrogen )Coming along the Cooling Tube area under the Fan Assembly, is an aluminum small rectangular plate. This metal plate sits on the GPU,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPUGoing further to the left, is the metal plate that sits on top of the Processor.You see the four mounting screws for this metal plate, circled in red.Step 21 shows the cooling assembly removed. {The Cooling Fan Assembly, and the Heatsink/Cooling Tube Assembly, are two different assembly's.Referring to both as the Cooling Fan Assembly, as in the article, is erroneous }3) Heat from the top of the Processor, and graphics chipset (GPU) is absorbed through the Thermal Paste, and into the individual metal plate sitting on top of it.The plates transfer the heat to the copper Cooling Tube. The heat is then transferred to the Heatsink, at the end of the Cooling Tube.Air from the Fan Assembly goes through the fins, (And around the fins), of the Heatsink, and helps to carry heat away.4) Thermal PasteThe top of a Processor, the top of a GPU, and the bottom surface of the metal plates which sit on them, is not perfectly smooth.A magnified view would detail, 'Hills, Pitholes, and Valleys'.When the two surfaces are mated together (Metal plate to Processor, metal plate to GPU), air pockets are created.Created in-between the two surfaces.Air is an Insulator. Not a Conductor.Thermal Paste is an Excellent conductor of heat, and fills those imperfections. (Air pockets)Tip:When I state Thoroughly clean, for the top of the Processor, top of the GPU, and bottom of their matching metal plates, I mean THOROUGHLY.For additional questions please post in a Comment.Regards,joecoolvette
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When i am installing windows

A) Installing same version of Windows, or a lesser version;Enter BIOS Setup, and in Boot Options, set the first boot device to CDROM.{Windows doesn't like being copied over by the same version, or a lesser version.The above will make the computer boot up from the Windows XP sp3 disk you have}B) If your computer came with a version of Win Vista, and you are trying to install WinXP over it, reply in a Comment.For additional questions please post in a CommentRegards,joecoolvette
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I have unplugged it and let it rest for a few

For the Windows Vista operating system, (All versions);Go into Safe Mode. Let the computer run in Safe Mode for a few minutes. 5 to 10.Then restart the computer.1) Using the F8 method;A) Turn the computer on. AS SOON AS you press the Power On button, start tapping on the F8 key. Tap in 2 second intervals. (1001,..1002)If you hear a beep as you are tapping on the F8 key, disregard it.It is a Stuck Key error code.The computer 'thinks' you have a stuck key on the Keyboard.The reason you are tapping right away, is the window you need will pass by VERY quickly. Using this method there is no chance of missing this window, and the small window of opportunity.If you have never been in Safe Mode;The computer is in a Very basic mode. The icons on your desktop screen will reflect this. All graphics shown will reflect it. Safe Mode is a program built in that will automatically rectify problems, and return your computer to the state it should be in.I would appreciate hearing back from you in this matter. Please post in a Comment.Apologizes for the lateness in providing a solution to your problem.I see you connected to me, and due to this recent event, I looked at your problem/s.Regards,joecoolvette
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I want to transfer data from old laptop to new

Hello,Are you gonna transfer just a few files or ALL files? If you have a home network, you can do it by connecting the 2 laptops via the network and share the files from the old laptop.ORYou can just use a usb memory storage device (usb stick/usb pen etc..) to transfer the files.
11/9/2011 7:40:07 PM • HP Compaq... • Answered on Nov 09, 2011

Where is the antenna on my cq 50?Also I have a

That button toggles the touch pad on (blue) and Off (orange). Look around the front edge for a switch for the wireleess. There may be a slider towards the right edge. It should have an image of an antenna.
11/9/2011 3:46:25 AM • HP Compaq... • Answered on Nov 09, 2011

Help!!! No audio output device installed!! why!!!

The audio driver maybe corrupted or accidently removed.You can download the audio and device drivers from the Compaq/HP WEB support/download page. Make sure you select your model laptop and the Windows drivers you require and install them. Click on this link to download the drivers: -


11/6/2011 6:48:05 AM • HP Compaq... • Answered on Nov 06, 2011

How do i turn on webcam on compac cq60

If the web cam is installed and the icon is on the desktop then all you need is to click this icon. However if the icon is not placed on the desktop you must open the menu and check for programs , if the webcam is seen to be installed then you can right click and send the icon to the desktop. If not the webcam is not installed and you need to download the drivers from the compaq website , install and run. check this link: http://www.compaq.com/cpq-country/cpq_support.html
10/28/2011 2:50:36 PM • HP Compaq... • Answered on Oct 28, 2011

Compaq laptop keyboard does not work - replaced it

replace again isonly solution.
10/21/2011 8:56:48 AM • HP Compaq... • Answered on Oct 21, 2011

My laptop has an built in web cam how do i access

Look for a camera software among the programs. (HP web Camera). When you use Skype, or other IM software it will be turned on.
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I have so many problems.

Hello there,
First of all, try to get an anti virus on the system, try to download avg 2011 antivirus on your laptop, once the file is containing virus, it will notify you.
Next, tune up can be done as often as you wish to tune up your system, like 1 week to 2 weeks to 1 month to as long as you want.
You can get an external hard disk to transfer files from your laptop to. So as to free the space in the hard disk on your laptop.
All the best Elect_Comp
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How to have a nice photo in ur site??

There are so many ways on how to have a nice photo in site. You can upload your best photo into your computer and just download it in the site wherein you want to post your picture.
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I have a compaq presario

Use the Restoration Disk (CD), and perform a Repair. (Non-Destructive Installation)
A Repair just repairs the basic Windows files needed.
{Boot Manager is one of them}

[A Destructive Installation is just that.
It restores the computer back to Day 1, just like it came from the factory.

All personal data is wiped off.
Pictures, videos, music.
Any programs you have downloaded, or installed.
Any documents you have downloaded, or created ]

If you do not have the Restoration Disk;

In the USA the disk is free. The shipping and handling is not.
$17 for a 5 to 7a day ship, $24 for a 2 to 3 day ship.

On the back of the tower, or up on the side in a white Service Tag, is the Product Number.
Have it written down to give to the nice representative on the phone, at HP Support.
7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

For all other countries here is HP Support,


For additional questions please post in a Comment.

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