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its is telling you the truth (99.9999999% of the time)
believe it !

no PC stated
no TV model stated nor clear connections stated.
are you trying to get the PC (the tower means that)?
to run to video concurrent ports at the same time?

so do both fail,
VGA side
and DVI side,
you never said.

hard to help lacking
what TV
what Tower
what connections, and special adapter (HDMI)
the TV has DVI??
sorry, cant see what you have there. at all.

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Feb 01, 2018

no PC stated, + Vista. just an old monitor. name there.
so is not PC related, bah !
brower related
or the web site.
what public machines? what OS what browers. sure IE11.
gee those are new machines yours is like 10 years old.
big differences yes,

lets work browser, what browser is it,? IE8 my guess.
you do know , old browsers are NOT allowed now on many websites.! a hard cold fact that.

why not load firefox, v56+ and try that, (fast fix) end.
it will, work on all websites on earth FF56+
try that, now. then learn why many IE versions are banned
or why (good reasons all)
vista came with IE8 ( a very dangerous browser)
then with SP2 loaded IE9 can be loaded but never 10 or 11
IE11 is the only MS safe browser and not banned, . at web sites.

or use firefox and the pain, run Firefox. newest (current)

last, Mail dot com why not read their spec page, see.
id dont use vista. period. hark and vast other places too.

clear as day. what it says, read this please.

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Jan 04, 2018

the monitor is bad, how to fix a monitor that is bad. right?
a bad CAP , shorts, and when those do that the overload
the DC bus regulator.
there is no schematics, for it, why bother, get a new monitor
or buy used PCB card for it on ebay, or replace the bad cap. and see what happens, whats to lose but $1 for a cap.
ever been to mouser.com no lack of caps there. never.
if this PCB was made in the era of bad caps, guess what, more are bad.. (the dry out, split, short, explode , rupture or leak and short) all of them did that then. (wiki bad cap era, read when and why)

1999 to 2000 is the (worst) imo

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Dec 12, 2017

so if you test the monitor on a known good PC it does what?
fails, then its the monitor
works then its the failing PC

all old HP monitors pre 2010 many had a sleep timer
so push the menu key on the monitor
then look for sleep timer and turn it off,
the monitor defaults to that mode, so dont push reset monitor or bam back to sleep mode it goes. so turn it off again.
all this is in the manual, lost yours, wana read it first?

read page 4.7 see that? (osd +advanced +) power saver OFF


if that fails to fix it (tested on 2 PC ) the PC1 is bad.
that be a whole other WALL OF TEXt, ask.

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Dec 10, 2017

no photos of said window presented? i cant see them?
must be OSD? the monitor brain on screen display (menu)?
even with the DVI cable pulled?
only a monitor stated, w1907, no PC
some monitors have button lock
read the manual ?oops HP deleted it...
it tells you to push the menu key on the monitor for 10 seconds
and it unlocks. (4 buttons right side left button is MENU)
that power deal sounds super bad, like the power supply is bad.
if the monitor fails by its self not plugged it to a PC
then the monitors is bad.
try a reset on it? ( power off for 1hr, or off then plug in with power button held? or power on with menu held (wild guesses but common practice)
ok found your manual page 4-8 shows menu page advanced
list line in list factory reset.
but if the keys are dead, and power lamp failing
the power supply is no good or worse. worse is always possible.
and expensive

ever see the support page, read the guides


its over 10 years old now. 2007?
walmart has larger one for $50
cheaper that parts or repair this.... vastly

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Jul 27, 2017

its because you failed to read the Samsung manual on your PC
go there and read, it has HOT key , all laptops have a hot key
Fn key that turns on the external display VGA jack.
on rear of this SAMSUNG.

It means the PC, VGA jack is turned off.
bad cable
bad monitor.
The PC can also be bad VGA chips, or worse,.

your first failing here is not saying why you are using VGA jack
is the Laptop screen dead too> (my other shoe falls off)
dang that be nice to know , no?
or like we do run that VGA to a projector? for say doing power point presentations, (done many before retired)
RTM, the manual is free to read any time of day, 24/7
each PC maker uses there own rules here, its there call
there design and their rules.
my HP its, Fn+F4, (toggle:, internal, external ,both or auto)
but yours is Samsung, ask them. or learn to use google?

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Jun 10, 2017

what PC, ? we can not guess, what you have there.

well its sleep mode bug , right?
and sleep and hibernate both are very hard to get working perfect.
some folks just avoid those 2 modes, and live their lives
other spend weeks fixing it.
The auto-drivers are bad. in the PC that fails.
no PC stated, or OS stated, so how can anyone help.
here reload windows from HP media set. or F11 recover mode
or go to hp.com and download all drivers
and reload them all.
or just audio. but do know other chips work in concert with audio
sound chips, so.. all related drivers must be good.

pretend W7
pretend you googled
Windows 7, audio driver fails coming out of sleep.
or ask on the HP forum
tell which PC failed, and its model # in full.

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Apr 25, 2017

hi mate, its seems by what your saying that you have both dvi and vga cables connected to the monitor from the computer, the easiest solution is to remove the unwanted input cable from the pc and monitor ( i would remove the VGA) then restart the computer you really should only run a single cable either vga or dvi not both at once the monitor just comes with both cables encase your pc doesn't have one of the connector types, there not there to both be connected at once :)

if you have a reasonto want to keep both cables connected then you need to right click your desktop , click display settings, you should see two monitors there labeled 1 and 2

click on the phantom display ( probably number 2) then click the drop down box titled "Multiple Displays" and change the option to "disconnect this display" , then apply the changes and then your problem is solved

if you are useing a older windows like 7 or 8 the proceedure is the same but the name of the drop down box may be diffrent but it still has the same option to disable the display

below is the windows screen ( i have 3 displays so ignore number 3)


HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Apr 19, 2017

If you have problem with your pc graphic card boot in safe mode 640 x 400 and change the settings of graphic card to 1366x768 60 hz. Then boot normal

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Apr 16, 2017

wow no OS stated, nor model of Lenovo.... (so generic answers)
i guess you have no manuals on any of this. right>?
is this HP question, if the HP monitor works on other PC its ok.
so end HP worry. (my guess is HP is OK, totally) 19"LCD is OK.

leaving what, LENOVO.!! (unnamed? a stinkpad?)
this is a HP forum, so cant tell the hot key for External VGA
on any Lenovo. but you can RTM the book on it. easy.

that HP VGA monitor message means.
1 thing, the 3 video and 2 sync lines are dead.
in non geek means the VIDEO CABLE IS DEAD.
try running the PC in F8 mode this puts WINDOWS< (is it./)
in to LOW RES mode (poor) and all monitors work there.
all. (last 25 years)
if still dead, you need to use the hot key to turn on VGA, on all laptops
my HP laptop as 3 modes, VGA on , VGA off and AUTO.
nice no? that AUTO.'
The PnP wakes up the port. is that magic.

The VGA port must work, and the LCD both.

is this one of those beasts called an all-inone desk top
than name you used tells the helper nothing
as that name used for many form factors.
all in one
regular desk tops.
and more.even pocket pc.
now idea at all what you have (hp is clear on that end=)

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Apr 15, 2017

Your wiring may be causing "cross-talk". Separate the wires in back, so they do not touch. This should be an instant fix.

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Jan 24, 2017

Check Power Cable, if ok
check any sign of power in front of lcd{ green led}

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Apr 19, 2016

If you encounter an OSD Lockout error with your monitor simply try the fixes on this page:


HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Sep 06, 2015

It shows that the monitor is going to the power saver mode.It is not a problem of the monitor.This happens when there are no signals received on the monitor.It turns back to the normal mode when a signal is received on it.

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Sep 04, 2015

Staple will be the last place to have the computer fixed. He should have asked you to bring in the monitor to find out where the fault is, but he ends up selling you a new video card instead. What a scam, this is what gives good repair people bad names.
See pictures here for guide as to what failed in monitors: http://s807.photobucket.com/home/budm/allalbums

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Jul 01, 2015

There ain't any Clamp for the Door lip.

Please refer to the User manual for which you can download from following link

HP W1907 User manual http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c00834092.pdf

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on Jun 28, 2015

the menu button is stuck,use a sharp knife to pry the button out very lightly,not all the way out,just enough to make sure that it isnt stuck,if it still happens then the board for the menu button needs to be replaced

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on May 27, 2015

The issue if your light bulb behind the LCD matrix is burnt out you need to replace them. This is common for these monitors. The bulbs simply snap off an on by a connector to the high voltage power supply. When you open the monitor up, you will see he board with HV supply on it Trace the two (red an white) wires to the backlight (bulbs) and verify by looking at their ends looking for black discolor at he ends of the bulb (This means the interior of the bulb is carbonizing = shorting out). Most times the monitor will shut down into orange light, but sometimes it will not ignite the fluorescent bulb)(s).

HP w1907 LCD... | Answered on May 08, 2015

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