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Yes let the ice melt on the evap coil and the outside line. You either have a low charge or you might check your filter dryer on the outside lines this could be stopped up. you will will have a temp drop across the filter if it is stopped up. If not it is possible to be low on charge. Is the inside fan turning and turning the right direction. If the inside fan is not turning it will cause the evap coil to freeze up.

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Hello, the evaporator will freeze from either low airflow or a low refrigerant charge. Check the air filter, blower whell to make sure it is clean and air is movimg freely. If the unit is clean and filter is clean then the unit is low on refrigerant due to a leak and will need to be rechaged.

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Normal. High humidity and warm days will cause this You can wash it off it will make you feel better. but don't worry about it . Hope this helps Jon

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Check power supply is going to PCB. If yes, repair or replace PCB

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you are right replace the compressor/fan capacitor this helps compressor/ fan start its the round silver or oval part in the condensor ..let me know ..good luck/joe/

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if it has no batt I would ck transformer for 24to26 volts no voltage replece transformer be sure trans has 115 volts to it trans should be in furnace section

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Replace motor fan and capacitor, it is a very simple task. Turn breaker OFF. Then all you have to do is remove about four screws from the top grill, about four more that fasten the motor fan assembly, unplugg electrical connectors and label them and install the new one and switch fan blades.

No special knowledge is required to perform this job. Cost: about $140 +-.

On the other hand, you call a HVAC technician, they supply the motor and capacitor, otherwise they won't give you warranty. Cost $300+. Look on the Yellow Pages for one in your neighborhood.

Good Luck!! Rate this post!!

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You currently own a 2.5 ton AC Unit
500 square feet equals a ton of cooling/ you need a 3.5 ton unit.
If your home is well insulated, good windows and doors and pretty good
shade that covers your house, then I can see a 3ton unit cooling your

Thats another 6,000 btus you do not have and that is a best case for a
energy effcient home.

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There can be a couple of things that could be happening...
The first and easiest thing is to check the air filter. Make sure that it is clean... clean it or replace it. Next check the air vents to make sure that they are open and giving you good air flow...
Also check to make sure that you are not icing up on the indoor coil... ice will tell you that you are low on refrigerant. You also could be low and not be icing over, but you would need to have gauges on the unit to check that.
Finally check and clean the outdoor coil...this also can give you problems if the heat is not being removed from the outdoor unit efficiently...
You may also have a unit that is sized in such a way that it hits the balance point at about 85...that means that your heat gain is equal to the capacity of the unit...I often try to size them for about that here in Northern PA. because wqhen seldom get hotter then that and the unit then is much more effective at removeing humidity at lower temperatures...

You can also check out the tips that I have wrote about Air conditioning2_bing.gif trouble shooting and maintenance...

Here is one about cleaning the condenser coil and at the bottom of that one are links to others..

Condenser Coil Cleaning Condenser Coil Cleaner


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Check the is possible the contacts are wearing..........the contactor is considered a wear-n-tear item.

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First thing, are the filters clean? If so then you have lost some gas from the system and need to find and repair the leak, and put in correct gas charge.

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does the indoor fan blow? If it does you are getting the 24 volts from the thermostat to the ouside contactor need to check your contactor in the oustide unit this is what kicks on the compressor it take the 24 volts and goes to 230 volts to run the compressor and condensor fan. check your schematic for the placement of the contactor.

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Hi, if you have a leak in the evaporator coil which this happens a lot and they came out and didn't try to make any attempts in finding and repairing the leak or they found it in the coil and didn't order a new one, this is against the law by E.P.A standards. They must make every attempt in making the repairs if it means replacing the coil, no if, ands, or buts!! Keep your receipts on them charging the system. Now that its out of warranty, I would call them and bring this up about not changing out the coil when the leak was found. I am sure they used dye to locate it.I have found more leaks in the evaporator coils then I care to count, and had to replace the coil. This is something you can't do on your own I must say, as it takes special equipment to do this job. I would call the Enviormental protection agency and tell Carrier you will do this, and report them. I bet they will stand behind it then. You have to get tough with them. I am a air conditioning contractor and know the law. The E. P. A. will get them on the ball trust me. This is bull+)_(*&%!* !! Don't let Carrier walk on you, this coil should have been put in the schedule to be changed out right away, not to continue to charge it to get you through. This is a 3 ton split system. Stay on them, this will be covered if you make the call and stay on them. The E. P. A. are very strict on this as this is why they have stopped us from venting freon into the air, they have very strict guide lines we must follow and Carrier did not follow them on your unit. Please keep me posted, and the best to you.

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there is a leak and need to fix it before you can charge it

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If the compressor and fan work in the outside unit, and the fan inside (air handler) works, probably the system is low in refrigerant which means there's a leak that has to be fixed and then recharge the unit.

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Problems with the fan are one of several things to consider.
1. Is their power to the fan motor.
2. Does the capacitor for the fan hold a charge and/or discharge (There are metering devices that can identify the condition).
3. Are the fuses blown (If Applicable)
4. Is the breaker to the condenser tripped.
5. Are the windings on the motor closed or open.
6. Are the winding (when using an Ohm Meter, Check the resistance from ground to one of the lead wires, making sure power is disconnected and all leads are disconnected from the terminal points. There will be high resistance if there is not a short from the windings to the frame ground.

These are simple checks I make to determine the motors condition. Sometimes a wire does come loose or cut or even burned. I trace the wire from point A to B and also making sure the wire terminal connections are tight.

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Bad contactor - replace

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You either have a refrigerant leak or a dirty inside coil or a slow running inside blower motor.
Set the thermostat for heat and run it until all the ice is thawed. Then check the incoming air side of the coil for lint and dirt. Check the fan motor for proper speed. If you have service gauges your low side pressure should be approximately 68 psi. If lower you have a leak.

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I think that you need to turn off power to the unit and reverse the 240v wires that are on the transformer,I think that the polarity it backwards,I had a similar problom with 2 york units,good luck!

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