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Audio Technica is generally a good brand name in microphones, but sometimes if you talk to musicians they tend to favor names they are familiar with like Sure. In the church, school, venue world, audio technica is respected. I work audio in three separate venues and we have no trouble with our audio technica microphones.

Have you adjusted the channels--and have you tried to do so manually? Have plugged the working one into the same inputs the nonworking ones were plugged into? I know it sounds like a simple thing to ask, but sometimes the connections to the sound board are the issue. If you have the more advanced receiver for the freeway 700, there are other adjustments designed to allow you to adjust between guitar and voice. If it is preset to guitar it will not sound good for voice. You may have to change that. I am assuming you put in new batteries, but ifyou have not, you may want to try that as wireless mics use up batteries quickly.

Those are a few possibilities. If it is the actual unit, then you can look inside and see if something is loose, but as far as repair, that gets into a whole issue. Hopefully something above helps solve the problem

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Record players have a phono output that is much lower level than other audio equipment. If your receiver has a phono input that will have a preamp to adjust the level. Or your turntable may have a switch between phone o or line level and that would increase the volume as well. Most audio signals are line level but phonos are a magnetic signal that is much weaker and needs to be Amplified by a preamp in your receiver or in the unit itself.

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Hello, Edward -

I have only been able to find Service Manuals for the Marantz SD-160 dual deck cassette player for sale.

I was unable to find the operating manual for the vintage cassette player / recorder on the Marantz website.

However, if you have not yet already done so, I suggest you contact Marantz Support, either via phone or email, and ask if there is a copy of the operating manual for the SD-160 in the company archives and if they could provide you (sell you) a photocopy or scanned PDF version of the manual. This is the link to the Marantz Support page:

If that option doesn't work out, Option 2 is to find one or more online sellers (eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc.) of the model of cassette player / recorder and see if they mention the operating / owner's manual in the product sales information. If they don't mention a manual, I suggest contacting the seller/s and asking if they have the manual.

If you find an online seller with the manual, ask if he / she would either photocopy the manual for scan it as a PDF document and sell it to you.

Best wishes.

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All you should need to do is tune the clippers with the large tuning screw on the side of the case until the loud noise stops and they just hum as they should. They might need some other adjustments to blade alignment after this. A barber should help you with this if your not sure. I pays to have blades correctly aligned for clippers to function correctly and safely so they dont pull hair or cut your skin. Oil blades every time you use clipper and they will last a lifetime.

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Just google it.

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Look on the data plate to see if there is a voltage and current draw value on it. The switch should be rated at 120 Vac @ 10 A.

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Use the pre in out connections or any in/out connectors that you have. Can you send a picture?
[email protected] or you can contact us at that address as we repair/renovate all items electronic and electrical old and new.

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It sounds as if the UP VOLUME button/switch is broken and ON all the time. See if it is stuck down
[email protected] or you can contact us at that address as we repair/renovate all items electronic and electrical old and new.

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  1. so who knows what kinda malware this site is spewing.
  2. But if ya still looking for a xdm6820 faceplate I recently aquired one in auction
  3. You still got the deck?
  4. july 06 2014 today is 3 18 2015
  5. Dallas Tx area

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Check your wiring connections. A similar thing started happening to me out of the blue. The unit would work fine for a period of time, and then just shut off for no reason, and I couldn't get it to come back on. The next day, it would come on again when I started the car and stay on for a while, only to shut down again. The red light behind the face plate continually flashed, regardless of whether the receiver was working. In my case, there was something off in my red wire connection. The unit would turn on / shut off when I moving the wires on either side of the connection. I redid the connection, secured it with electrical tape, and the problem has not reoccurred. If the red wire is not the problem in your case, try the black and yellow connections. These appear to be the wires that could cause this to happen. I can't explain why the power kept repeating the power on / off cycle, unless the wires were in just the right position to be moved / jostled slightly while driving. Hope this helps.

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It seems that the special grease is old. There is a wheel moving the toneam. Remove any old grease from it and try again. If you need further instructions or a way to get new grease please refer to www. This is the worlds largest knowledge base for vintage Dual turntables. It is in german, but feel free to post in english, most people here in germany speak english, too.

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Turn your amp off, unplug the phono connectors and reseat them, then remove the headshell and do the same. While you have the headshell off, examine the 4 little wires for crimps and breaks.

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If you named the exact product this would be easier, but what you're looking for is a source selector that says something like "5.1 In" or "Multichannel In" and disable it. That control selects the 5.1 (6 RCA cables) analog multichannel inputs on the back that are rarely used by anyone who doesn't know what they're for. It's selection overrides everything else inlcuding digital sources.

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you have secuerty timer set on it.

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Hi ajn55,
I am currently working on restoring a Dual TG28 RTR tape deck. Let me know what your problem is with your unit and I will tell you if I can repair it. I am located in Northern Virginia - Reston Area. Contact me directly at [email protected].

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