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Just purchased a used iH9 and I can't get any sound from the radio or ipod. I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything right and I've reset the iH9 by removing the batteries and disconnecting the power. Any suggestions?

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The internal circuit still maintains the same ground source.

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Okay well unplug it and plug it back in and then it should start up again now it should work

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pls y does the ihome not playing music with battery only on power supply

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hey bud, i just had this problem my self, i talked to the tech support guy and he said to take off the button with a small peice of plastic and then pop out the dial slider and use electric contact clean that can be found in the local radio shack or electronic place to clean the switch and sure enfough i put everything together and pluged it in and it works like new now. i did the other side too just in case but everthing works fine oh and wait for the cleaner to dry before plugin it back in we don't need any fires or shorts now

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First, check the antenna for your i-pod, make sure it is having reception because if there is no reception, the radio won't work. Also, make sure it is on FM frequency.

If non of the above is the cause of the problem, then it means the turner of your radio is defective or the antenna may have be disconnected from the inside of the i-pod.

Get a screw driver, use it to carefully disassemble the i-pod, first, make sure the antenna is intact, before checking on the turner.

Check the below picture to have an idea of what the turner looks like;


The turner is the black long thing at the left side of the board. It usually have a coil round about it. I don't means this is the board of your i-pod, but it must have a turner.

If you don't find any obvious fault on the turner, then I would suggest you take the i-pod to a repairman to fix the fault for you.

Good luck.

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Make sure the ipod dock connector is clear of any debris both the on the dock and on the ipod. Use a can of air to clean these and try reconnecting it.

Try updating your software on your ipod. Plug it into itunes and update.



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You could try a universal remote, though it's likely to be as expensive as an original remote.

The lowest price I could find (via Froogle) for this remote is here:


Dual Electronics... | Answered on Feb 03, 2010 | 463 views

Did you try removing the batteries and connecting only the adapter ? If the time is still displayed, then your adapter is still good.

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the problem you are facing in the iPod is same as my one. it generally happens due to rough usage of iPod and if you accidentally hear songs while sleeping and if you pull any of the wires and put your weight on your ipod, these things happen.
so the solution is just get it to a service provider near you. as he can assist you with best solution.

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AM radio always needs a larger, more open, without interferance antennas. your alarm should have came with a antenna shaped like a square that plugs into the back of the unit. if thats not installed then you will have bad reception.

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I have the same problem with the dials. The best solution I can offer there is to pop the dial off using a thin tool and then putting it back in place with the grooves aligned. As for the ipod not working, the ihome should have came with fittings that sit where the ipod goes to make that connection snug. If you have lost them I'm sure you could find one online.

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no, the remote is out of batterie.

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Im having the same problem!!! Trying to figure out if my 6 year old cut the little cord that is attached, inside, next to the line in hole. 

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Look at the Box and the Manual! 3rd Generation is not supported by iH9! Clearly marked on the Manual.

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Hey I figured it out. When you bought the 4th generation ipod nano it came with it's own dock insert. It fits perfectly and fixes everything, including the remote issues. Now my only problem is I have a black ihome and a white insert :( Good luck!

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No code and no programming to sync them up its plug and play….Sorry but I have just a few questions to see if this helps...Are you with in 12 ft of the Ih9? Have you tested the batteries in the remote and finally are you hitting the enter key on the remote to access the iPod menu function? I have the same set up and it works fine….I love the sound it puts out….If you have done all of the above then its just broke....sorry....here is a link to the manual if you lost yours http://www.ihomeaudio.com/pdf/iH9_IB61262_47.pdf
.....Let me know if this helped


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Record players have a phono output that is much lower level than other audio equipment. If your receiver has a phono input that will have a preamp to adjust the level. Or your turntable may have a switch between phone o or line level and that would increase the volume as well. Most audio signals are line level but phonos are a magnetic signal that is much weaker and needs to be Amplified by a preamp in your receiver or in the unit itself.

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