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  1. Replace gasket for tank basin.
  2. Check holes in sprayhead.
  3. Use deliming spring to clean brew tube.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Jul 28, 2015

There is a significant amount of plumbing inside one of these. I think it will have to be taken apart to find the leak -- these leaks are very common and sometimes very difficult to stop (kinda like a roof leak).

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on May 13, 2015

First think to check is the spray head which pours the water onto the powder. remove the spray head, clean it and soak it in descaler.
reassemble and do a brew. When finished check the surface of the coffee has 6 dimples where the water has poured onto it and that the coffee is uniformly wet. If no dimples or dry spots, get replacement spray heads.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Nov 01, 2013

This sounds like you need the thermostat replaced. Call bunn at 1 800 263 2256 and talk with parts. You need part number 35286.7000. On a VPS the thermostat is in the top of unit. Take the lid off and you will see it. It has a black dial and a silver probe wire coming from it to the top of the tank. It is fairly easy to remove and replace. Unplug the machine first. Unscrew the screw holding the old thermostat in. Then unhook the two wires from it. Take the rubber grommet out of the top of the tank and remove the thermostat and probe(the part that sits in tank) Put new thermostat in. Make sure the new rubber grommet is set at the red mark on the probe wire and then set the bulb into tank. Attach the two wires back onto the new thermostat(does not matter which wire goes where) and secure the new thermostat with the one screw. Make sure the black dial is turned all the way to the left and close the lid. Plug machine back in and wait for it to heat up again. If the water does not heat up enough turn the black dial all the way to the right.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Jun 15, 2013

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Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Oct 23, 2011


There is a couple things can cause this to happen.

Number one make sure you have nothing else added recently on that circuit, where you have had your machine plugged in. If something was added on that circuit, something that is always running like a fridge, that could be overloading the circuit, sense coffee machines use a huge amount of power at start up. If your sure nothing of that sort has changed then next is:

Number two, make sure you have cleaned the machine, you know descaling and making sure there is no restrictions. If this is good, then next is:

Number three, it appears you can have a short. The heating element going bad in the coffee maker. If the thermostat or heating element is pulling more power boost then normal because its going bad or a short this will trip the breaker. What I would first do, is run yourself a extension cord from another outlet that for sure is not on same breaker. If that breaker blows, then you know for sure it is the machine that is causing this, then we are back to the heating element or thermostat on off regulator.

What i have done is located the manual on your machine, that besides gives you a lot of information, it also gives you trouble shooting tips and schematics of the parts and wiring diagram for you machine. Here is the link to copy and paste in your browser to download the manual.


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Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Oct 15, 2011

Measure the amount of water in the decanter your using.Find another coffee pot to use.Make sure to use your de-liming spring.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Feb 17, 2011

Remove the sprayhead from above the filter basket (when cool) and check it for clogs. You can soak it overnight in a dish soap solution and it should be easier to clean. Rinse it well before use. You should also **** the siphon tube (just beyond the sprayhead) with the deliming spring.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Sep 13, 2010

The switches are for the "warmers" only. The brewer has a reservoir the keeps water hot and ready for brewing. When it is not re-heating water (after brewing) it has a "keep warm" heater that is low voltage and keeps it ready to go.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Sep 13, 2010

Empty the water reservoir and put back on the side of the coffee maker. Put your hand in the reservoir and slide the disc that monitors the water level back toward the top and and hold in that position,the machine will think there is water. Then put a cup under the head and select a cup. The water will come out. You must hold the disc up inside the reservoir to continue to get the water out.
Here is another tutorial : http://www.ehow.com/how_5849515_drain-reservoir-bunn-coffee-maker.html

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on May 30, 2010

Check the sprayhead, make sure all holes are clear, then check the grind on the coffee it might be too coarse, and also check the amount of coffee being used, you need about 2 to 2.5 ozs.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on May 18, 2010

There are several things that could be causing this - the thermostat, the limit thermostat, or the tank heater itself. You can start checking by unplugging the unit, then remove the screws from the lid. Carefully lift the lid until you can reach the wires going to the top burner. Pull these wires off, placing them where they won't make contact with the metal on the unit. Look inside the unit, and see if there are any wires burnt off. If not, look at the small limit thermostat that is located on the top of the tank. It's a little round white unit. Move it around, and see if it's loose or broken. lift the metal tab, and take the limit thermostat out. Many of these units break apart, and quit working. If it's broken, take the two wires off it, and replace it. If not, then it will probably the thermostat or the tank heater. To see which it is, take the wires off the tank heater -the two poles sticking out of the tank lid. Using a voltmeter, check for resistance across the two poles. There should be resistance there. Also, check for continuance from the heater posts to ground by placing one lead on the heater post, and touch the other to the side or top of the tank. If the needle moves at all, your tank heater is shorting to ground, and needs to be replaced. If these tests are ok, then the main thermostat needs to be replaced. Hope this helps.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Apr 30, 2010

Either the thermostat is turned up to high or damaged.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Apr 15, 2010

Remove sprayhead and pour water into tank until it flows from the brew tube, then replace sprayhead and brew coffee.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Mar 15, 2010

Firstly I would run a descaling solution through the tank and then make a few pots of coffee without using any coffee grounds. This will flush the sytem through.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Mar 07, 2010

Check main power switch behind brewer(on/off switch). Then check the hi imit switch on the tank.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Feb 26, 2010

The machine is always on, so it is never full the first time you use it on monday. Try this before you use it on monday pour in a full pot of water in the brewer and put an empty pot under the head. Wait about 7 minutes, the machine will fill the tank and then be ready for brewing coffee.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Feb 05, 2010

Sounds like the thermostat is set too high or is on the way out. Check setting, turn all the way on and then back off 1/4 turn.

Bunn VPS Coffee... | Answered on Jan 23, 2010

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