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Hello sweetenfamil.

Smackin' it still works! For an intermittent problem like yours, I've often tapped around on the inside components to see if I could duplicate the complaint. And that's just what you've done, except from the outside. I would say you have either a failing door switch, or a loose connection. Put a cup of cold water inside, set the timer for 1 minute and start. The first thing you will hear is the cooling fan come on. After about 1-2 seconds you,ll hear a deeper tone/hum. That's the magnatron coming on. If you don't hear the mag, pull down slightly on the door. If nothing, lift up slightly the door.If either of these starts the water heating, it is probably a failing door switch, or bad switch alignment. If the door wiggles don't work and only hitting it starts the mag, then it's probably a loose connection that your jostling.
To check and tighten the connections, the unit would have to be taken down and the outer cover taken off ,as they're not all accessible from from the front. If it is the door switch or alignment, those can be accessed through the opening behind the control panel. But that will be a fairly long write, so try the door moves first and see if that is the fix. If it is, get back to me and I'll walk you through the rest. You will need a test meter and some hand tools.

Good luck.


Maytag... | Answered on Mar 06, 2017

not a DIY fix
try another wall socket
if you have no light or power to the microwave select menu
the power source or an internal fault present
buy a new microwave
lots of warnings not to DI Y

Maytag... | Answered on Apr 30, 2016

Disconnect microwave from power socket, remove cabinet outer cover,and lift the top or bottom door latch at micro-switch bracket with a screwdriver, the door can then be opened.

Maytag... | Answered on Oct 24, 2015

Here is a tip that will help you to figure out what is wrong with yourMicrowave Oven....

Microwave Oven Basic Troubleshooting Tips

heatman101 ./.,;'

Maytag... | Answered on May 02, 2015

Not much data to go on here. The latch on the door has a spring that holds it down in the locked position. when you pull the handle the latch goes up and you pull the door open. You will have to take the door apart and see if the spring broke or the plastic tab that holds the end of the spring is broken.

Maytag... | Answered on Feb 25, 2015

The problem lies with the mylar ribbon cable that connects the Keypad to the circuit board. The Mylar ribbon cable folds back onto itself and are touching. Over time the mylar 'breaks down' electrically and the wire traces in the mylar will 'arc' onto the other mylar ribbon cable. The solution is to separate the two mylar ribbon cables using paper and electrical tape. I've done this on several microwaves (not just Samsung) and it has worked every time. Patience and about 20 minutes is all it should take to fix it. I've described below how I did it for the SMH9187ST Microwave Good luck to all.

1. UNPLUG THE MICROWAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. 1. Remove the top front cover by removing the (2) screws that are along the top edge (phillips).

3. 2. Slide the cover to the left about a half inch (there are tabs holding the cover in place) and remove.

4. 3. Remove (1) screw from the top of the Keypad Housing (phillips). Lift the Keypad Housing upwards about half an inch (there are tabs holding the Keypad Housing in place) and remove. Be careful of the metal grille that is just above the Keypad Housing as this may fall out since it is being held in place by the Housing.

5. 4. Be careful not to pull on the wiring harnesses that are attached to the Housing. Carefully unplug the wiring harness that has the RED connector on it from the circuit board. Carefully unplug the small white connector that has the mylar ribbon cable on it (this cable is see-through and you can see thin, flat wires in it).

6. 5. Remove (4) screws that are holding the circuit board onto the Housing.

7. The Housing should now be free of the circuit board and wiring harnesses. It's safe to let the wiring harness/circuit board hang free, but caution should be used anyway.

8. 6. Remove the thin metal frame from the Housing. There are (4) plastic tabs holding the frame in place. Using a small screw driver pry one side of the frame away from the housing (try to do this to the side that has smaller plastic tabs). When this side of the frame is free of the Housing you have to lift the frame out at an angle to remove. It might put up a fuss, but be patient and be gentle with it since the frame is thin and fragile.

9. 7. With the frame out of the way you will see the mylar ribbon cable that is coming out from underneath the Keypad assembly. You will notice that the mylar ribbon cable folds back onto itself as it re-enters the Keypad assembly. This 'touching of the two ribbon cables' is where the trouble lies. The ribbon cables may be stuck together. Carefully separate these two and then insert a small piece of paper between them (paper can be 1/2 x 1/2 ) and work the paper all the way down into the Keypad assembly as far as it will go.

10. 8. Using electrical tape, apply a small piece between the ribbon cables to hold the paper in place. Next, use more electrical tape and put it between the mylar ribbon cables enough so as to keep the ribbon cables separated.

11. 9. Re-attached the thin metal frame making sure to press it into the Keypad assembly enough so that the (4) tabs click into place.

12. 10. Use electrical tape and apply it to the raw metal edge of the thin metal frame to prevent the mylar ribbon cables from rubbing on the metal edge.

13. 11. That's it. A final word of caution. Be careful when inserting the ribbon cable connector back on to the circuit board. The connector is loose and you need to gently place the ribbon cable into the circuit board connector.

14. 12. Reverse the order of assembly from above.

15. 13. Plug in the microwave and then it should reset and ask you to set the time.

Best of luck to you

Maytag... | Answered on Dec 30, 2014

Many factors at play here. Are you cooking on the range? Are you using the microwave? Is the light on?
There is very little current going to the touchpad and if there were a short in it the touch pad would not work. It is just heat from another source. Don't worry about it.

Maytag... | Answered on Dec 14, 2014

Door switch or thermostat or fuse or door switch... did I say door switch?

Maytag... | Answered on Apr 12, 2014

I once had this problem. I opened the access panel (or the metal cover as the case may be) to check for a fuse and found one blown.I then replaced it with a new one. Problem solved!. Make sure it is unplugged before you start. Good Luck!

Maytag... | Answered on Apr 11, 2014

Make sure you tighten all the attachment screws that may have loosened during long term usage. Make sure the fan is running properly and not causing undue vibrations. Use WD 40 on the fan.

Maytag... | Answered on Mar 16, 2014

Microwave works fine. During operation there is a rattle sound. The table moves correctly, only problem is the sooud of a rattle. It appears to be on the right side, lower area.

Maytag... | Answered on Mar 15, 2014

you have a door inter lock sw/ failure . replace the sw. there 3 .. ir they click there probably good . one of them does not click . primary sw secendary sw . and mont sw . .. a very common problem with all brands of micro's //

Maytag... | Answered on Mar 02, 2014

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