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The answer is R410A.

Refrigerant Types in a Central Air Conditioner
There are 2 different types of air conditioning refrigerant currently used in residential cooling systems. R-22, commonly referred to a Freon and R410A, a blend considered to be more environmentally friendly, sometimes called Puron.

R410A (sometimes known as Puron), is the industry's choice to replace R-22 in central air conditioning systems. It is less reactive with the environment while having the same home cooling characteristics of R-22. R410A is not interchangeable with R-22-you choose one or the other and your air cooling equipment is designed to operate with it. When you purchase a R-410A system, a new line set is included with your central air installation as well as a new evaporator coil. Our experience with R-410A has been excellent. New cooling systems have been dependable and efficient, as well as operating quieter! R-410A is the refrigerant of the future!

Less reactive with the environment
Replaces R-22 in the year 2020
Cannot be used with R-22 systems
Quiet and dependable
Freon, R22, heat pump refrigerant
R-22 also known as Freon has been used for decades as the refrigerant in central air conditioning systems. However it has been linked to Ozone depletion and has therefore been banned from being manufactured after the year 2010. It's price will increase as the supply decreases.

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Mitsubishi cassete ac code E21 what's the problem

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There could be many problems with the outside unit (Condenser Unit). First let's start with the simple things. Check if there is the 240Volts coming from the quick disconnect box usually mounted on the wall near the unit. If you are not familiar with electricity then I strongly recommend that you get a professional electrician or air condition technician.

Once it is determined that there is the 240 volts then open the access panel on the condenser where the wiring goes into the unit. You will need a volt meter and check if that 240 Volts appears on the line side of the contactor. If so then go to the load side of the contactor. There should be no voltage there on the contacts because it has to be energized by the thermostat and the 24 Volt transformer. Once the contactor is energized there should then be the 240 Volts on the load side. If all of the voltages are present the outside unit should be working.

If you have done all of this and the outside fan is working but the compressor is not working then you could have a bad run capacitor. If the compressor is running but the fan is not then you could have a bad start capacitor. You should also check for any corroded wiring including on the terminals of the compressor and contactor.

Everything depends on troubleshooting and if your not familiar with any of this then I would have a qualified service technician take a look at it.

I wish you good luck but just remember that you are dealing with dangerous electrical voltage and if your not familiar with troubleshooting then leave it to the pros.

I hope that I have helped or at least given you some insight into what may be your problem/s. If so then if you would kindly post that I have helped I would appreciate it.

Marty G, retired Electrical Engineer

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you must specify for what reason why you need an photo transistor and remote?and also how about the unit`s light touch swithes,all are working?if no one on soft touch swith is functioning,something wrong in your system control circuit inside your unit.there are many reasons and trouble shooting to be considered about your remote and receiver

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It should run until it reaches the temp. setting on the thermostat.
Do you have a make and model number so I can assist you?

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Your A/C unit should be hermetically sealed and there should be no oil coming out. If there is a leak in your unit then the first thing you will notice is a hissing sound followed be a foam of oil coming out where that leak may be. The solution is to first find the leak and seal it, usually be soldering it with high temperture solder (Silver/Bronze) with a tourch that will go to at least 1000 degrees. Once it is sealed you will need to go to the production line coming ont of the compressor and open it up, usually be breaking it and then soldering on a copper line and then attaching a valve to the end of it. Once this is done you will need to have a vaccuum pump connected to the production line and draw a vaccuum as close to 30 degrees down. Once this is done you must let it sit for at least a half hour to make sure everything holds at the vaccuum level. If this works then you need to fill the unit with the appropert refridgerant and cappella oil if necessary and pinch off the production line and braze the end. Check for leaks and if none then your good to go.
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Just so you know, you can use just about any condenser coil as long as it uses the same refrigerant as your original system does and if it will physically fit and has the capacity of the old one. However before you go out and buy something have you tried fixing the leak in your condenser coil? If it is made of copper then it is easy to solder with silver phosphorous and using a presto-lite torch. If you don't have one then you might try using map gas. As long as you can get 1,000 degrees or more it should work.

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a half hour is to much time!!, insuficient gaz installacion OR leak gaz installacion ,,

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Recharge, or clean the filters

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Sorry to inform you, you need to get a HVAc tecnision out too replace the compressor: Did a technision test the amps on the a/c unit? Why did the compressor ceaced?

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Instead of spraying vinegar, i would say spray wd-40 spray.That will keep the fan and its internal assembly clean and not let the fan movement get tight and rusted.It will not allow the parts to get tight and rusted.-------- But once you spray wd-40, you have to let it remain there for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then turn the unit on .The wd-40 spray takes time to show its effect.--------- The wd-40 spray is easily available at local walmart and homedepot stores or at appliance parts repairs store.---------- This will help.Thanks.Helpmech.

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Wow. I cannot believe google actually located a service manual.

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All bearings in indoor motor are pre-lubricated. Only solution is to replace the bearings.

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Lock closely at the bottom section of the unit near the vane for a small ivory colored square plug. There may be three.Pop out the plugs with a flat blade screwdriver and then remove the screws behind the plugs.

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Indoor coil is forming ice and then defrosting. It's due to blower wheel,coil and air filter are dust blocked. clean it. Less rpm of indoor motor. replace capacitor.

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That code is usually cause by a refrigerant leak... get the leak in the system fixed and it recharged and you will be good again...

Here is a tip about Mitsubishi Air Conditioners and how to get the manuals for all of the Mitsubishi line. The manual include both troubleshooting and installation.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Repair


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Here is a tip about Mitsubishi Air Conditioners and how to get the manuals for all of the Mitsubishi line. The manual include both troubleshooting and installation.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Repair


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It sounds like the thermal overload it kicking it out. The thermal overload is to keep it from starting a fire. Something is getting hot inside the unit.

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The first thought that I have is to check the wiring between the indoor and out door units. It may just be a loose connection.
The other thing to check is the low voltage transformer in the outdoor unit. That is integrated into a circuit board and the whole board may need to be replaced. On the older units you can check this buy checking for voltage at the terminal strip that the indoor wiring hooks to.

Also check out this tip that I wrote for more information...

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Repair


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You need a new pc board. You can buy one from

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